tranquility-flowsConviction is an anchor that literally keeps your mind , body and spirit suspended in agony and defeat. You can’t function because you are so heavy with all of the issues of the moment that it becomes almost impossible to comprehend , and no matter how you try to get away from the situation you end up right where you started.  It is the enemies job to use your regrets against you and make you think that failure is the only thing your good at .

Don’t allow shortcomings to take over and steal the identity God has provided , your a child of the Living God and you are exactly as he purposed you to be . The devil can only make the conviction grow when you allow it to engulf you and break you down . As Christians we often forget that some things in life are inevitable and are used as a tool to get your attention and redirect you back on course. God already knew that you would cuss out your neighbor , or take that drink , or sneak around and have that affair. Nothing takes God by surprise so stop beating yourself up , you have been forgiven just confess it and move on .

Sincerity is what moves God to work on your behalf and pour unlimited blessings upon you . Once you step out of the will of God don’t stay stuck there as if all hope is gone , the very fact that it’s eating you up inside is a sure sign that you want to please God . Think about it , if it didn’t bother you there would be no reason for the tears in the midnight hour , or a feeling of shame and worthlessness . Confession is good for the soul , tell God about it and ask for forgiveness and press on to not make that mistake again . Find a way to lift up your inner man and love on God more and more , never returning to that dark place again .

Limited minded people will always question your salvation , but last time I checked they where not Jesus The Christ !!! Stop letting narrow minded folks dictate how you should live and walk in your spiritual relationship . This is a one on one love affair between you and Jesus , work out your own salvation with fear and trembling ( that’s bible) . Have a talk with the master and let him set you free and issue a “not guilty” verdict.

Love and Blessings


photo15 The bible tells us to love our enemies and to do good to those that spitefully use us. It seems impossible to fulfill but is anything to hard for God ? If you want to find peace , then let go and move on. Many of us hold on to the past and have escrow that’s built in animosity and hatred.  It’s a shame to live like this , have you even considered that you may be the only participant in this feud ? Do you even remember why your angry or how you even got into this place?

I think it’s important to follow the leading of God and let love abide in and all around you.  Be forgiving as God has forgiven you , if he can forgive and forget why can’t you ? Release the memories of every lie ever told , every unnecessary attack , every malicious act towards you . Simply give it to God and ask him to direct your steps and to create a clean heart in you where you do not judge or wish ill towards your neighbor and learn to let go of the past.

The steps of a good man or woman are ordered by the Lord . Just let go and give it all to him no matter how hard it seems , no matter how you want to retaliate and cause them the same pain you feel . Forgiveness is the first step to reclaiming your joy and setting yourself free so come out of that bondage and begin to live again .

Love and Blessings

Thank You

photo6Thank you for waking me up this morning to see another day , to walk among those that I hold dear to my heart . Thank you for keeping me and my family safe while we slept last night without any hurt harm or danger coming near our dwelling . Thank you for all those I come in contact with that dislike me , those that wish bad upon me , those that slander me , those that refuse to accept me . Thank you for all those that I love , for their health and peace of mind . Thank you for your grace and mercy placed on me even when I am not worthy of such kindness , for understanding me when I seem to lose myself , for taking me in and making me yours .

Thank you for loving me and providing for me . Thank you for the past , present and future , for the good , bad and in between . Thank you for the courage to spread your love to everyone I meet and to remain humble as I walk in this path . To say Thank you will never be enough but I will continue to give thanks for this is the will of God !!! Thank you Heavenly Father .

Love and Blessings

Gods Gift

poem_for_tranquilityOn this day we celebrate the life and resurrection of Jesus . He came from Heaven and took on the form of a man to walk among those that where lost , he preformed countless miracles and gave hope to a dying world. As his journey came to an end , he was taken and made a mockery for the world to see yet he never said a word . They beat him until he could not move as his flesh was torn and his mother watched helplessly.  They hung him on a cross while a crown of thorns pierced his head and still he remained quiet , loving us so much he asked God to forgive the people because they didn’t have a clue what they had done. When he released his spirit back to God the earth quaked and the skies darken and those that loved on him wept greatly . They placed him in a tomb and placed guards at the entrance fearful that his followers would come and take him . But just like he promised on that 3rd day he arose and walked out of that tomb. Death has no hold on our Savior he has risen and he is still alive today .

The death of Jesus was not beautiful nor glamorous , but through all the pain he endured his purpose .  God gave his only son and presented him to the world as the ultimate sacrifice , gifting him to us so that we as his creation might live eternally with him . Thank you Lord for this gift of eternal life and help us to not forget the real reason for this day !!!

Love and Blessings

For You

sky4Today I ask that the Lord bless keep and protect you .  I pray for you as I pray for myself because we must not forget to keep each other uplifted . Sometimes you go through a period in your life where all hell seems to break loose and fall on you . That sense of helplessness becomes overwhelming and quite depressing. You may feel lost and worthless  as if you have no place in the world , a voice without sound. Lord come down upon us and hedge us in your wonderful love as you guide our hearts and minds and protect us from all hurt harm and danger. For those that have no hope , come down and remove the doubt and fear and fill them with joy and a peace that no man can comprehend .Those that are sick in their bodies , heal them of all infirmities removing any and every disease of the mind body and soul . Touch those that feel like they do not deserve to be loved and let them see that love has circled their entire being as they feel your presence. Let all forms of tragedy and wrath fall and be removed , anything that has been placed before us that only means to hurt be removed in your name Lord Jesus.

For it is in the Powerful name of Jesus that the blind begin to see , the deaf can hear , the lame can walk and the grieving heart can be healed. I bind anything that does not have the stamp of Gods approval for your life knowing that all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord. It is by his powerful name mountains are moved , your enemies have to flee and miracles and blessing manifest. Lay aside all that troubles you and place your trust in God and let him work for you . For you I offer this prayer , for you I praise God that it has already began to come to life . For you I give this as a token of my love, for you and only you !!!

Love and Blessings

Good Friday

skyphotoToday we celebrate a day of tremendous value , you see for believers this stands for the beginning of eternal glory .  God sent his only son in the image of mankind to be the light of the world and to save those that are lost .  He had a mission that only he could complete , what great love is this to have someone come down and lay down his life for the sins of the entire world .

It was on this day that he would begin the ultimate sacrifice . He was beaten and wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities , the chastisement of our peace was upon him . Aren’t you glad that we have a Savior that loves us unconditionally and he gave up his life so that we could live.  This is a good day because we are free , we have been brought with the blood of Jesus , so never forget why we celebrate . It’s not about the family gathering for a great meal or the beautiful pastels that surround every yard as the kids seek out the goodies it’s about our Awesome God .

With love and kindness , humility and peace may you walk with your heart filled with everlasting joy . This is the day that the Lord has made , let’s rejoice and be glad .

Love and Blessings

Life’s Lessons

skyphoto2Every day that we open our eyes sets the blueprint to a new life lesson .  Each encounter of your day provides a learning task that you will either pass or fail , there is no specific pattern or dialogue to follow .  The objective is to succeed and learn not  to beat yourself down because you didn’t hit the mark . The only way to be successful is to proceed with the lesson , take notes , review them and pass the test .  Now you will also get extra  credit when you can learn from someone else’s mistakes , this is considered to be a wise choice. When you can apply another persons experience to your life and follow by example you save yourself a lot of unwanted trouble .

Sufficient is the day , so walk into it with a positive mind set knowing that this is only a test and it will give you the tools you need to live a prosperous life . Remain watchful and continue to pray before you make any move today as you ask for Gods divine wisdom and instruction .  I have faith in you , remember we can do all things through Christ because he strengthens us !!!

Love and Blessings

It’s All In Your Attitude

photo10The way a person handles any situation will first begin with the attitude they posses . If you fuel your life with a positive outlook you can and will be successful in it . No matter  how things seem or the direction taken  your attitude will always be the determining factor. It is the positive persuasion that brings life to your inner man and with that comes a brighter day . Your attitude is a reflection of whats going on within , even when people hit that last nerve the outcome is ultimately up to you .

Yesterday morning I was going about my normal work routine when I was asked to assist a customer with a concern and that he was not a happy camper , so as soon as I began speaking with the gentleman his attitude was less than appealing so naturally I returned his actions with sarcasm . I felt like it wasn’t my fault that he was given incorrect information  I was thinking only of myself and wasn’t walking in Gods love at all especially since I got this title at 7am long before my encounter . However , something clicked on like a light switch and I said within that’s not how you handle things Nikki so I immediately apologized to the customer. Amazingly he not only accepted my apology but apologized to me for being difficult from the start . WHOA LOOK AT GOD!!!!

See you have to put on the garment of praise in the midst of hard times and trouble because it will be a shield of protection as it guides you to safety. The bible says there is power in the tongue , so speak on good things and have an attitude of gratitude ? Stop letting the vibes of others bring you down as it passes on negative attitude , change the atmosphere by setting the tone to positive . Your haters will be mad , but you’re winning!!!

Love and Blessings

Help !!!

sitephoto5Lord make me over and create in me a clean heart as you place the right spirit in me . Help me to accept the things I can not change and teach me how to love my enemies as I love myself . Help me to walk in humbleness and silence my inner man to walk in peace and forgiveness for I feel like I am losing my way. Cleanse my soul and consume all the ugly , shameful , wicked ways that lay awake for a chance to come forth and destroy my character . Increase my faith and give me an unquenchable desire to do the things that please you so that others see you flow through me . Help me to love the people that I come in contact with each and everyday , let me see them as you do with compassion and  without judgemental eyes . Break me so that I can be molded the right way , always remembering to pray and keep God first above all , never looking back on the past but pressing on to a better place. Keep my mind focused and clear so that I will be able to see the lessons you set before me as I continue to grow in your grace and mercy . Help me because I can not help myself , I am nothing without you and I will fail without your direction and mercy . Help me because I need you Lord !!!

”  p.s.— never be ashamed to ask for help , your not in this alone God is right there in the midst of it all ”

Love and Blessings

Don’t Settle

photo7Life is a beautiful thing but some days it can turn into a nightmare . Everywhere you turn there is chaos and grief , where is the light at the end of the tunnel ? How in the world do you go on from this nonsense and build yourself back up . Well I have the answer to your questions , it very simple …. don’t settle .

Never give the enemy the satisfaction of rubbing all your issues in your face. Things happen that we have no control over and as a result you settle . Settling weakens you from the inside out , consuming the mind , body and soul . It takes you so far down the rabbit hole that you can never find your way out . That’s the enemy and he has no problem taking you out for good . The devil doesn’t care about your feelings , he has no interest in your plans , hopes , and aspirations . Remember his mission is to steal , kill , and destroy so why not  stop the cycle and forfeit your place as his next victim.

This is why we as believers have to look past the natural view and tap into your spiritual side . Gods plan for us is so great and goes way past our expectations we just need not settle. Take back your joy , peace , and happiness and renew your mind . Why waste time with past hurts , don’t you want to break free from all the drama . Take a stand to drop the burdens , to walk away from the pain , to just be able to breathe freely , to exhale . It is time to regain your new found freedom as you trust God and take him at his word while saying bye bye and never looking back .

Love and Blessings