My hope…

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness

I dare not trust the sweetest vain but Holy lean on Jesus name

On Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand

I place all my trust in the Powerful hands of my Blessed Savior, he is my all in all my hope in Glory!!

Love and Blessings

My hope …

My hope is built on the Lord …

All I have all I do is because of him …

I say “ YES’’ and surrender my all unto you …

Trust in the Lord with all you have and lean not towards your own way of thinking. He knows who you are and he will take care of you better than anyone! Now is the time to look past what you see and exercise your Faith , for without it you can’t please the Lord. He sits high and looks low and nothing gets pass him. He is a rewarder to those that diligently seek him.

Where does your hope lie ?

Love and Blessings

Like my father…

Give me courage like my father , a man of integrity and purpose a soldier that fought for this country a proud United States Marine.

Give me strength like my father to weather the storms of life even when he had no one in his corner he always spoke to you.

Grant me a humble and compassionate heart to always do what’s right by others even when they have done me wrong!

Give me the spiritual strength he held as he would counsel, pray and give the goodness of your word to anyone that was willing to receive it.

Bless me like my father in every aspect of my life so that I will always be aware of your goodness and mercy knowing that all I have is because of you!

And lastly grant my family favor as I do your work your will and what is right unto you so that you continue to cover strengthen and keep them under your Mighty hand.

Lord if I could just be a quarter of the person my daddy was for you I know that I can weather any storm and that my living will not be in vain….

Love and Blessings

Morning meditation…

The steps of a good man woman boy and girl are always ordered by the Lord

He leads directs and instructs with purpose and his word gives the fuel that keeps you on the right path

He keeps you in perfect peace when you keep your mind on him for he is strength to your weakness

Trust the Lord and him only for he will keep you , never forsaken and always dependable

You can never go wrong when you live according to his will , trusting him and allowing him to keep you

A willing heart is open to instructions and a willing mind can divide and conquer as long as you follow his leading , for then is victory the resolution

Love and Blessings


There’s no substitute for the truth , either it is or it isn’t.

Stand up for what is right even if you have to stand alone.

The life of a believer can sometimes be a lonely place but you are never alone for God is always there with you. The pain and tears are temporary for he is our comfort and will always hold you close. His love is unconditional and everlasting, you need not fear . Embrace the spirit of the Lord and hold fast to his promise; he is the truth and the life and we have nothing to loose but everything to gain.

Love and Blessings

My everything…

Lord you are my everything! The air that I breathe the activity of my limbs , my voice of sound reason. You strengthen me when I struggle and make a way when I can’t see my way out. There is no one in my life that has impacted me with tears of joy , truths and undeserving blessings.

You are the light to my path , my anchor the ancient of days. The cool breeze and cloud of covering , the softness of wind that gently touches me when I walk out the door. Everything I need , want or desire is in you!

You gave your life so that we may live , no man has ever been that gracious and he calls us friend. My everything; you are everything and everything is you!

Love and Blessings

Be kind …

It takes nothing from a person especially a believer to speak a positive word to uplift someone. We are labeled as the salt of the earth and we should always let our light shine so that others can see.

The world is already in a sadden state and it is in desperate need of change and purpose. There is no reason to open your mouth and release negativity instead bring a kind word, a warm and sincere smile or even just a “thank you’’.

Let us be that little slice of hope for someone today , be like Christ! After all it was his love and kindness that drew us in so let’s return the same gesture today , you never know how you can transform someone’s life.

Love and Blessings

I ….

I have nothing to offer nothing profound to say . No words of interest nothing exciting to report. I have no specific thoughts or skill set that makes me different from others I am just me! I am not a scholar, celebrity or even among the popular people I am just who you made me to be.

I have cried , fallen short , been deceived and suffered great loss but I am still blessed. Life is so full of uncertainty but it is also filled with blessings.

I may be just an ordinary person to most but to God I am the apple of his eye therefore I will lift my heart to him and give him all of me . What God has for me no one can take away , I may not be like others but I am his own brought with a purpose bound by his love.

Love and Blessings

Lead me ….

My flesh is weak my heart is weary and broken , lead me

My mind wonders and is unsettled with the cares of life , lead me

I am tired in every aspect of life feeling like tattered paper just frail limp and tossed about , lead me

Lead me and I will follow , speak and I will adhere. Thou words are the lamp that lights up my pathway and you guide me with your hand. In my weakness you strengthen me and take me up on a rock that’s higher than my troubles and securely plant me there. Just to touch the hem of your garment will make me whole again, please most precious Savior lead me !!!

Love and Blessings