In my times of trouble and despair you are always with me 

When the days go dark and dim and there is no hope for me … you are there 

When I don’t walk and talk as I should allowing the enemy to take over and make me into an undesirable person … you are still there 

You are a God unlike any other you are the true and living God there is none like you 

Despite who I am and what I do your love for me is unfailing and never changes 

Thank you Lord for loving me for keeping me and for the grace and mercy you provide for me each and every day 

Love and Blessings 


Sometimes the motivator needs to be motivated !!!

Some days the cares of my world are filled to capacity and it’s hard to stay focused . All that I know seems to fall apart and I don’t have enough needle and thread to keep it all together . Sometimes I can be so depressed that I just want to end it all but in the same breath will encourage the next person to trust and believe in Gods promise . Seems a bit hypocritical doesn’t it ? It’s not that I loose faith or stop taking God at his word , it’s that I am human and my flesh gets weak . Yeah he can and will renew you but sometimes it’s just too much and you bow your head in submission to all that life is throwing at you . There are times when I wake up and feel as if I can conquer the world , then there are days when I fight to keep my sanity .  The road of life is a peculiar thing because the longer you travel it the longer the journey .  There is an old saying that when life gives you lemons make lemonade but what if lemonade is not your cup of tea ???

One thing I am learning in these 47 years is to pay more attention to God and what is placed in front of me . I have shared before that I often here a melody that provides me with encouragement for the day and I always associate this with God . Well this morning instead of a song I open up Youtube and a minister that I watch on the TBN broadcast was speaking on “Running  on Empty”.  The message was in my opinion just for me and I was glad that I was led to listen to it in its entirety .

God wants to take care of us and solve all our cares and woes sickness and shame BUT we must allow him to do so . We have to give up all we have as we offer ourselves in submission . Now for folks like myself that want to solve it and fix it on our own … well I guess it’s time to throw in the towel .  Sometimes you just have to go with it and let the chips fall where they may , sometimes you have to save yourself , sometimes you just got to let go and let God !!!

Blessings and Love


It seems the more we press to move forward and change the past for the better , the worst begins to manifest .  People of all different backgrounds race and beliefs have made attempts to help our nation to prosper and move forward but there will always be that one spec that tarnishes the whole view . How long will we fight amongst each other because we don’t like what the other says believes or looks like ?  Why do we use God to justify the wrong we wish to do ? Why is your way the only way and everyone else is lost and useless ?

It amazes me that in the ‘ land of the free’ we are still slaves and prisoners .  We lack loyalty we lack values we lack trust we lack honesty and we lack the very thing this nation was built on …God !!! It’s really sad and sickening that society has a twisted sense of reality that only fits when it is done their way !!!  I think because I am a Christian I try to look at life differently but sometimes I want to take matters into my own hands . But if I claim to walk in the light as Christ I have to follow by his example , he didn’t think negative of those that tried to hurt him didn’t believe him or the miracles he performed . I know that God allows things to happen and that it has a purpose even when we don’t understand the reason . Help us Lord to stop the nonsense and regain the true values of life , to do things decent and with order not being forceful and abusive .

I pray that you find peace in this world of chaos and walk in love to make a difference to those that come in your presence . May God keep you and protect you now and always .

Love and Blessings

Even Me …

With all that is going on in the world I take comfort in knowing that God is still my protection and guide …

No mater what transpired or will occur in the near future I can rest knowing that God has my back…

When my world is falling apart and everything I know seems to be a lie I have peace because God still loves me ….

They that wait on Lord shall have their faith renewed and be as bold as the eagle that soars through the air without fear or doubt…

There are billions of people on this planet but God knows each one by name and watches us all …even me . He shields guides and leads … even me .  He died on the cross and rose again for the entire world …even me . The disciples followed and watch him as he blessed all that came in his path and after his resurrection he went up to the heavens to be Father of all … even me .

Thank you God for always being faithful to your creation even when we didn’t deserve it and forgive all that push you aside or forget to say thanks … even me Lord even me …

Love and Blessings 


sky3I have been doing a lot of thinking lately , thinking on the past the present and the future . I often wonder where I would be if I would have chose a different path for myself . Would I be successful , would I be happy , would I be financially secure ? What would my son have been like , would he be tall like his dad or short like me ? Would he be shy or outspoken , full of life or a little insecure ? I think about the day he was born which was also the day he passed away , it makes me sad . I look at my daughter and I am amazed at her talent and her spirit . How cute she is when she gets excited about something , how amazing she is with a canvas in her view . I think to myself I am truly blessed to have her but I don’t deserve it . I think about my husband and how we met , how much time we wasted on getting together and now  24 years later we are still going strong . I often compare myself to Job , like him I lost property finances and my babies ( 9 to be exact ) . However like Job I never let go of God and that I can stand on , sure I felt like I was to blame and he was allowing it because I may have stepped out of his will but he was always there .

In life there are sure to be uncertainties and always things you can’t control . You work hard to get to specific plateaus in life but most of us really never reach the mark. It’s hard I know to accept things you can’t change and deal with people that you know only wish for your demise , but you got to have faith and hang in there . Listen God is not slack concerning his promises and if he is allowing it to be then there is a purpose and most definitely a plan.  Now is the time we must take God at his word and allow him to do his will , he won’t fail you ….never .  I may not like what I am going through but I have no desire to give up on the one person that’s been there for me since conception . I love the Lord and always will .

Lord help me to accept the things I can’t change , can’t fix , and can’t handle . Free my heart my mind and my soul of the chaos and replace it with a peace that I don’t even understand . Keep my mind focused and clear , let my thoughts remain pure as you humble me forever . Thank you Lord for not giving up on me and for dying on the cross so that I can live with you forever .

Love and Blessings




tranquility-flowsMay God look after you this day and keep you  under his mighty hedge of protection . May you never forget to thank him for everything that happens in you life no matter the outcome , be it good bad hard to accept or just flows without error . Consider him as the ultimate source of all that happens concerning you and allow him to manifest prosperity and healing for all that’s happening in your life . Never be afraid to accept his will nor to call on him for help and guidance . There is truly something special about having a relationship with the Lord , for certain he will never leave or steer you in the wrong direction .

Love and Blessings