Today I choose to be happy . Today I choose to be free . Today I choose success. Today I will be blessed. Today belongs to me and whatever happens was meant for me. Today I will accept what I can not change and allow God to direct my path . Today I choose and my choice is me!!!

Love and Blessings 

Divide and Conquer 

When are you going to stop allowing your past to haunt you? How long will you allow the past to hold you in contempt? The past does not define you it is just a reminder and some things should be put to rest. You have survived all the hurts pains fustrations and uncertainties, its time to move forward. You are not that person any longer because of God you are a new creature old things have past away BEHOLD ALL THINGS HAVE BEEN MADE NEW!!!! Stop going down that road that leads to the attic of despair and darkness and step into the light and create new hopes dreams and aspirations for you do not have a spirit of fear any longer but with long life God will satisfy and bless you! You’ve survived so begin to live a prosperous life and leave the past behind you its no longer needed.

Love and Blessings 

Carry On


Learn to care more about your self than the foolery that takes place around you. It is important to maintain a positive outlook on life because if you don’t you’ll never truly be happy. Listen you can’t change people , they will do and act as they please because it is their character. Release those hang ups and self righteous notions that folks owe you something , grow up and carry on. We miss out on so much worrying about how people see us and if we will be accepted , this is not the playground  all you need to be concerned about is YOU!!!!

Life is too short and way to important to allow nonsense to be a factor , when you know better you do better and your life is sooooo much better!!! Carry on and enjoy this day , no matter what transpires today you keep a calm and cool outlook and praise God all the way to happily ever after .

Love an Blessings

Pray for me….

We must learn to stop being judgmental towards one another because we do not posses the ability to know what others are going through and see their path.  Its amazing how we can get in our feelings because someone didn’t react the way you expected or didn’t pay you enough attention . They could be faced with troubles sickness or perhaps there are multiple issues going on and their just trying to cope.  Instead of assuming ask God to help them and move on , no long drawn out prayer needed . Treat others as if you where looking at yourself and always remember to pray !!!

Love and Blessings

A Personal Truth…..

photo9We have all faced short comings at one time or another but how long are you willing to stay stuck there? Acceptance is the first step to healing , then you can address the issue and move on towards a resolution. I have been struggling in a few areas in my personal and spiritual life feeling as if things will never change for me and that it’s just Gods way for me to be burdened forever. Smiling on the outside yet falling apart from the inside refusing to accept that this pain wasn’t meant to stay. Daily I’d wake up put that smile on my face and walk out into the world like it was all good , but it was just lies and more deceit towards me. The enemy had step up camp right in the center of my life and was having a grand ole time . As time progressed and the new year kicked in I reached a point where my mind took over and my body shut down , the power of the mind is great and can alter everything you thought you controlled.  One night I was home alone and floods of memories came all at once and I got so overwhelmed I screamed out ” why God why?”. The tears started to fall so violently as if I had just witnessed a horrific event . I just couldn’t get it together and once again I cried out to God . I had a quick notion to call my mom but she would have freaked because I didn’t have the strength to even form words. It was then that God revealed to me that he was the supplier of my needs and that I must give it all to him.

Since that episode occurred I began to change my way of thinking and how I allow things to upset my balance. The enemy is still attacking me but now he is no longer welcomed in my space so he uses people I love to cause displeasure . No matter what thoughts pop up or circumstances arise I have to keep my eyes on Jesus , he is the source of my strength. This was suppose to be an uplifting message not a confession , but I need to convey to you that we are weak but when God is added to the equation things will change.  Do not be afraid to serve those eviction papers to everything holding you back , the only outcome is happiness and who doesn’t want that !!!!

Love and Blessings










Beyond What I See….

sky3God looks beyond what the eye can see and what the mind can grasp. He has a limitless outlook on reality that I long for . When problems and the cares of everyday life seem unbearable God steps in and causes an undeniable awaking to your soul . Once you have allowed him to move on your behalf things began to change no longer consuming and tormenting you. When you look beyond what you can’t understand you can count it all joy because the trying of your faith works out a patience that is far greater than you know. (James 1:3 KJV) Looking beyond you will realize that these light afflictions last only for a moment and are here to work on our behalf for a greater purpose as we get the blessings of Gods glory. (2Corinthians 4:17 KJV)

Go beyond what you do not understand and embrace the path that is laid out before you. Trust when I tell you that things are not as bad as there appear but are working for your good. No need to stress about it and give up all hope , release it all because no matter the test or trial if God allowed it to be it was meant to take you to a new level of excellence. Never will he turn away and leave you desolate , even when you think he is not there take comfort because he has already fixed it . The enemy has no claim to your life although he thinks he can destroy you God has already blocked his shenanigans just keep walking in faith .

Love and Blessings

For You

sitephoto5Today I ask for your protection from all hurt harm and danger . Today I ask that your heart be shielded from all the hurt pain and obstacles of the past . Today I ask that you have a smile on your face and a pep in your step as you conquer this day taking no thought to matters of nonsense and despair. I ask for these things because I truly love you and only want the best life has to offer , it really doesn’t matter to me if we have never crossed paths. I have the love of God spread all over me and it just oozes out onto everyone I meet. To be a light in a dark place has become my destiny and I accept it and will do my best to finish this course. Have a blessed day and continue to keep looking up !!!

Love and Blessings