The Lord is my leader my shelter my guide and counsel I never have to fear. He leads and directs me each and every moment of my life as he unfolds new mercies and blessings. Even when I loose my way and fall short in my daily walk he is always there to pick me up and let me know there is no need to worry. His love and kindness has taught me that he looks beyond my faults and sees my needs and proceeds to provide for me . Never have I experienced a love such as this and how wonderful is it that he pours it upon me daily. I love you Lord and I will forever be in your debt and I will serve you till my last breath . All glory belongs to you …….. 

Love and Blessings 

Embrace the day

spa-zen-stonesEmbrace this day with a positive outlook , forgetting about everything that did not allow you a sense of peace . Your blessed because you are alive and thriving , his hedge of protection has locked in on you and kept you all night then allowed you to come back to the land of the living. Smile and keep a song in your spirit and don’t forget to pray for a beautiful day and embrace it !!! The choice is yours so choose wisely and be blessed .

Love and Blessings


photo17Sometimes in the still of the day I find myself going back in time reflecting on my life and all that has happened up to that moment. I often become sad and sometimes the tears will fall as I replay the hurtful words and events. Self torture is what I call it because that is exactly what I am doing to myself . I tell people all the time that you can’t change what you can’t change but find it hard to apply to my own issues. It’s always easy to turn a blind eye to your problems because you really don’t want to face the drama but it’s not healthy. See at the time you blow it off the mind thinks it’s over but when the windows to your soul open the flood of pain and hurt come rushing back in . Now that’s when the enemy attacks , he knows how to manipulate the issues till they become bigger than life .

It is time to let go of all this nonsense , learn from the past and proceed to a brighter future . There is no need to keep going on about the past , there’s nothing back there for you anymore so release it . Set yourself free , no need to hang own to unhealthy situations and events. Let the Lord renew your strength as you release every thing and every one that brings no value to your life. Release those toxic friends , lovers , associates, and family members … it’s ok put trash where it belongs. Declare this day as your new beginning and cleanse away all that clutter and make space for your blessings!!!

Love and Blessings

Thank you..

sitephoto2Thank you Lord Jesus for waking me up this morning and watching over me and everyone I know all through the night. Thank you for keeping me out of harms way and renewing my strength , faith , and peace of mind. Thank for my enemies because I can now stand tree top tall in your grace knowing that no matter what they throw my way I win!!! Thank you for life’s lessons because each and every one of them has kept me in your will and drawn me closer to you. Thank you cleaning me up from the inside out , for the trail and error , for the disappointment and heartache , for the tears in the midnight hour , for being left desolate and afraid , for new found freedom , hope and release. Thank you for my faithful readers and for giving me the courage to do the work in your name . Thank you because I love you and you love me.

In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning each and every one……. Love and Blessings

Inner Peace

cropped-spa-zen-stones.jpgIt is an awesome thing to break up with past issues , concerns, relationships and troubles. Walking away from the familiar toxic touch of aggressive and negative behavior is such an enlightening experience. We must learn to release all the stress that comes to suck the life out of you and causes an unrealistic future. Its time to live life to the fullest and grow in grace and knowledge adding a sprinkle of wisdom as the peace process delivers healing to your inner man.

Love and Blessings

The Road To Recovery

photo19Your life is torn apart and in disarray but it is at that time that you must stop and breathe. Most problems that occur are only relevant because we tend to latch on to the issue and feed on it’s negativity instead of letting it go. Nothing last forever and pain is only temporary . There is nothing to fear but you !!! Stop selling yourself short of the blessings you deserve , Gods grace is sufficient and he is ready to heal you . Surrender to his will and ask him to direct and guide you as you began to walk this road to recovery . Evict the enemy and tell him he is not welcomed , we serve a Mighty God and no weapon that is formed shall destroy us for we have a God that holds all power in his hands. The first step starts with you , so if you want to be relieved of what’s bothering you take the step to the road that leads you there .

Love and Blessings


photo11The mind is the most powerful organ we have. It has the ability to make you feel invincible and inferior at the same time. The mind can take you  to places untold with endless possibilities and it can also suck you into the abyss . It will have you thinking people are out to cause you harm , that your being watched , that you are a failure with nothing to offer . You must challenge your mind by reflecting on how you face the day , how you allow a situation to affect your emotions , how you choose to deal with it . Many times we cause unwanted grief on ourselves because in our mind we see and hear what we want . We make things worse than it has to be because we allow our emotions to get tangled with our thoughts and the enemy moves in and the chaos starts.

Challenge yourself today and have a private conversation within your mind. Tell your mind that from this point on we will come together in agreement and not allow the cares of everyday life to take us down. Accept what you can not fix  or change and learn to not react right away. Look at what’s going on before reacting and watch how differently the outcome works in your favor . If you take a different approach the mind will stay on track ….think about it !!!

Love  and Blessings