I must…

I must continue on this journey even though times seem to get a little harder . I must carry my cross with my head held high as I continue to look towards the hills from where all my help comes from. I know that faith comes by being a hearer and doer of the Gods word and without it I will surely fail. I must not allow the chaos of life to steer me away from my full potential as I embark on this destiny of unfamiliar waters. I must always remember that God does nothing in vain for he is the keeper of our souls and he knows the plans that he has for every single one of his children. I must remember not to strive with others for Gods word will come to past so bickering is not necessary.

In all you do and say today always remember to seek Gods face and to keep him first , never let your emotions cloud your judgement. We all have sinned but we can receive forgiveness through Christ. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path. Never forget who you are and who’s you are!!!

Love and Blessings



A Memorial is used to remember…

Let’s not cast aside all those who have paved a way for us to be free to live a life of peace and happiness. Even in our spiritual life we must remember those that have fought the good fight of faith and have finished their course for because of them we have peace in knowing that we have eternal life with Christ now and forever.

Do these things in remembrance of those that have come before you and for those that will come afterwards!

Always Remember….


This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.

In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path and lead you .

Submit to the Lord

Embrace his way

Pray without failure

Live each day in his grace and mercy

Give your all to Jesus

Stay in his word

Love God with all you have and never forget to count it all joy

Love and Blessings

Look to him…

I look to you for all I say and do, why would I not ? All my help comes from you . Your words flow through me like honey as it soothes my mind when I’m in need. I get strength from the pure joy of living for you. The test and trials of my life are just stepping stones to lead and draw me closer to you. The enemies intentions are well known to me but my purpose is greater . I look to you now and always not just in stressful circumstances but every waking moment. I thank you for waking me up keeping me and my loved ones from all hurt and danger. There’s nobody like my God and just to mention his name puts a smile on my face. I look to you Lord I look to you!!!

Love and Blessings

Stop by…

Stop by the throne room and release your pain to the Father

Stop by and let him take the negative thoughts the pain the hurt the shame

Stop by and release your secret sins despair and grief

Feelings of undeserving blessings… cast them there

Turmoil and uncertainty… leave them there

Sickness that surrounds you, death that takes away from you… leave it there

Call upon him , run to him ready to leave all your troubles with him as you pick up your necessary dose of strength peace and trust

Humble is the way towards your healing

Trust is the key to unlock your faith

Fear is not an option At All!!!

Stop by the throne room and give it all to Jesus . Call on him and he will take care of you. Be not weary in well doing but in all you have continue to pray and wait on him

Stop by , get what you need and leave the rest

He is patiently waiting for you

Love and Blessings

Do this daily…

Arise give thanks for this is a new day

Rejoice and be happy for this is the will of God

Continue praying for in doing this you remain faithful and committed

Search the word being consistent because it will strengthen your spirit

Be careful not to fall into the temptation of the enemy but instead listen for Gods instruction

Guard your heart and mind with his word and humble yourself before him

Exercise your faith and believe him for what you ask and need of him

Be steadfast and unmovable always abounding in his word

Cast all your cares upon him and leave them there

Faithful is he that called you to your purpose and he will surely get you through it

If you love the Lord serve him and live by his example

Trust him for he is your healing strength and your peace

Love and Blessings


I will look to the hills from where my hope , strength and peace of mind come from. All my help comes from the Lord and without him I am nothing but with him I can do all things.

I celebrate the glory of the Lord as his grace and mercy cover and protect me to arise and face another day.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things I can’t see , yet I strive to exercise my faith daily trusting and taking God at his word.

The bible says to owe no man anything except love , Lord help me to love others better than I love myself for love covers a multitude of faults as it heals .

Teach me how to treat others and to pray for them without fail ; to help instead of judging to provide some words of hope that brings comfort to the soul.

Search my heart and see if there is any wickedness in me , remove it and give me a clean heart as you renew a right spirit within me.

Love and Blessings