It’s me….

It’s me Lord and I am in need of prayer. Prayer for my family friends and even my enemies. Help me to walk boldly in your word and to take it all to you. Teach me how to think on others in a genuine way as I put away any pride or prejudice and come to you in humility. There’s so much happening in the world today that we your people often are side tracked and torn down. Show me how to love how to pray how to lean and how to live in your word. In your word I find strength and peace of mind. In your word I have liberty and a strong foundation. In your word I receive wisdom clarity and tolerance.

It’s me Lord and I am standing in the need of prayer!

Love and Blessings


Now faith is the substance of things hoped for , the evidence of things not seen (Heb 11:1..KJV)

December by far is my favorite time of the year and it’s the month I was born. Yesterday I was home doing a little cleaning when I began to think about my life. As I meditated on this thought I realized that my life is about to take a drastic turn because I will soon be a year older , but what have I truly accomplished? Hmm , I’ve done a few things but have I really reached my full potential?   Of course not so it was at that moment I decided to make some changes.

This bible verse holds true to my purpose because I have prayed for plenty of things to happen but sometimes I really never found them obtainable. Well if you can’t trust God to meet your needs because you can’t see it how do you expect it to be given?  It is time to release the doubts and trust God for your needs. He tells us to seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all shall be added unto you (Matt 6:33). You have to come into the presence of the Lord and lay it all out before him and let him work on your behalf.

It’s purging time my friend , time to release everything that holds you back from God. It is time to let go of everything that causes you to forget that you are an heir and a joint heir to Jesus Christ ! As children of the most high we must walk with the confidence and substance that has been given to us by his grace and mercy. No weapon formed will harm you because you are protected by him but you must have faith that he can and he will take care of you. Make a conscience decision to exercise your faith and trust God : get into an intimate one on one relationship with him and begin to bask in your blessings.

May God keep you now and always forever hedged in his powerful hands!

Love and Blessings


I will look to you for you are my help strength and life. There’s never a need to worry about what is happening around me because you are always with me to watch over and protect me. It doesn’t matter what the enemy or people try to do to me because you are there and nothing and no one will prosper . Faith is built as I embrace your word and trust you wholeheartedly. Give me peace in my storm and purpose for my pain and I will continue to give you all the praise all the honor and the Glory!

Love and Blessings

Hold on…

You have come so far don’t give up now. Hold on a little while longer and you will see the fruits of your labor.

Life gets hard and your happiness may appear to be lost but the Lord says to be not weary in well doing and to delight yourself in him and he will provide the desires of your heart.

Focus on the goal but let him lead you on the path so that no obstacles no issues and no lost will steer you from his promise. I know the days seem so long and the night even longer but we serve a God without limitations and nothing is too hard for him.

He sees your struggles and he feels your pain so don’t give up now hold on that blessing is on the way the answer you’re searching for is about to manifest that healing you need is right in front of you. Hold on Hold on Hold on ……

Love and Blessings


Where you lead me I will follow. Where you guide me I will obey. With you on my side I can face today and all the challenges that come along. With out you my life will be filled with chaos and uncertainty. Help me to look beyond what I see and feel and show me how to stand how to fight and how to exist. With you all things are possible for you are always with me your rod and staff they comfort me and I can have peace in the midst of my enemies for nothing is too hard for my God!!!

Love and Blessings

Why wait ?

Why do we wait until someone passes away to express our feelings for them? Why do we ponder in regret that we could have or should have done more while they where still here?

Life is filled with uncertainty but one thing is true .. we do not come here to stay , we all must pass through this life and no two people will endure the exact same experience. Time truly waits for no one and you will never know when your time is up. We must stop talking about what we need to do and just do it. We have so many blessings each and every day and every moment with someone you love should not be wasted on what pass mistakes have been done so just let it go.

Love and live in the moment. Search for a peace that allows you to move forward and display it towards your fellow man. Give people their flowers while they can smell them not when the pass from this life and move on. Once they die that’s it nothing will bring back the time. Leave the past where it is and start fresh and free so that you can enjoy life without regrets. Don’t waste precious time , why wait ?

Love and Blessings


Lord I come to you now asking for healing. Healing not for my physical being but for my soul. The circumstances of my life are never ending and always giving me distracted feelings. Heal me Lord because I cannot do this alone. Take charge of my life and things within it and heal me. Heal my heart mind and spirit. You say healing is the children’s bread …. heal my broken pieces Lord, I need healing for my soul.