My Shepherd

skyphotoBecause the Lord is my Shepherd I have no reason to worry about the issues and storms that come in an try to destroy me. He has a rod of protection that shields me and keeps me in his path of righteousness because I am his and he is mine. There is no reason to worry and get bent out of shape with life because when you apply Gods words to your life there is nothing that will hurt you or drain your faith . It is the trust factor applied that makes the difference for the outcome you receive and nothing else matters . Fear is normally the factor that destroys our peace because we fail to take God at his word and let him lead the way . Just like a literal shepherd that stands and watches over his flock making sure no harm comes their way , God does the same for his children keeping us safe and protected. Read Psalms 23rd chapter and apply those very words to your life and watch your Heavenly father work.

Love and Blessing


There are people right in our midst each and every day losing loved ones , jobs, relationships and so on . Lost and having no hope yet we take our lives for granted at times . Yes you may be faced with difficulties but to someone else your issues are a walk in the park . Learn to have a grateful heart and mindset knowing that all things work together for the good of those who place their hope and trust in God !

Love and Blessings 

For All the Moms

Today is set apart to acknowledge Mothers and those that step in to fill that space of those without. As a mom I think it is the greatest gift that you can both receive and give . I will always remember the day my daughter came into this world and watching her grow has been amazing. Now as a 21 year old she doesn’t require all my attention but she will always be my little baby. Enjoy your mom , grandmothers , aunties , godmothers and those special ladies that take you under their wings . Never take them for granted and make wonderful memories. To all the mothers in the world I honor you keep being great!!!!


Love and Blessings 

Keep on Stepping

Step out on faith realizing that it is the substance for the things we hope for and evidence to things we can not see. Step out on faith knowing that without it all that you attempt will not work for you. No need to doubt the vision when you have faith in God and his power to pull you through anything. Believe that through him all things are possible and what he has planned for you no one can change , so just keep stepping…..

Love and Blessings 


Trust in the Lord God with all thy heart , don’t try to understand the plan he has set for you . For your faith will be the substance for everything  you’ve hoped and dreamed about. He knows what he wants for you and if you place your trust in his capable hands you will see all the wonderous blessings. In you I put my trust in you I shall be confident because you are my strong tower and my everything!!!

Love and Blessings 


Today I choose to be happy . Today I choose to be free . Today I choose success. Today I will be blessed. Today belongs to me and whatever happens was meant for me. Today I will accept what I can not change and allow God to direct my path . Today I choose and my choice is me!!!

Love and Blessings 

Divide and Conquer 

When are you going to stop allowing your past to haunt you? How long will you allow the past to hold you in contempt? The past does not define you it is just a reminder and some things should be put to rest. You have survived all the hurts pains fustrations and uncertainties, its time to move forward. You are not that person any longer because of God you are a new creature old things have past away BEHOLD ALL THINGS HAVE BEEN MADE NEW!!!! Stop going down that road that leads to the attic of despair and darkness and step into the light and create new hopes dreams and aspirations for you do not have a spirit of fear any longer but with long life God will satisfy and bless you! You’ve survived so begin to live a prosperous life and leave the past behind you its no longer needed.

Love and Blessings