My Prayers…

My prayer today is to help me stay on the path you have chosen for me. My life belongs to you Lord and I ask that you forgive me for all I have done and for not trusting you for complete control. Help me to walk upright and stay focused and adhere to your call. May the words that I speak edify those I come in contact with and may I be that shining light to help them as well.

Thou word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path , your ways are past finding out and your wisdom is beyond my comprehension. Search my heart and cleanse me , search my mind and set me free. Anoint my entire body and teach me your ways and show me how to stay in your presence and live. Help me to see when I am about to complain or step out of character , help me in my complacent ways.

I love you Lord and I live to serve you .


Love and Blessings



Don’t allow old habits to become your downfall. Life is hard and sometimes we go through test and trials for what may seem forever but God is faithful to deliver you from it all. He sees the pain and hurt that you face and he allows these things to be in order to help you grow and most importantly keep him first. Remember he tells us that to have faith but not do any work is not good. Staying stuck on the same page for ever and ever is useless , this means you haven’t retained anything. How are you suppose to grow if you can’t hold on to the life lessons and learn from them?

We have to learn to trust the Lord with all our hearts and lean not to our own understanding but in all of our ways acknowledge him and he will direct our paths. Don’t stay stuck in a complacent stage of life but instead trust the leading of the Lord and grow in his grace.

Love and Blessings


When is enough……… ENOUGH?

When you’ve done everything asked of you yet you always get the short end of the stick .

No matter what you say or do it just never seems to be enough because they always demand and expect more.

Time comes and you’re not recognized not respected .

It comes a time in everyone’s life when you get tired of being looked over and you tell God it’s not fair and why is he allowing this to happen ?

Well the answer is really simple , he knows the end from the beginning and he has already worked it out . The problem is we don’t allow his plans to process into the final product…..your VICTORY!!!

So you want to know when enough is enough just wait on the Lord to provide the final say !!!

Love and Blessings


It is always a good feeling to speak to someone and God uses the conversation to keep you on track as well as keep you uplifted. He constantly reminds us of his power and his unconditional love for us . We must never forget that his promises are true and there is no way you can fail with him on your side .

Love and Blessings


When you find yourself in deep thought and wondering how you’re going to make it take a second and realize that “Greater is he that is within you than he that is in the world”…

Have a blessed and wonderful day , don’t let anything disturb your peace !!!


Love and Blessings


The Lord said if you love me you will keep my commandments …….

How much do we really love him?  Are we really ready to give him all control and let him have his way? I would like to think that we all surrender to the Lord but in the real world I know that’s not true. We seem to loose sight of the big picture that we are the creation and that our creator has our best interest in mind. Many of us want to take on the world and just take matters into our own hands but why ? If he made us in his image then we should trust him and take him at his word. Why would he hurt himself ?

We must learn to let our defense down and let the Lord handle the problems . He already knows the end of the beginning anyway so why not love on him and let him work things out. I’m not sure who this is for but I pray that the Lord reveals his purpose and his plan to help you in your struggles. Be not weary in your doings for God sees you and he will reward you greatly !!!

Love and Blessings


To change one’s outlook on a situation is a powerful coping mechanism. When you begin to see things in a different light you are able handle it better . Sometimes you have to step back and look at your problem from a different perspective . Stand back and analyze the problem from all sides because it helps to open your mind . Allow yourself a moment to soak it all in then meditate on finding resolution. Don’t jump to conclusions because that just opens up a whole new world of chaos ( and no one wants that ).

See yourself as God sees you and know that you can do all things through Christ Jesus !!!

We where created in his image therefore we should take comfort in knowing that his grace is sufficient and that there is nothing to hard for him.  Change your perspective and it will change your life .

Love and Blessings