No matter the circumstances no matter the situation no matter the problem I will trust God . 

I can and will be able to do anything because he gives me the will and strength to press on . 

I will trust you Lord no matter how long it takes to weather the storm. I will trust you even when I can’t make sense of the matter. I will trust you even when all hope looks lost and people turn their backs on me . 

I will trust you like Job … though you slay me YET WILL I TRUST YOU!!!

Love and Blessings 


photo7Tired and weary in my body , things are so overwhelming at times . Thank God me and my loved ones survived the rage of hurricane Irma as she came to make her presence known. My eyes are so heavy and my body is breaking down , feels like bags of sand are covering me. Lord please lift up my spirit and bring back my joy and peace of mind .

My prayer for you today is that you look beyond your circumstance and pick yourself up from the things you can’t control . Be encouraged knowing that you are not in this place forever and troubles won’t last always. There is strength in trusting God strength in total surrender & strength in letting go .

I know you’re down to the last count but dig deep from within and find the courage to rise up and set yourself free. Trust the father to be your light in the time of darkness and  peace in the midst of your storms . Have a blessed day and keep looking up .

Love and Blessings

Stand Still…

Stand still and wait on the Lord !!!

With all that’s happening in the world today we must stand still and wait on our Heavenly father . The storms are the only topic right now and rightfully so , but we do not have the ability to change anything so why are so many of us losing sleep ? Being concerned is good because you are aware and more alert but to stress over what you physically can’t change will only make you sick . Now is not the time to tuck your tail between your legs and run away , now is the time to exercise your faith in the Creator now is the time to realize who is truly in charge of this world . Stand still and wait on the Lord , continue to pray and watch as we wait for God to make his move . His ways aren’t like ours nor does he think on our level so don’t expect your logic to fit into his plans.

It is sad and heart breaking to my spirit when I look at all the devastation from  Harvey and now Irma . Sadly my state is now in her view and I and my family have done what we could to prepare for what’s coming . Hmmm … the old saying is hell has no fury like a woman scorned but I know a man that can calm the seas by just whispering peace be still and just like that it is done .

I know it looks really bad but trust God and have a little faith , he can do the impossible . If you are in the areas of these hurricanes and storms please prepare yourself as best you can and pray for the strength and protection you will need. God bless you all and be safe and encouraged .

Love and Blessings



tranquility-flowsFeeling secure in life and thanking God that he always provides for me . Even when things look bleek and pointless he is always there with a means to supply my needs . I can be down to my last dime but all my bills have been paid and no one will dial my phone this day . Secure that he watches over not only me but my husband and my daughter , my parents siblings and in-laws , extended family friends associates enemies and those I don’t know . We have a place with God that no one can take away , we have a joy in knowing that we will survive and this too shall pass , we take comfort in the fact that there is nothing too hard for our God !!! So happy in my spirit to be able to sit here and write to someone in need of a little self assurance . Blessed to be received by those that take a glance at my word and get something out of it .

Take the time to be excited for where you are at this moment , it could always be worst but take comfort it will get better .  Someone would rather have your life than their own .

Love and Blessings






I just want to take the time to say Thank You Lord !

I pray for you right now at this very moment whoever is reading this that you take the time to be thankful and appreciative of all you have . So many are crying and hurting at this moment and can’t seem to find a sense of peace . Be grateful and extend a helping hand , a listening ear , or offer a kind word .  We are in a state of emergency and we need to show selflessness towards one another . Let’s stop the hate and bullying , lay aside our different views and just begin to love on one another .

Love and Blessings


photo9Grace a pass to Gods goodness and mercy .

Grace restores and rebuilds .

Grace provides comfort and secured renewal .

Grace will cover a multitude of faults and supply a multitude of needs.

Grace is the hedge of protection to guard your heart and mind .

For by grace are we saved through Christ .

Gods grace is sufficient for me .

Where would I be without Gods grace ?

Love and Blessings