Inner Peace

cropped-spa-zen-stones.jpgIt is an awesome thing to break up with past issues , concerns, relationships and troubles. Walking away from the familiar toxic touch of aggressive and negative behavior is such an enlightening experience. We must learn to release all the stress that comes to suck the life out of you and causes an unrealistic future. Its time to live life to the fullest and grow in grace and knowledge adding a sprinkle of wisdom as the peace process delivers healing to your inner man.

Love and Blessings

The Road To Recovery

photo19Your life is torn apart and in disarray but it is at that time that you must stop and breathe. Most problems that occur are only relevant because we tend to latch on to the issue and feed on it’s negativity instead of letting it go. Nothing last forever and pain is only temporary . There is nothing to fear but you !!! Stop selling yourself short of the blessings you deserve , Gods grace is sufficient and he is ready to heal you . Surrender to his will and ask him to direct and guide you as you began to walk this road to recovery . Evict the enemy and tell him he is not welcomed , we serve a Mighty God and no weapon that is formed shall destroy us for we have a God that holds all power in his hands. The first step starts with you , so if you want to be relieved of what’s bothering you take the step to the road that leads you there .

Love and Blessings


photo11The mind is the most powerful organ we have. It has the ability to make you feel invincible and inferior at the same time. The mind can take you  to places untold with endless possibilities and it can also suck you into the abyss . It will have you thinking people are out to cause you harm , that your being watched , that you are a failure with nothing to offer . You must challenge your mind by reflecting on how you face the day , how you allow a situation to affect your emotions , how you choose to deal with it . Many times we cause unwanted grief on ourselves because in our mind we see and hear what we want . We make things worse than it has to be because we allow our emotions to get tangled with our thoughts and the enemy moves in and the chaos starts.

Challenge yourself today and have a private conversation within your mind. Tell your mind that from this point on we will come together in agreement and not allow the cares of everyday life to take us down. Accept what you can not fix  or change and learn to not react right away. Look at what’s going on before reacting and watch how differently the outcome works in your favor . If you take a different approach the mind will stay on track ….think about it !!!

Love  and Blessings


Sometimes things occur in your life and you have no choice but to deal with it , but the way you allow the situation to affect you determines the outcome . If you take a few moments to breathe your mind and heart will unite and release a sound peace . Don’t let the pressure of life continue to control your happiness instead treat it as a temporary road block until you find the alternate road to recovery. The power lies in you stop being afraid and take control of your destiny!!! 

Love and Blessings 

Finish the Course

skyphotoSo here you are faced with another test of your faith , tired and broken already because you’re still recovering from the last episode of grief and you think my God what now ? It is normal to have feelings of anxiety and loss because you have tried to do as you have been told and follow the leading of God . Some days it is as if you will come out of this situation with little to no wounds but other days you just want to give up and die. Do not give up , pick yourself up and keep pushing towards the finish line . These trials have been placed in your life for a greater purpose, you see when God selects you for a specific task everything around you seems to work against you . Look to the hills from where your help comes , it is there you will find grace and mercy working on your behalf to keep you in the perfect will of the Lord.

Tears fall and your will power may  begin to dissolve but you can do all things through Christ that provides you strength to carry on .  These trials shall become your testimony as the hurt  becomes your joy . Nothing that God allows to happen in your life will end in epic failure , it is a guarantee that he is faithful and still in the blessing business . Go ahead and see it through to the very end , even when you feel like you can’t go on continue to press forward.

Love and Blessings

Food for Thought

photo16Forgiveness is the key ingredient to healing . It is the center to understanding and the door to letting go. Forgiveness is the factor to your faith and the purpose to your test. Walk in love as you release the pride that will keep you in that dark place in your life , you are not greater than the Creator . If he forgives you daily for your mistakes surely you can forgive those that have wronged you .

Love and Blessings

Choose Your Weapon

sky3Test and trials are placed in your way to build your faith , to increase your strength and will to pursue the things of Christ because he is your salvation. When the battle begins choose your attack wisely , practice silence before giving in to loud outburst spewed with hurtful and distasteful words that only lead to more pain. Take the time to just inhale and say Lord I need you . Pick up your bible and read it , this is you plan of action this is how you attack the enemy this is how you divide and succeed. Dry your tears , clear your mind and follow the leading of God, because the way you respond to the issue is how the devil decides to plan his next move .

The bible tells us that we fight not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness , so when people attack you it’s the enemy using them . You have to know that the battle is not yours it’s the Lords , stop trying to fix it yourself and ask him to help you. Let go of everything that’s bothering you by asking God to take it away never to return and have the faith that it shall be done. Stand strong and in the power of Gods mighty hands as he clears the path of destruction like a whirlwind . We serve a mighty God and what the enemy uses to hurt the Lord uses it to heal .

Choose wisely how you approach life and the reactions you offer it in return . We can do all things through Christ , there’s nothing too hard for him, no problem too big or small , nothing too complex or so minor that he’ll refuse to take it on. Many have used God as their weapon of choice and have won each battle , like David in the lions den or his battle with Goliath , Moses with Pharaoh , Noah , Issac , Job , Peter , John , Mary (both) ,and the list goes on . You have victory on your side , come and redeem him and let him work on your behalf , choose the right weapon today and claim the victory !!!

Love and Blessings