photo7The spirit of the Lord is upon me and there’s a worshipper within me ……

I woke up hearing this melody in my heart and mind . I have been going through my own personal concerns and it has been rough . I have fallen into a dark place where I couldn’t pull myself away to run to Gods light . Feelings of anxiety and frustration have been my common place and I must admit it sucks . But God always makes a way of escape for those who truly wish to be set free , there really is no sound reason for me to be stressed and annoyed . I am a child of the Living God and no matter what the devil tries to do unless God approves of his shenanigans it won’t work . Forgive me Lord for my lack of faith and thank you Lord that you always love me unconditionally . The worshipper in me is excited to receive the blessings and to finish my race !!!

Love and Blessings


Mayday mayday!!!!!

Is anybody out there ? Can  anyone hear me ? Are you listening God ?

Of course he is there , he tells us in his word that he will never leave nor forsake us even till the end of the world . In the times of trouble he shall hide me in the mighty protection of his love.  Even when the enemy tries his best to destroy me I will trust you Lord , your ways are not like anyone anywhere .  You give strength to the weak and the broken , you provide comfort when I am in distress .  Where can I go and you are not there ? Who can I depend on other than you ? I can search the world over and never will I find someone better than you .   Your love is unconditional and never failing , even when I don’t deserve your blessings you continue to shower them upon me .

By grace we are saved and his mercies are everlasting . Forgive me Lord when I fail to praise you in my shortcomings , failure and mistakes .  Guide me Lord and show me how to worship in spirit and true fellowship . Open my heart mind and spirit so that I may be more receptive to your will . Touch me with an anointing that flows like rushing waters to my soul as it refreshes my inner man . Failure is not an option for me Lord , though I am toss about , lied on , mistreated and sometimes defeated I WILL TRUST YOU !!!  No weapon formed against me shall prosper because the spirit of the Lord is upon me .

Can you hear me ? Are you there ?  I surrender all and all to you Lord I owe , please have the Holy spirit embrace me now and comfort my inner man as you take me higher in you . The road to my destiny will be long , it will be hard but I will make it because you  are my Shepherd and where you lead I will follow .

Love and Blessings


Praying ….

My prayer today is that the Lord God Almighty watch over and hedge us in from all hurt harm and danger .  Keep us planted in the realm of protection and keep our focus clear .

I ask that you strengthen those affected in the Las Vegas senseless killings and help those families to cope with their loss .  Continue to help us Lord to hold on and not lose sight of the truth , there is no peace , no joy and all hope seems lost .

We founded this country under one nation under you God ,  how did we lose sight of this ? Why did we forget to follow these instructions ? Lately there is no justice , no truth , no loyalty .  Heavy hearted and troubled , I know you will make a way but what I see happening is a lot to take in .

Help us God , help this world to heal , help us to remove the hurt , pain and suffering .  Help free the minds from the chaotic thoughts , thoughts of suicide , murder and harm to themselves and others . Free the hearts of past hurt , shame and defeat , grant us a calm and humbling spirit .  Let us not be ashamed to worship you , let all that worship you offer up continued prayers so that you can heal our land .

I pray for you , if you’re sick  , oppressed , depressed , lost and alone , tired and frustrated . I want nothing but total healing for your life in every aspect and peace to go on .

Lord watch over your children and continue to keep us in your perfect will !!!

Love and Blessings


In my times of trouble and despair you are always with me 

When the days go dark and dim and there is no hope for me … you are there 

When I don’t walk and talk as I should allowing the enemy to take over and make me into an undesirable person … you are still there 

You are a God unlike any other you are the true and living God there is none like you 

Despite who I am and what I do your love for me is unfailing and never changes 

Thank you Lord for loving me for keeping me and for the grace and mercy you provide for me each and every day 

Love and Blessings 


Sometimes the motivator needs to be motivated !!!

Some days the cares of my world are filled to capacity and it’s hard to stay focused . All that I know seems to fall apart and I don’t have enough needle and thread to keep it all together . Sometimes I can be so depressed that I just want to end it all but in the same breath will encourage the next person to trust and believe in Gods promise . Seems a bit hypocritical doesn’t it ? It’s not that I loose faith or stop taking God at his word , it’s that I am human and my flesh gets weak . Yeah he can and will renew you but sometimes it’s just too much and you bow your head in submission to all that life is throwing at you . There are times when I wake up and feel as if I can conquer the world , then there are days when I fight to keep my sanity .  The road of life is a peculiar thing because the longer you travel it the longer the journey .  There is an old saying that when life gives you lemons make lemonade but what if lemonade is not your cup of tea ???

One thing I am learning in these 47 years is to pay more attention to God and what is placed in front of me . I have shared before that I often here a melody that provides me with encouragement for the day and I always associate this with God . Well this morning instead of a song I open up Youtube and a minister that I watch on the TBN broadcast was speaking on “Running  on Empty”.  The message was in my opinion just for me and I was glad that I was led to listen to it in its entirety .

God wants to take care of us and solve all our cares and woes sickness and shame BUT we must allow him to do so . We have to give up all we have as we offer ourselves in submission . Now for folks like myself that want to solve it and fix it on our own … well I guess it’s time to throw in the towel .  Sometimes you just have to go with it and let the chips fall where they may , sometimes you have to save yourself , sometimes you just got to let go and let God !!!

Blessings and Love


It seems the more we press to move forward and change the past for the better , the worst begins to manifest .  People of all different backgrounds race and beliefs have made attempts to help our nation to prosper and move forward but there will always be that one spec that tarnishes the whole view . How long will we fight amongst each other because we don’t like what the other says believes or looks like ?  Why do we use God to justify the wrong we wish to do ? Why is your way the only way and everyone else is lost and useless ?

It amazes me that in the ‘ land of the free’ we are still slaves and prisoners .  We lack loyalty we lack values we lack trust we lack honesty and we lack the very thing this nation was built on …God !!! It’s really sad and sickening that society has a twisted sense of reality that only fits when it is done their way !!!  I think because I am a Christian I try to look at life differently but sometimes I want to take matters into my own hands . But if I claim to walk in the light as Christ I have to follow by his example , he didn’t think negative of those that tried to hurt him didn’t believe him or the miracles he performed . I know that God allows things to happen and that it has a purpose even when we don’t understand the reason . Help us Lord to stop the nonsense and regain the true values of life , to do things decent and with order not being forceful and abusive .

I pray that you find peace in this world of chaos and walk in love to make a difference to those that come in your presence . May God keep you and protect you now and always .

Love and Blessings