I’m ready…

I am desperately seeking you. To hear from you for my soul is thirsting after thee. My short comings are merely stepping stones that lead me to a greater purpose.

I admit that I am clueless to what I’m supposed to be doing and I’m scared of what this journey holds for me. Yet I do have faith and I truly believe you know what’s best for me.

The enemy keeps me going with trivial things that are a hindrance as well as a distraction. I want so desperately to hear from you.

Quiet my heart and mind so that I can focus. Open my spiritual eyes so that I may see clearly. The word is a lamp to brighten my path and in the valleys and shadows of death you are with me. I am ready although I’m cautious I won’t hold on to the fear for you are with me.

I have not one clue what you have in store for me Lord but I’m as ready as I can be. So strengthen me this day and show me in the ways that I should go and I will follow where you lead.

I’m ready Lord so take my hand and draw me closer and I will follow where you lead!

Love and Blessings

Praying for you ….

May the Lord keep you and bless you today

May he release his blessings of grace and mercy upon you as he heals your broken pieces

Lord Jesus I come to you now asking that you come down and reveal yourself to your people today. Allow them to see you moving on their behalf as you cover them . No matter what the day has in store , allow your people to have peace and to worship you and to be grateful for it could always be worst.

No weapon formed shall harm them for your power is with us and we win every time! I thank you for what you are doing in our lives and I will continue to bless you at all times….

Love and Blessings


Enlighten me Lord for you have blessed me to awaken to see another day

Open my heart and mind and let me be receptive to your instruction

Show me your way and teach me how to pour unconditional love towards everyone

Strengthen me for this day as you equip me with your armor

Let me steal away precious time with you so that I may be in the presence of the Almighty

Allow me to accept the things I cannot change and learn to turn it all over to you

Enlighten me Lord I will wait patiently on you

Love and Blessings

Moments of meditation….

Your word has been a shelter of comfort for me. When I am weary and my physical being has been weaken your word provides an uplifting to my soul. Sometimes in a chaotic place I still feel abandoned and alone , I find myself looking for anything to remove the emptiness. But your word reminds me that there is safety in the arms of Jesus , there is shelter where the righteous run in and they are safe. You surround us daily with your grace and mercy and there is a renewing each and every day!

May I never forget your love for not only me but for the entire world. Burn your word deep within my inner man so that I can never forget. Draw me closer to you Lord for my spirit is longing to be with you , I am thirsting for the water that flows from the well that gives us a quenching of eternal glory.

Lately my focus is unclear and my thoughts are not always your thoughts. My peace has been compromised and I find it hard to see the plans you have for me. Draw me close to you Lord , pull me into you and let me experience an awaking like no other. I want to hear from you like the ancestors of old , so close to you that like Enoch I just get taken right up to you when my day of transition comes. I long to be in the presence of you to have a intimate connection where my peace is never disturbed . My heart longs to be like you , to see you , to commune with you.

Take me to that secret place where only you and I dwell , and in this place wrap me into your arms and reveal your presence to me . Open my spiritual eyes so that I might see you and gain a deeper understanding of my purpose. I love you Lord and it is my souls desire to please you.

Love and Blessings

Quiet my heart….

A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger (Proverbs 15:1)

Dear Lord place a quiet spirit in me so that I do not turn to harsh words thoughts and actions. Quiet my mind and let me only remember thou word as I submit to your will and your ways. You order the steps of the righteous and direct our path. Pierce my heart that it may release all hate hurt and malicious things and let the love of you be shed abroad instead. I am human and sometimes I fail but I know that I need you to help, lead and to deliver me from this emotional bondage and set me free. I want to offer up sweet smells unto you Jesus for I was made to worship you and it’s in your worship that I am set free. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit in me!

Love and Blessings

A new thing….

God is doing a new thing in me. I may not understand I may not want it but you know what’s best for me.

Take hold of my mind and remove all doubt fear and shame. Enlighten me with your wisdom and provide strength for my weaknesses.

Teach me how to be a living vessel that’s willing to follow where you lead without question. Search my heart and see if there be any wickedness in me for you alone can do the impossible.

Place the right spirit in me and the right people before me that I may continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of you.

My faith has wavered but it is you that directs me back into the fold like a sheep that has gone astray.

Help me focus and increase my desire to do what is required of me. In my times of trouble cover me in your love.

Thy word gives instruction may I follow them without fail , may I seal them in my heart and mind that they become as consistent as the air I breathe.

God is doing a new thing in me …. where you lead I will follow!

Love and Blessings


Thou word is a lamp to my feet therefore my path is clear for you go before me to prepare the way

The weight of the world falls upon me but your rod and staff comfort me

When my enemies come out against me you say fret not because no weapon formed will come near you

You are my sure foundation a shelter for me you’re a comfort to my soul and in you I can come and I am safe

Your word says if I could just hold on and wait that you’ll renew me , oh what peace I have in you

My steps have been ordered by you for you have already placed me in my place of refuge therefore I must go forth and fulfill my purpose

You call me faithful for I place all my trust in you and even when I don’t understand you renew my spirit and I am able to stand

I have come too far not to finish this race, I want to hear you say well done thou good and faithful servant

Allow your Holy Spirit to come over me and to minister to my soul like you did on the day of Pentecost and let me utter words that only you can understand

Pour your words of life and wisdom into my heart and allow me to absorb and recall without fail

I will continue to worship you and trust you for know the plans you have for me , you are my Shepherd I shall not want