It belongs to you ….

photo16Write the vision and make it plain

See your vision and hold on to the dream

Just because someone else seems to have the same ideas doesn’t mean you can’t exercise your claim to fame

Learn to be your own number one fan and always tell yourself that you can do it

Stop letting negative people and thoughts invade your space and start to live in what you believe

Stop telling everyone your plans because not everyone wants to see you succeed

Talk with the Master and let him show you and direct your path

If you can dream it then believe it can be yours after all it belongs to you


Love & Blessings

Give me a praying spirit

spa-zen-stonesGrant me a praying spirit so that I will always keep my focus on you

Teach me to pray without ceasing each and every day .

Grant me this request Lord so that I can continue to do your will to walk up right before you and bless those I come in contact with .

Praying will grant me limitless access to you because your word states to  ” pray without ceasing ” (1Thessalonians 5:17) .

Prayer is a direct line of communication to our Heavenly Father …..

Love & Blessings


Some days are really hard and life is just a mess . My insecurities become a constant part of my very existence and things are just not good . Sometimes I am on a glorious high and nothing that happens affects me , it is those days that make my life worth living .

When you develop the ability to remove yourself from the equation God will apply just what you need to survive. Pity parties are just a holding cell used to destroy your very existence. Decline the invitation to negative thoughts and pick up the word of God and edify your soul . Greater is he that is within you than he that is in the world .

Love & Blessings

No More Hiding …..

No more hiding behind our pain

No more hiding behind fears and chaos

No more hiding behind the past it’s gone forever

Now is the time to start living  even though things look bad right now . When you feel yourself sinking you have to grab hold to the mighty anchor which is Jesus . Step out of   both negative thinking and living . The enemy preys on our weaknesses and will destroy us from within . If you trust Jesus then hold on to his promises ( Romans 8:37 we are more than conquerors through him that loves us ) …….

Stop hiding and step into the light as you stand strong , don’t ever stop believing  in yourself ….. Don’t worry God got you !!!

Love & Blessings

Sometimes ….

Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth closed and your mind clear

Sometimes the hardest thing you can do is  keep still and hold your peace

Sometimes it’s easier to walk away rather than get all worked up

Sometimes you just have to say Lord help me and move on

Sometimes …………


Psalms 141:3  Set a watch oh Lord at my mouth , keep the doors of my lips

Love & Blessings

Night thoughts….

sitephoto5The Lord is great and greatly to be praised , he is the light that lights up my path and leads me on towards righteousness . I am blessed and humbled that he allows me to wake up to new mercies each and every day and even in my lowest of days the sun shines ever so brightly . Words can not express the gratitude I have for all that has been given to me , but Lord I want to say  ‘thank you’ !!!

Restore to me the joy of thy salvation and renew a right spirit within me , cast me not away to the evil that lurks in the dark place of destruction . Place my heart and mind in your ever loving care and remove all sin and shame , hurt and doubt , pride and selfishness . Instead cover and humble me because I seek only for your grace  mercy  and peace that will quiet my spirit . Many times I have fallen short of what you have planned yet you never turn me away . I have come so far but have so far to go . I know the road to my destiny will be lonely most days but you are always with me and will never leave me destitute .

Help me Lord to make it through as I listen for your instruction and guidance . Help me to drop my doubts and pick up the positive mind set .

Love & Blessings


Are you ready ?

tranquility-flowsWhen you accept the fact that you are nothing without the Lord things begin to change . It is as if the atmosphere starts to move and shift direction . If you listen to that still small voice your way of thinking is modified and your outlook is clear .

I have recently been on a mission to better my life especially on a spiritual level and it is during this time that I have noticed a lot of things I never paid attention to before . Certain people didn’t seem as genuine as before and even some family members exposed sides of them that made me look at them differently . The Lord would show me things and even use social media postings to get my attention and let me see that the things I have been praying for he already knew about and has  already started working on my behalf . But when things started happening I wasn’t ready , maybe I should wait a while , maybe this isn’t the will of God . All sorts of questions and doubts arose and some things (as I think back now) I literally fought to hold on to . This isn’t beneficial for me if I want to move forward so with that being said I heard the spirit say ” you must de-clutter everything ” …… Now for me that’s deep and hard but I can do all things through Christ because he strengthens me .

The very moment you seek for change and submit to God the enemy begins his attack on your life . He doesn’t care who or what he uses to carry out his plans just as long as you don’t succeed . It is at this moment that you exercise faith and never stop believing in the power of our King .  Cast all of you upon the alter of his love and give him permission to work for you and let go .

Make sure you are ready for the Lord to work for you because when he moves everything changes and you need to be able to keep up !!! May god richly bless and keep you now and always ……

Love and Blessings