Night thoughts….

sitephoto5The Lord is great and greatly to be praised , he is the light that lights up my path and leads me on towards righteousness . I am blessed and humbled that he allows me to wake up to new mercies each and every day and even in my lowest of days the sun shines ever so brightly . Words can not express the gratitude I have for all that has been given to me , but Lord I want to say  ‘thank you’ !!!

Restore to me the joy of thy salvation and renew a right spirit within me , cast me not away to the evil that lurks in the dark place of destruction . Place my heart and mind in your ever loving care and remove all sin and shame , hurt and doubt , pride and selfishness . Instead cover and humble me because I seek only for your grace  mercy  and peace that will quiet my spirit . Many times I have fallen short of what you have planned yet you never turn me away . I have come so far but have so far to go . I know the road to my destiny will be lonely most days but you are always with me and will never leave me destitute .

Help me Lord to make it through as I listen for your instruction and guidance . Help me to drop my doubts and pick up the positive mind set .

Love & Blessings


Are you ready ?

tranquility-flowsWhen you accept the fact that you are nothing without the Lord things begin to change . It is as if the atmosphere starts to move and shift direction . If you listen to that still small voice your way of thinking is modified and your outlook is clear .

I have recently been on a mission to better my life especially on a spiritual level and it is during this time that I have noticed a lot of things I never paid attention to before . Certain people didn’t seem as genuine as before and even some family members exposed sides of them that made me look at them differently . The Lord would show me things and even use social media postings to get my attention and let me see that the things I have been praying for he already knew about and has  already started working on my behalf . But when things started happening I wasn’t ready , maybe I should wait a while , maybe this isn’t the will of God . All sorts of questions and doubts arose and some things (as I think back now) I literally fought to hold on to . This isn’t beneficial for me if I want to move forward so with that being said I heard the spirit say ” you must de-clutter everything ” …… Now for me that’s deep and hard but I can do all things through Christ because he strengthens me .

The very moment you seek for change and submit to God the enemy begins his attack on your life . He doesn’t care who or what he uses to carry out his plans just as long as you don’t succeed . It is at this moment that you exercise faith and never stop believing in the power of our King .  Cast all of you upon the alter of his love and give him permission to work for you and let go .

Make sure you are ready for the Lord to work for you because when he moves everything changes and you need to be able to keep up !!! May god richly bless and keep you now and always ……

Love and Blessings

How is your mind ?

From the time your eyes open till the time you fall asleep your mind is constantly on the move . It is a non stop force of nature that is ever absorbing any and everything it comes in contact with .  You are always wondering and seeking for answers , looking to find a way , searching for the best . But how is your mind ? Has it been trained to accept the pain and keep you in fear hurt and defeat ? Is it always positive ever faithful and optimistic ?

Your mind is very powerful , it can tear you  down and make you fall apart , or give you a sense of empowerment and motivate you to greatness . We must change our mindset and get out of this funk that we all have been guilty of participating in . It is nothing healthy about depression fear anxiety and the list goes on . When your mind is not at peace your body suffers , this is how we develop heart concerns , obesity , ulcers and so forth . I have been giving this some thought and I have seen how the mind can attack the body and destroy a once healthy person .

The enemy loves to attack us in the mind because it’s an easy way to destroy a person from the inside out . I’m sure you have heard older people say ” an idle mind is the devils workshop ” .  Well my friend don’t take it lightly , the enemy doesn’t care who you are or where you’re from because his sole purpose is to steal , kill  and destroy ( St John 10:10 ) . I myself have a battle of the mind and the devil is fighting me all the way , making me doubt myself , my purpose and my goals . But thou oh Lord is the lifter of my head , my strength and my guide . I can and will do all that I set out to do with God in my corner , there is nothing to hard for my God !!!

Get into a relationship with God , learn to talk with him through the day . Accept that you can’t fix it alone , we need Jesus every day of our lives . No one is exempt from the blessings of God nor the foolery of the enemy , align yourself with the benefits of Gods unchanging hand . I pray that you submit to the Lord and let him take you as he renews your mind body and soul . Be healed , be blessed , and be set free today in the powerful name of Jesus .

Love and Blessings





spa-zen-stonesDeath is a certain path that we all must travel on . Some walk these roads for over a decade while sadly some have a shorter distance . Death is a road that can give you eternal peace or eternal damnation . With all the trouble that is going on today , all the senseless killings and attacks toward each other it’s very hard to keep a positive outlook . Job 14:1 tells us that man born of a woman is of a few days and full of trouble , so we must strive to rise above the obstacles of life .  Seek out your sanity and peace of mind by changing the way you handle things . When you find yourself slipping into depression take a moment and step back , breathe in deeply and slowly exhale . Instead of accepting the negative words spoken to you speak life to the situations and watch them manifest into a blessing for you .  Listen you have what you say , because the mind will only react to what you feed it .  So if you want better , strive for it !

Be a go getter not and not the snail that fails …… I pray you get what is rightfully yours in this life and that God never stops blessings you .

Love and Blessings



Where would I be without you in my life ? How can I function without you there to keep me ? My life means nothing if you aren’t in it ? 

I love the Lord and my life belongs to him , there is nothing greater than that . Faith comes by hearing and receiving what God has planned as I heed to his word. My faith is strong but I’m striving for a faith increase!!! 

I’m excited for what God has in store for me . The best is on the way and I will rejoice and be extremely glad !!!

Love and Blessings 


Motivate yourself this day to press  forward for what you want. Push through the pain and sacrifice that you feel and proceed to making life better. Praying and staying positive that grace and mercy will allow me to go forward as the test and trials come . I’m am a child of the King and I shall not be moved !!!! 

Love and Blessings 


tranquility-flowsConcentrate on the good things  your blessings and all God does for you . Stop focusing on the negative and release the things that bind your mind and heart . The Lord thy God is full of grace and mercy and he renews them daily for you , allow the humility to embrace you and stand on the promises of his unfailing words.

Thy word is a lamp to my feet and the light that lights my path … (Ps 119:105 )KJV

Love and Blessings