Let go…

Let go of the hurt and pain

Let go of the negative thoughts

Let go of bad relationships

Let go of suicidal and unworthy thoughts

Let go of any and everything that steals your peace of mind and your joy. Release the stronghold of stress and pain and turn it over to the Master. Oftentimes we carry heavy burdens and have nothing but fear doubt and weakness, feelings of rejection and past hurt haunt you so much that your future looks grim and dark. God wants to heal you completely so allow him to do it. Many will say that they know how you feel but in reality they don’t because they have never walked a step in your shoes. However he came to save us and bring us back to his caring heart. He has been touched with the feelings of our infirmity so he knows what you’re going through.

It’s time to let go of it all and allow him to heal you, this is your time dry those tears and shake it off because it’s time to let go!

Love and Blessings

Keep my mind…

Sometimes I get angry and annoyed with life and the things that go on within it. I try to find a balance between home life and my spiritual journey but stumbling blocks are always in the way. I feel as though everyone is against me even in my own home. The enemy chimes in and all at once I’m at odds with my self. What is going on???

The word says you will keep me in perfect peace if I just keep my mind on you. Lord help my failing heart and unbelief keep me in your perfect peace. Fight this battle for me Lord I can’t do it by myself I need you to keep me…

Love and Blessings

Humble yourself…

Come to the Lord all who are filled with troubles doubt and fear. Surrender unto him and say yes to his will and way. Instead of running away from the troubles run to him and lay all at his feet. There is nothing too hard for the Lord so set aside your pride and turn it all over to the Lord. Humble is the way , and it will carry you through!

Love and Blessings

God can do anything…

He can heal the sickness and disease . Bring life to a barren place. He can be comfort , a friend and ultimate peace to your soul. He can restore life and bring you back from death, stopping that bullet or that vehicle from causing you harm.

He can provide when all hope seems lost. He can spare you hurt harm and danger in a blink of an eye. He can change the dynamic of a situation before you know what happened. There is truly nothing too hard for God!

Whatever it is whatever you need just bring it to him because God can do anything!!!

Love and Blessings

Positive placement…

Help me Father this day to be a positive asset to all I come in contact with. Allow the Holy Spirit to step in and speak words of comfort and encouragement. May the things I say and do for others always come from a place of love and never judgement. Your word says that we are our brothers keeper and we must love as Christ loves us ; so in a world filled with so much hurt pain and disappointment help me to provide a little comfort for the people by giving a little food to nourish their souls.

Love and Blessings

This day….

Help me Lord this day to walk in the spirit and not in myself

Let your Holy word flow through my heart and soul as I meditate upon it all day and night

Let not the weaponry of the enemy disrupt my peace of mind but instead let me maintain a continuous praise within

You are ever with me therefore nothing shall harm me for you shall comfort me and restore my peace

May I live this day as you desire and may my ways be pleasing to you

Thank you for a new day new dreams new life …

Love and Blessings

Psalms 28: 7-8

The Lord is my “endurance’’ a barrier, protective covering and structure. He is my support system, relief, rescuer and Savior: because of this my heart is filled with great delight and joy! I will lift my voice to sing praises unto him in continuous worship.

The Lord is our “strength’’ the driving force that provides power to resist the forced strongholds and attacks of the enemy. He will protect and cover his “chosen’’ because our purpose is greater than our fears. Let our potential become the guiding light towards Victory!!!

Love and Blessings

Today’s word…

Storms will most certainly come into our life but trouble really doesn’t stay forever.. these light afflictions are working for a far greater purpose even when you can’t see it, so step out on to water as Peter did and keep your eyes on Jesus no matter what you see stay focused and he will carry you through for the storm will destroy and disrupt but God will restore and renew . Have a wonderful day!!!

Love and Blessings

My prayers…

Lord bless and keep your people today. Surround them in love peace and kindness. Anoint them from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet and remove all hurt pain despair sickness and disease . I ask that you remove feelings of doubt fear and uncertainties and replace it with hope assurance and strength. I praise you Lord for what you’re about to do what you have already done and what you shall bring to pass. These things I ask and pray for as I believe you shall do it in Jesus name Amen!!!!

Love and Blessings