It’s a good day…

Today is a good day to wake up and say “thank you Lord”…

You have been given another chance to begin again, a fresh start with a clean slate. Stop looking back on what has happened the failure of what you faced and instead go forward with a determined mind to follow the leading of the Lord today. He is there and waiting patiently for you to call on his name. He is everywhere at all times and he will answer if you call.

It’s a good day to begin again so let’s get started with a positive mind and a thankful heart. For he blesses his people and covers them both day and night. Forgetting those things behind we shall press for the mark towards the prize of a higher call. Are you ready ? Good let’s begin…

Love and Blessings

Slaying time…

It’s time to slay the Giant , you are already equipped to do the job so don’t be afraid.

You have read in the word of God or at least heard the saying that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with spiritual wickedness in high places. So then you must approach each battle in a spiritual sense and not naturally.

Like David when he came to battle Goliath he wasn’t able to use Sauls armor but he took what was familiar to his spirit and defeated the giant. Just like David you must not rely on a fleshy solution to aid you in spiritual warfare but instead rely on the word that God has given you and you will be ready for battle.

The time you spend in prayer and reading the word will equip you for anything you face for he will strengthen you in weakness and make your enemy your footstool.

This battle isn’t yours it’s the Lords so surrender to him and him alone and he will cover you and keep you as he removes it all and defeats those giants in your way!!!

Love and Blessings

Break free…

Break free from anything that is holding you captive. Our God is not the director of confusion and chaos for everything he allows is done at his will. Release all toxic situations and circumstances even people. Time is moving quickly and life is too precious to waste on the trivial things.

Step aside and allow the Holy Spirit to make room for you , for removal that will restore. Sickness and disease are of the enemy, healing and freedom comes from being at the feet of Jesus!

God has given you a sound mind and perfect peace when you keep your mind on him. It is time to let go of everything and I mean everything that has you bound and set yourself apart in order to obtain what you truly need. God is waiting so don’t let him pass you by. Hearing the word builds Faith , trusting the word builds character and living the word gives life.

It’s time to break free are you ready?

Love and Blessings

It’s a good day…

Good morning Lord…

Thank you for awakening me to see this day , to share your love and kindness and to hear from you. Show me how to reach others and give them a word. Help me to remain humble and to listen for your divine instructions. Open my eyes to see you moving in the midst and my ears to hear you when you speak.

I am blessed to see a new year filled with so much knowledge inspiration and fulfillment, may I always be ready to receive it! I am so glad to have made it , it’s now time to get up from pass pain and failure and begin to embrace my destiny. Thank you for choosing me for loving me for living in me.

It’s a good day because of Gods grace and mercy. I will rejoice and be glad in it!!!

Love and Blessings

Goodbye 2020….

As this year comes to an end let us reflect back on the good the bad and the ugly. As you reflect take what you need as a reminder but do not dwell on the hurt pain or deceit.

Now we have come to the end of this road and as you say your goodbyes remember the life lessons and no matter what lies ahead know that the same God that got you here will carry you as you began again.

Lord I am thankful for all that has happened but excited for what’s about to begin!! Yes to that new work that new walk that new me completely trustworthy of what you have for me.

May this new chapter of your life be the best year for you! Have a Happy New Year , 2021 we welcome you with open arms. May God keep you and strengthen you as he opens new doors . Hedge your people in and over shadow their lives with an overdose of goodness and mercy now and forever in Jesus name…Amen!!!

Love and Blessings

Final countdown…

As we come to the end of the most eye opening year by far let us leave it with good faith.

We often complain of all that has taken place and what has been lost but rarely do I hear people say that they are grateful.

I recall hearing the elders say “ make sure your house is in order” and it would baffle me. Now I understand that you need to take care of yourself and what’s important for we are only blessed to be on the earth but for a moment. Here today sometimes gone today so why waste time worrying and crying over what can’t be changed?

Our God isn’t the author of confusion and conflict so why choose to develop these bad habits? Let’s change our mindset and begin to embrace what’s important and release all toxic people places and things.

Love life to its fullest wether you have an abundance or close to nothing for there will always be someone worst off than you! So let’s change our mindset and hit the restart button for it’s the final countdown….

Love and Blessings

Our provider…

I gave you wings but you refused to fly

I was strength to your weakness but you fell down and stayed there

You cried and I wiped your tears and when you called I answered

I am the door knock and come in

I am the light to your path but you refuse to walk because you’re afraid of the dark

When you stumble I catch you but you won’t say thank you

God hears your every cry and always comes to your rescue. He tells us that he will supply all our needs according to his riches in Glory so we never have to worry about it. All we need to do is make our petition known and he will answer. Stop denying what is evident , worship him pray to him and listen for his Devine word. It is at his feet that every need is met. Give it to him and he will provide!

Love and Blessings

Morning meditation 12/28/20….

Thank you Lord for a new day and for allowing me to awaken. Help me to stay focused and positioned to hear and receive what you have for me today! There is so much chaos and frustration pouring out upon the earth that it seems like each moment may be our last. It is your love and kindness that drew me and your grace and mercy that keeps me, may I never cease to worship and pray.

Give me a word and help me to meditate on it all day , guide my tongue heart and mind to do your will and to bless someone along the way. I don’t know what today holds for me but I know that you have already straightened the crooked places and calm the troubled waters. Thank you Lord for this day , I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Love and Blessings

I know…

I know you’re tired

I know you’re weak

I know it’s hard for you to cope

I know you feel desperate, useless and defeated. I see your struggles and I know your pain. I see you hide behind that mask that has a tiny crack and the tears gently fall and fill the space. You think that no one understands but I know. You hide behind work and family keeping busy so that you don’t have to think about life.

You think I have turned away from you and left you to fend for yourself, I know. But you must understand that I am always with you and you’re never alone even in the midnight hour. Whisper my name and I will answer.

I know you’re not coping I see you and I have been touched with the feeling of your insecurities. You must look towards me no matter what’s happening around you and place it all in my care.

You think no one sees but I do and I love you, for I knew you before you where even created. I know and I am with you always….

Love and Blessings

Morning meditation….

As we draw closer to the end of another year let us not forget about those around us. So many had loved and lost and wake up each day with a heavy heart.

Lord please pour out a spirit of grace of renewal and restoration. Place peace in the midst of the broken heart and heal the heart as you purify the soul. Lead us all to a place that brings joy in the midst of all the chaos and allow our hearts to burst. Strengthen the weak embrace them and show us your Glory.

In a time such as this let us lift up our heads and look towards our Salvation, now isn’t the time to give up keep going you’re almost to the finish line!!!

Love and Blessings