Your heart is pounding and your nerves are wrecked

Fear has come over you and you can’t seem to find your way

No one understands what you’re going through and it seems like everyone has turned their backs on you

Scandals and whispers cloud your way and it’s hard to move , your sinking fast

Where are you Lord ? Have you forgotten me? Why is this happening to me?

In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct you. Cast all your cares upon the master and wait on him. You must be still and know that he will take all your brokenness and heal you from the inside out. God is our refuge and a very present help in the times of need. Call out to him and give Jesus your all , wait on the Lord and he will strengthen you for now isn’t the time to give up but instead fight!

Fight for your life

Fight for your health , strength and peace of mind

Fight for that marriage , your children , your siblings and your parents

Fight for the good of the church , for the saints , for the sinner man

Fight and having done all you can to do to stand ….stand

Keep the faith and fight this fight with the sword of the spirit as you guard your heart with the word. Stand on it and believe he is working this out for your good!

You are a soldier in the army of the Lord , so ground your feet straighten your back square your shoulders and fight , fight , fight!!!

Now is not the time to give up , get back up and fight because the victory is already won!

Love and Blessings


You’ve come too far…

You’ve come too far to turn back now. Life is coming at you hard and your heart is hurting from the constant turmoil but you have a redeemer who’s name is Jesus and he will take care of you.

The enemy is trying to destroy you but look up and live for your deliverance is nigh. No weapon formed shall prevail against you because God has you in the palm of his hand.

They talk about you and scandalize your name. Always pointing fingers at you as they lurk in wait for you to fail but your Heavenly Father is there to support and strengthen your every need.

Take a moment to breathe and listen for the instruction of the Lord. He is always with you , he is not like man he will never fail you even till the end of time.

Faithful is he that has called you! You have been chosen for a greater purpose. You are not who they say you are nor do you have to be just like any other person, you are unique and there is no one else like you.

Step out on faith as you guard your heart and mind with the word of the Lord. Always strive to seek his face early . Get rooted and grounded in his word and stand . Be like the trees that grow along the banks of living water where they never thirst for all they need is right there.

Be encouraged, you’ve come too far to turn back now!

Love and Blessings


We are always faced with something but the Lord is our light and salvation therefore there is nothing or no one to fear

Learn to wait on the Lord and to trust him

Be still and know that he is God , he is the same miracle working life changing God

Learn to wait on him and in all your ways acknowledge him for he is Alpha and Omega our beginning and our end

Don’t worry about what people try to do to you for this warfare is spiritual and God has the final say

He is the Everlasting God and there’s no one like him on the earth or above the Heavens

We will wait on the Lord and trust him , being confident that we will see the greatness of our Savior Jesus Christ

Love and Blessings




Press on….

Trials of life come about often and the weight of the world seems to fall upon our shoulders but we must continue to press on. Looking back on past mistakes and sin will only pull you under, so ask yourself is that what you want for your life? God has shined on you with grace and mercy that is restored refreshed and revealed each and every day,yet you can’t see the vastness of the forest because you are too focused on the trees.

We can’t continue to say we trust God for all things concerning our lives yet when complications arise we scatter and run around in circles as if we have no clue. The same God that opened blinded eyes and healed the sick is still alive and well today and still performing miracles. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever more. He will never fail us , we must learn to take him at his word. We are quick to quote scriptures but have a really hard time believing what it says.

Set your sights on things above and let God carry that heavy load because no matter how heavy it gets you must continue to press on. It may get hard at times but press on , you may loose some people along the way but press on. If you stumble and fall pick yourself up and press on , its going to fine. Press on in the Powerful name of Jesus , don’t give up and don’t give in just continue to press on…..

Love and Blessings













This is a public service announcement for the person that is going through a situation that they can’t seem to let go of….

“Being bitter doesn’t make things better”

If you find yourself in a dark place and every time you think on it you get angry or become anxious that’s a sign that you need to let go and give it to Jesus!

Always remember if faith is the substance to things we hope for as well as the evidence to what we have yet to see then your spirit should align with God and your pain should turn into your purpose!

Be encouraged today for nothing is ever bad as it seems , God has you safe in his arms and he will take care of you !

Love and Blessings

Forgive me….

Forgive me Lord for I have held past content towards others

Forgive me for being unthankful at times when I felt as if I should have been blessed more

Forgive me because I lost my faith when my father went through his transition and I was selfish because of my own need to keep him here

Forgive me because I have  placed myself in the way and have neglected that you are the supplier of every need and my battles are not mine to fight

Teach me Lord to remain humble and to follow the leading of your will for my life . This battle that I face doesn’t belong to me it is the Lords and nothing I face is meant as punishment but instead it is a tool or stepping stone to help my walk with Christ. So many times we go through life upset and doubting the plan that God has set for us but it is during these times that we must get down to the floor of submission and give it all to Jesus !

Humble is the way and submission is key to eternal peace.  Adapt to a teachable spirit and begin an open line of communication with the Master. The enemy makes his plans  clear , so what are you prepared to do?

Ask for forgiveness towards all your shortcomings and stop living in fear of the past , your past doesn’t define you it just helps you to become better. Forgive us Lord and give us a refreshing an uplifting and a new leash on life . Help us to lean more on you as you show us the way.

Love and Blessing




Do it again…

Do it again Lord do it again!

Bless those that are hurting from the pains of life for they suffer with no hope in sight …. do it again

Go into that hospital room and allow your healing power to flow removing that sickness the disease the unknown elements from the body of your children…. do it again

Open the eyes of the blind the ears of the deaf and strengthen the lame… do it again

Touch the heart of the broken man speak life into the dying and restore what was lost… please do it again

Help us to turn from all wickedness and strife and instead show us how to seek you early to begin an intimate lifestyle with you , oh Lord do it again

Heal the sin sick souls

Cleanse the heart of the sinner and the wicked spirit

Reveal yourself to that doubt and manifest a right spirit within your people

Bring peace back into the lives of your children as their faith looks up to you

Pain and despair has become a common place but you have built your church upon a firm foundation for you are the most high God

Do it again Lord heal your people do it again

We are desperate and we are waiting on you … do it again

Like you did in the days of old , reveal speak and deliver us …. you did it before now do it again

Love and Blessings