Meditation 5/23/21…

Lord lift me up today and remove all that would hinder me from what you have for me. I don’t always feel I am worthy to represent you but you told me that you know the plans you have for me. You also said you would give beauty for ashes for you love a humble spirit. I strive to stay as you would have me to be for it is my souls desire to follow your lead. Search my heart and mind and see if there is anything wicked in me . Should it be Lord I ask that you remove it and cast it far from me.

Thank you for this day that you have made , I will rejoice and be glad in it!!!

Love and Blessings

Great is our God…

As I begin the start of a new day I wait and listen to receive a word from the Lord. Before the clock began to ring I heard the words “ we need a strong God”. I realize it is a song but what exactly am I supposed to get from it ?

Our God is mighty strong gracious and merciful. He is all knowing all seeing and ever loving . He is still moving mountains and healing the sin sick souls. He provides peace in the midst of a chaotic situation and calms the raging seas of life.

He perfects your peace when you stay connected to him as well as making the pathway clear so you can find your way through. Each day we are equipped in order to press forward and he watches over us late in the night while we sleep.

Our God is a great wonderful loving kind God and he is here for his people. He is a strong God and we the people rejoice with continued praise!!!

Love and Blessings

There is a balm….

There is a balm in the land and he is healing the sin sick soul

He was wounded for the transgressions of mankind , he bled so that we could have life

Raising the dead , causing the blind to see , the lame to walk and the deaf to talk ; truly none can compare

Described as the ancient of days , he is he that was and is to come

So if you have a wound that needs healing call upon his name and he will answer. He is our shelter for the storms of life and strength to the weak. Cast all your cares and burdens on him and he will supply every need. There is an answer for the troubles of the world today , he will take the pain away as he strengthens and keeps you. The soothing of his touch will make you whole so come unto him all who are weary wounded and sad for I have found the balm and he will take the pain away!

Love and Blessings

Your love….

Your love for me is greater than anything anyone has ever given me.

You where wounded for my transgressions yet I have never met you.

You come to my rescue every time and late at night when my face is wet with tears you catch every one of them.

You grant me grace and mercy each and every moment. I love you so much but you loved me first. What a awesome God I serve. Soon I will be caught up to meet you in the sky and you will give me a new name a new place with you!

I smile at the thought that this is not the end for me , it’s only the beginning. Thank you Lord for choosing me.

Love and Blessings

Give it to him…

You don’t need to fight this battle alone. As a matter of fact you don’t have to fight it at all , because truly the battle isn’t yours it belongs to the Lord!

He sits high and looks low, he sees everything all at once and like a good father he will never leave us alone. Seek him early and give your troubles to him he will sustain you and keep you hedged in.

Gods grace is sufficient for us and he will lead and direct you as he restores your soul. Don’t try to fight this battle alone just let him take it .

You stay strong and keep your head up for we don’t want the win we want the VICTORY!!!

Love and Blessings

Fight on…

Continue to go forth and don’t look back. Sometimes it gets hard and it looks like life is eating you alive , people are harsh and you feel the the threads coming undone. You try to maintain positive thoughts and a clear mind but you can’t.

This isn’t the time to stop this is the time to tighten the reigns of your mind and speak life into yourself . Call on the Lord and he will answer. He will come and pick up the pieces as he guides you into victory.

This race that we are in isn’t for the fastest or strongest person but it is for those of us that endure it all until the end. As he strengthens us through our weakest moments we then look to him more for he has not given us the spirit of fear but of love power and a strong mind!

Fight on my brother and sister for victory is near!!!!

Love and Blessings

Great God…

The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. He is majestic and all powerful. He gives and he takes away , a treasure to our earthen vessels he will always provide. Weakness becomes strength and darkness has to flee for he is the light and compass for our way. He gives us what is needed for each day as tomorrow will take care of itself.

What a mighty and powerful God we serve! He is Jehovah Jireh our provider there’s none like him.

Love and Blessings


You are a sovereign God there is none like you. The earth is yours and all it’s inhabitants belong to you. There is nothing like you nothing compares to you and it never will. Where can I go and you not accompany me ? What can I do that you are not there to help?

You are so gracious and kind even when I don’t deserve it you continue to bless me. I am faced with difficulty almost daily yet your word strengthens me mind body and soul. How excellent are you Lord!

You are my everything and my everything is you therefore I will continue to call on you and seek your face. Not even death will separate your love from me for you are the sovereign God!!!

Love and Blessings

Morning meditation 4-25-21…

Help me Lord to stay in tune with you , to hear and obey! I often struggle with life challenges and sometimes I feel like a failure. I know the enemy has but one purpose and that is to steal kill and destroy but you Lord are my hiding place where I can run into you and be safe! You are a constant reminder to my spirit that I can do all things when I am tuned in to you. Fear and pain causes Faith to fade but your word restores and revives me every time!

Help me Lord to tune out anything that doesn’t benefit me , that keeps me from hearing and obeying you. You are the same yesterday today and forevermore so I will follow where you lead. You provide joy and peace of mind. Take me to your secret place and show me how to serve you to the fullest.

I will follow your lead and do your will for my soul thirst to be filled by you. I want to be that light in a dark place so I thank you now for what you’re doing in my life.

Love and Blessings

Morning meditation….

So much has happened in the last few weeks Lord I am just mentally exhausted. I know that you see my tears and you hear my silent screams ….. help me !

I have lost greatly in the last two years and the thought of more lost just takes my breath. Take me to place of peace and restore the joy of my salvation. My soul is longing for release and my heart is in need of healing.

Help me this day to walk up right before you and to keep my eyes fastened on you for I’m lost without you but with you I know I will make it. So help me to look beyond what I see and lead me to the rock that’s higher than I!!!

Love and Blessings