Giving honor to God today and always for my life health and strength. I know that this is the traditional day of giving thanks but I try every day to thank him. He has protected and covered me through my good and bad times and he is always right there to carry me. I’m grateful for all my blessings and trials because they help to make me who I am and eventually where God sees me to be. Thank you for my life , my family and friends. Thank you for my enemies test and trials. Thank you for salvation and everlasting life. Saying Thank You will never be enough but I will never stop giving you thanks. I love you Lord.

Love and Blessings

He is….

In your weakness he is your strength

In the times of sorrow and grief he is our light hope and peace

Despite the circumstances and pain he is a very present help

He is a rock and strong tower . He is a comfort to the hurt. He is joy when there is no reason to smile. He is a supplier of all our needs and he will take care of them all. He is a strong solid foundation a hiding place in the midst of the storm and the anchor for your soul.

Nothing you’re faced with at this moment is too hard for him. He will provide healing and rest for your soul. He is the source of your strength and the light to your darkest days. He is the only true and living God he is always what we need and always on time….

Love and Blessings

Stop worrying….

Take no thought to tomorrow because you are currently living for today. It makes no sense to fall back on what happened yesterday because it’s gone forever and it can’t return.

God left us with his promise that he is with us always and even if we where to pass away he will still be there. We serve a God that provides limitless happiness and blessings. There’s nothing too hard too big or so minuscule that he can’t handle it.

He tells us to cast our cares upon him for he cares for us and that he will take away the pain for his yoke is easy and the burdens are light. He is a very present help in the time of need and where we are weaken he’ll make us strong.

So let’s stop worrying about tomorrow and live for today for he is a very present help your strength and foundation. You can make it !!!

Love and Blessings


Don’t count God out because life seems to be falling apart. Don’t look at the circumstances as if he didn’t know they existed. Don’t say that because of your lifestyle he won’t provide that he won’t heal. We serve a loving and kind compassionate God full of grace and mercy never falling short of blessings. He is still in the blessing business and still making away out of no way . He is still performing miracles. Trust him not the situation trust God and regain your peace.

Love and Blessings


I woke up this morning with a willingness to serve the Lord and a desire to have joy and happiness despite my circumstances.

Surround yourself in Gods love and let him show you how to live your life with fulfillment. We often times get so trapped in our own discomfort that we can no longer see hope for a brighter day. Know that this is a trick from the enemy to keep you stuck in a place where you’re not willing to seek God’s face. You got to shake off the old man and all the baggage that comes with him and release all that does not solidify your Faith.

Let go of anything that doesn’t edify and feed your soul with joy peace and happiness. Get in tune with Jesus and watch your world change.

Love and Blessings

Good morning …

Good morning ,

You made it through another day of tiredness anger and maybe grief. Through dangers seen and unseen , toils test and trials. Your patience has been tried but you survived thank God!!!

Focus on today for it is filled with unexpected joys and wonderful blessings. The joy of our Lord gives us strength to boldly go where no one has before. To stand tall and face the obstacles of life with assurance that this too shall pass. There is nothing too hard for our God , no problem to small that he won’t acknowledge. Keep your head up and a song in your heart … yes I foresee great things coming for you.

Good morning you made it !!!

Love and Blessings

Be ye…

Be ye blessed beyond measure

Be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind

Be ye steadfast and unmoved as you abound in God’s word

Let your mind be just like Jesus as you walk boldly and stand for righteousness as you seek his face and listen for his wisdom and instruction

May you walk boldly and humble for as you draw closer to him things will begin to shift

Be ye not afraid

Be ye not ashamed

Be ye delivered be healed be set free

Love and Blessings