He has come to save the lost souls to heal our brokenness and to free us from all unrighteousness.

We have been touched with his nailed scarred hands feeling our hurt and sorrow. Because of his unconditional love and unselfish ways we are made whole and have been set free .

Praise God from whom all blessings flow , I will continue to praise you all the days of my life .

Love and Blessings


sitephoto5The Lord is my light and salvation , whom shall I fear ?  Why do I need to be afraid ?  He makes a way of escape for me in the times of trouble and hides me in the comfort of his love . He is a mighty fortress nothing can separate me from his love . He speaks to me in the coolness of the morning with the assurance that no matter what happens he has it under control .  His way is true and straight , no weapon formed will ever prosper , his light encamps round about me with truth grace and mercy . He is a faithful comforter with undying passion for my well being , why would I not accept him and make him the ruler of my life . I love the Lord and he loves me , praise be to the mighty King of Kings !!!!

Love & Blessings

Let Love Abide

tranquility-flowsLet the love of God run through you like the blood that flows in your veins .

Let the love of God overshadow you as you spread it all around .

Let love overtake your core and ooze out and spread like sweet syrup .

Let the love of God be shed abroad in your heart (Romans 5:5 )

The world has enough negativity and is filled with turmoil and despair , make a change and change the world . Go against the norm and be BOLD in the Lord and let his love abide in you .

We should love as Christ  loves us , be blessed in Jesus Name ……….


Love & Blessings

It belongs to you ….

photo16Write the vision and make it plain

See your vision and hold on to the dream

Just because someone else seems to have the same ideas doesn’t mean you can’t exercise your claim to fame

Learn to be your own number one fan and always tell yourself that you can do it

Stop letting negative people and thoughts invade your space and start to live in what you believe

Stop telling everyone your plans because not everyone wants to see you succeed

Talk with the Master and let him show you and direct your path

If you can dream it then believe it can be yours after all it belongs to you


Love & Blessings

Give me a praying spirit

spa-zen-stonesGrant me a praying spirit so that I will always keep my focus on you

Teach me to pray without ceasing each and every day .

Grant me this request Lord so that I can continue to do your will to walk up right before you and bless those I come in contact with .

Praying will grant me limitless access to you because your word states to  ” pray without ceasing ” (1Thessalonians 5:17) .

Prayer is a direct line of communication to our Heavenly Father …..

Love & Blessings


Some days are really hard and life is just a mess . My insecurities become a constant part of my very existence and things are just not good . Sometimes I am on a glorious high and nothing that happens affects me , it is those days that make my life worth living .

When you develop the ability to remove yourself from the equation God will apply just what you need to survive. Pity parties are just a holding cell used to destroy your very existence. Decline the invitation to negative thoughts and pick up the word of God and edify your soul . Greater is he that is within you than he that is in the world .

Love & Blessings