A new day….

Good morning Lord,

Today is a new day and a opportunity for new blessings. Help me to embrace your will for my life without contentment or resistance. Show me my purpose and place me where I need to be. Cover me from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet so that no weapon formed shall prevail. When the enemy comes lift up your hedge of protection and strengthen my weakness.

Thou oh Lord are a comfort to my weary heart and peace to my storm. I’m committed to you forever, never having a desire to turn and walk away. The days get hard most times but I know you are with me . Help me to see pass the pain and hurt so that I may get the victory.

Open my ears to hear you my eyes to see you and my heart to receive your grace and mercy with the joy that’s inspiration to me and it keeps me. Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that’s within me bless his Holy name for today is a new day.

Love and Blessings

Determined heart….

If you never did another thing for me I would still praise you

Your spirit and power leads and guides me

Direction and security keeps me in a place where I will wait on you

All I will ever need is found in you

Settle my heart and spirit man as I need comfort that only you can deliver

The power of the Holy Ghost removes reconstructs rebuilds and releases me to a place of perfect peace because my mind is constantly relying on you

I want to be where you are to see your Glory here on earth where I can share my experience with others

What a Mighty God I serve , I humble myself and wait for you to move because my heart is determined and my mind is made up

Love and Blessings


All that I am is because of you Lord. You know my heart mind and spirit you can see things in me not revealed to the naked eye. I fall short from time to time and I feel lost but then the Holy Spirit sweeps in and provides me with a word of comfort and peace of mind.

Nothing that I go through is too much to bare because your ways order my steps. All that I am is from you my path has been predestined for a higher purpose may I never loose sight or my way.

With love and kindness you drew me to become a wonderful blessing to all I come in contact with . You knew me before I was even conceived , you knew what I would do and how I would act yet you chose me.

My heart is yours Lord. Show me daily the path you have set for me and guide me through it. My heart my mind my soul waits on you!

Love and Blessings

Your help….

So much trouble in the land in which we live. Daily we struggle just to get out of bed for the chaos of life has drained us dry. So much sadness and death you don’t even brace for impact anymore. But I will lift my eyes toward the Lord from where all my help comes from. When I go through the valley of the shadows of death he will hide me. When I’m weak he is my strength my rock and my foundation.

Trouble doesn’t last always but it does take its time before ending. Now isn’t the time to give up instead turn to him and subject your pain and need to the Lord. It may not seem like he is there or even listening but he is. He will strengthen and comfort you , protect and heal your brokenness just look towards your help. Your help comes from the Lord!

Love and Blessings

Can’t take it …

This joy that I have the world didn’t give it to me

The life that I have the air that I breathe the world didn’t give it to me

My heart my hope my peace it comes from above

When I struggle and can’t see clearly it is divine protection that covers me

When I am down and out filled with hurt and despair it is his love and kindness that lifts me

Through the pains and disappointments of life I am delivered and uplifted

Everything I have comes from the Lord

These things I feel the joy I maintain the unbelievable blessings I receive the world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away

Glory to the Lamb

Love and Blessings

This day…

Lord thank you for this day , a new day I have never been afforded

Let your light shine in me and through me so that others may see your glory

May I be used today as a living instrument to assist someone in need

May my words edify may my thoughts purify and my life glorify and bless you as an offering of praise and honor

May the things placed before me today be useful and beneficial to my growth even when I don’t understand

Go before me in the dark places in the rooms where trouble awaits and remove block and shield me from the very presence of evil

I give you thanks today for my life belongs to you and because of you I exist

Thank you Lord for this day

Love and Blessings


Let your heart expand with joy for this is the day that that Lord has made. We should be joyful we should be glad we should be grateful . God has given us life health strength love kindness grace mercy and his only begotten son. We serve a Mighty God with limitless possibilities because he is the Creator of all .

Search your heart and witness the glorious wonderful works of his good pleasure towards you. Even if your not at your best you are still in the land of the living. If test and trials are constantly appearing in your life it means that you’re stronger than you know. We are his creation and he takes care of his own.

No matter what happens today expect the Lord to bless you for faithful is he that called you and he will also do what he says. Today is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad.

Love and Blessings

My Fathers business…

I woke up this morning with a determination to do the will of the Lord.

I had a brief look at myself on the day of my ordination 9-29-19 …..

Scared and filled with anxiety because I was walking into an unknown place. Sure I have been in church and a preachers kid most of my life but this was not the same.

All I could do was think if only daddy where here with me I could get through it . Wow just to repeat it now brings tears to my eyes.

But as I was doing my morning devotion today I heard the spirit say “ I must be about my Fathers business’’.

I know exactly what the Lord is saying to me , and it’s time to put the time in and do the job I have been appointed to do. Faith overcomes the fear that binds me and his mercy shields me while grace covers me. I’m more than what you see for God has called me to do a work for him and I shall do it . My daddy trained me up in the way that I should go and taught me how to apply the lessons to my life. They both have equipped me for a greater purpose and now I must fulfill it.

No matter what I must be about my Fathers business… both Earthly and Heavenly!

Love and Blessings

My Lord…

Help me Lord to be exactly who you have called me to be

Reform my heart and mind that I may see the goodness of your will for me while I still have life in my body

Saturate me with your love and purify me with your word

Transform me into that new creature that is created in you Jesus a workman that’s not ashamed to do your will

Even when life starts to weigh me down your love will be my strength and I shall never loose my faith

I will never stop believing on you or the word for you Lord are the reason for my very existence

I love you Lord and I lift you up

Love and Blessings