cropped-spa-zen-stones.jpgRestore me back to you Lord as you hedge me from the dangers of life yet teach me how to survive.

Restore my health and strength so that I may be a strong vessel with long life and valor.

Restore my mind and help me to absorb your knowledge and wisdom , help me to obtain your word and seal them into my mind and heart that I may always have the reassurance .

Restore my life and keep me , restore my joy and peace .

Restore me and make me better , make me new ………

Love and Blessings

Press on….

sitephoto2Press on despite the things that are taking place in your life , remember that nothing good comes easy and also if God is allowing it to happen then you are more than equipped to handle and succeed the task set before you .

Faithful is he that called on you and he will indeed provide . The joy of the Lord builds your strength and character , there is nothing too hard for our God ! When you have done all you can do and the end seems to be very near gather yourself together and press on . This race is not given to the weak nor the strong but to the one that endures to the end …… Press On!!!

Love and Blessings

Well done….

sky3Oh what a joy that will be to hear him say ” well done thou good and faithful servant”…..

I strive today to do the best of my ability and to allow the Lord to work on me . Much self improvement is needed in order for me to grow . Reviewing past hiccups helped me to realize that I have much growth ahead but I must stay before the feet of God and trust him to renew me .  When it’s all said and done I just want to hear him say “Well Done”….

Be encouraged today and don’t sweat the small things (that’s for me) because you can only do what you can do .  I love you , keep your head up and expect GREATNESS!!!


Love and Blessings

Day 1…..

skyphoto2Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature : old things have passed away behold all things are become new …. 2Cor 5:17 KJV

Today is the first day of the New Year of 2018 and I’m sure a lot of folks are making previsions to conquer the world and be grand . I have taken a different approach to life this time . As I mentioned before I don’t make resolutions because I rarely am able to keep up with everything I set out to change . Instead I want God to help me to remove all doubt and fears and renew me with a different outlook and approach to life . His purpose for me will come to pass no matter the circumstance or situation because what is meant for me is for me .  We die daily and each day comes with a different view , my grandma told me “it’s a bad wind that never changes”.  That saying has suck with me since the first time she uttered the words . No sense in looking back it’s time to press your way and push forth new life.

I thank you for taking the time to read what I post almost daily and I pray that it blesses your life and helps you along this journey .  I pray that you have the most of what God has for you and that your ready to receive it with open arms . Have a blessed and prosperous New Year !!!

Love & Blessings


Get Ready ….

cropped-spa-zen-stones.jpgGet ready for a new way of thinking a new way of living a new way of life !

Prepare your mind to exceed any and every plan you have every thought of  and exercise your faith in God . Stop living below your purpose you where designed to do great and wonderful things . Don’t come out of 2017 with death as you attempt to enter 2018 with life . What’s done is done , what’s passed is passed . Renew yourself by letting the old you die and  allow the new man to come forth and live .

Isa 40:31 …. but they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength , they shall mount up with wings as eagles ; they shall run and not be weary , they shall walk and not faint .

Get ready for a new thing , get ready to soar , get ready to win and be victorious !!!

Love and Blessings


Now is the time …..

photo9Now is the time and today is where you begin …..

Let go of every weight in your life and release it , don’t go back to it ! As this year comes to an end I just want to free myself of all that has occurred . The good bad and the ugly , the happy sad and the what just happened?  Thank you God for the trials the victories and the eye opening moments , help me to move forward and to leave the past behind . As the days of 2017 come to a close and the new year steps on the scene help me to grow in your grace and in the knowledge you will provide , help me to accept what I can not change and to rise above everything that I have allowed to take me out of Gods grace and taint my character . I don’t believe in resolutions because they are truly hard to maintain instead I like to set a reachable goal and focus on making it happen .

My new theme is : “forget the bucket list just go fill the bucket”…..

Love and Blessings

Morning Wake up….

skyphoto2Good morning , wake up and be happy !!!

Wake up and be thankful , wake up and be humble…..

If you’re reading this then you are still in the land of the living which means you should thank God for a new day filled with new possibilities and new beginnings . Live as if your life depends on it so that you don’t waste time on the trivial but focus on what’s truly important .

I am so glad for all that has taken place in my life thus far be it good bad or indifferent I am happy . Things don’t always happen like we want but we can rest easy when we let the Lord above fight the battle for us . It’s a new day and no matter what takes place today I woke up happy and happy is where I intend to remain …….

Love and Blessings