Morning Wake up….

skyphoto2Good morning , wake up and be happy !!!

Wake up and be thankful , wake up and be humble…..

If you’re reading this then you are still in the land of the living which means you should thank God for a new day filled with new possibilities and new beginnings . Live as if your life depends on it so that you don’t waste time on the trivial but focus on what’s truly important .

I am so glad for all that has taken place in my life thus far be it good bad or indifferent I am happy . Things don’t always happen like we want but we can rest easy when we let the Lord above fight the battle for us . It’s a new day and no matter what takes place today I woke up happy and happy is where I intend to remain …….

Love and Blessings


tranquility-flowsLaughter is good for the heart , it is food to your soul .

Laughter provides a soothing gush of unexplainable joy.

Laughter is the fuel to your inner man and the spark that draws in happiness.

Laughter is a powerful entity that can’t be contained when it starts to irrupt .

Stop frowning and laugh !!! Rejoice and let go !!! Free your mind and the rest will follow ……

L O L ………….

Love and Blessings

Time to change

spa-zen-stonesHumility is the first step to making a change in your life . Seeking for calmness provides a smooth transition to a new beginning . Clutter in the heart and mind only lead you to a less than satisfying experience and a constant way of weariness . Forget the past hurt pain and pinned up anger and begin to flow in the river of peace . Humble yourself before the Lord and ask him to make you new again , like king David you need a restoration . (Ps 51 chapter).

Restore me , restore to me the joy !!!


Love and Blessings


I’m grateful for the birth of your son . Humbled by the things he has done . Blessed because my victory is already won . Honored to be a part of the chosen ones .

Jesus is the reason for the season , blessed be the name of the Lord !!!

Love and Blessings to you and yours


spa-zen-stonesPrayers are “beautiful benefits” …….

We should always pray and not faint ( Luke 18:1 ) so never give up never give in just continue to hold on to what God has promised .

If you’re not sure of what he has planned for you then go to him in prayer and watch wait and listen for his plans to be revealed to you .

Prayer is the most effective and sufficient way to gain favor from God because he loves a praying spirit .

Pray without failure by applying this to your everyday walk of life . No matter when or where just submit yourself to prayer .

Love and Blessings