I need you ….

tranquility-flowsLord help me today , for I am placed in a situation that is working against my comfort zone . Help me because you know I will  allow my emotions to overcome my heart and display a most uninviting presence . Guide my thoughts and my mind because at this moment I may say something distasteful . Tutor my heart because I may fail this test yet again because I will not let you lead and direct me during this test . Grant me grace and mercy today because I plead for your help , so aware that I can do nothing without you . Some place their trust in friends family and public figures but I give and place all my trust in only you . I need your strength to make it through this day please come into my very being and wash over me a covering of peace .  I ask for a peace that is unexplainable , mind boggling , and so outrageous that it shakes me to my core . Your word is a lamp until my feet and a light to my pathway , help me to remain focused and true .

Love and Blessings


Make me more like David , never forgetting to keep a song in my heart and a praying spirit . Make me more like Solomon to seek wisdom above everything so that in my prayer I will be lead by you . Like Abraham I count on you with all my heart and trust your decisions concerning me .  Like the woman at the well I thirst for you Lord to keep  lead and guide me as you refresh my inner man daily . Like so many in the past that have placed their trust in you , help me not to loose sight of what’s important and to always keep you first . Help me as I do your will not concerned about how others see me . Please help me to remain pleasing in your sight . I pray for a more humbled spirit praying heart and wisdom to carefully speak truth never deceiving . Like a child I want to follow your leading because you supply all my needs and take care of me . At this point in my life I just want to be pleasing to you Lord and to bless those that come in my presence each and every day . Help me to be made new to be better to be worthy …..

Love and Blessings


Learn to be honest with yourself . Learn to accept who you are . Learn to be happy no matter what’s going on in your life . Learn that you cannot and will not please everyone nor will they always accept you and your endeavors. Learn to focus on what’s important and leave the negative right where it is . Learn to be your own hero lover fan and support team . Learn that life is what you make it and you must give it your all in order to succeed. Learn to stand on Gods word and keep your focus clear . Knowledge is Power …. always be ready to Learn !!! 

Love and Blessings 

Thank You…

Thank you Lord for showing me myself in all honesty and clarity. Thank you for the continued blessings you allow me to receive each and every day . Thank you that I have the desire to please you and to stay focused on what’s important. Thank you for my flaws failure and shortcomings because they have proven to be a great road map to my victory . Thank you is never enough for what you’ve done but as I go about my day and in all I do and speak please grant me a ” Thankful heart “……

Love and Blessings 

Find your Positive

photo6Focus on the positive things in life not on the things that are unbearable


I find it hard sometimes to stay focused on what’s ahead of me because I constantly drift back to the past . Past fear, hurt , pain and scrutiny .  I often think that my life is meaningless and can’t understand why I am not dead . After all I have been at the feet of death five times and each time God has spared my life . Selfish is the feeling I have in my gut because he loved me even when I didn’t deserve it . Confused still by his grace and mercy that he provides towards me each day . Clouded are my thoughts and views yet I refuse to let go of his promise to never leave or forsake me even till my last breath . Torn God in my heart and inner man because I just want to please you yet my toughest fight is within me. Battling and struggling with thoughts of failure , insecurities and grief . Wow , I am a mess …..

One thing I am confident of is that God is my strength , my guide and my friend . I can and will do what is destined for me no matter what doubt the enemy places in my path . I can do all things through  Christ that gives me the strength !!!

Love and Blessings


spa-zen-stonesNever forget the things that are important , the people that matter most , the things that make you smile . Never forget that we all have a purpose and never attempt to be a carbon copy . Never forget to show love and compassion to those you come in contact with , a simple ”hello” goes a long way . A simple gesture , act of kindness or even a smile can turn someone’s bad day into a positive one. Never settle because those in your life tell you it’s just not possible . With God ”all things are possible” …. there is nothing too hard for God !!! Trust in him , believe in his promises , and take a leap of faith as you invest in yourself . Stop waiting for someone to push you , push yourself , encourage yourself , invest in yourself and above all …. LOVE YOURSELF !!!

Love and Blessings