Self Destruction

Did you know that you can become your greatest failure ?

Sometimes we cause more harm to ourselves than we should . The emeny will whisper in your ear that your nothing , just useless and not worth anything . You lay awake in the still of the night thinking that all is lost and that you do not matter.  Stop selling yourself short. , you are exactly who God intended for you to be .  There is no carbon copy and no one can ever replace you .  The thumbprint to your life has power beyond what people see and think they know about you .  Began to have a personal one on one with yourself  because this is the only way to find you . I can not tell you who you are nor can I lead you to that path . What I will tell you is that your one of a kind despite what society tells you or what they expect out of you . Learn to please yourself  and put your faith in God .  Meditate on what’s going on and ask him for guidance , learn to forgive yourself for everything that weighs you down and puts you in that dark place .  Please take time to love on yourself and take care of you most of all .

Love & Blessings