Work on me…

Your word says : they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength they shall soar as the eagles as they walk and not faint and run without being weary . Your word says : God will keep you in perfect peace if we keep our minds focused on him .

Work on me and let the words of my mouth and the meditation that’s in my heart be pleasing before you Lord that I may dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Work on me Lord for life has become more challenging and some days I find myself lost in its translation. Keep me close to you Lord draw me near.

Work on me so that my light shines and others can witness you working and living large in me.

The change I desire to see must first begin in me so that thy people may see and they too change.

I surrender all Lord , work on me!

Love and Blessings đź’•

Nobody ….

There’s nobody like God

His name is strength and his name has power

There’s nobody like God

You can search the world over but you will never find anyone better

He can down from Heaven in the form of a man to save the world

In times of need he is there

When people turn their backs on you he is there

Nobody like our God

The enemy has to flee by the mention of his name

Healing begins , things begin to change

Nobody like our God

Place your trust in the only wise God and Savior, he makes the difference

There’s nobody like our God

Love and Blessings đź’•

I am

I am with you now and always

I am the God that heals you

I am the truth and the life and anyone that comes to me can have ever lasting life

I am the door I hold the keys to death and life

I am he that knew you before the world began

I am just I am true and there is nothing too hard for me

I am that I am believe on me and find rest for your soul

Love and Blessings


Standing on the promises of Christ because he is my King , my Lord and my Savior. Standing keeps me grounded safe and blessed. Standing helps me face today and prepare for tomorrow. Standing on the promises of Jesus is all I need. Like a tree planted by the river of living water I am able to withstand the tests of time . Lord keep my feet and keep me standing!!!

Love and Blessings

The spirit…

When the spirit of the Lord enters the room things begin to change.

The blind now see

The sick are now healed

The lost are found

The pain has now been released

The broken are now renewed

When the spirit of the Lord enters the room things begin to change.

Sickness and death must leave

Circumstances and situations are resolved

Chaos and despair are no longer relevant

Life as you know it will never be the same

The spirit of the Lord takes presidency over the enemy. Nothing he does is valid or effective. As the spirit moves upon you the spirit man bows down and is cleansed renewed and strengthened. Faith takes over fear as grace and mercy make room for blessings.

Let the spirit of the Lord have his way in your life today and move in it and through it ; when the spirit of the Lord is present things will never be the same .

Love and Blessings

Adhere to the call…

The steps of a good man woman boy or girl are ordered by the Lord. There’s no need to trouble yourself with doubt fear and uncertainty because when he calls you nothing and no one can take your path away! Sometimes we feel helpless and unequipped for the journey but God is faithful and he will never let you fail. He uses the broken to do his will because they have more humility. He takes the weak to build upon his foundation because they strive to hold on to his grace and mercy.

It is the will of God that all obey him and do his will but for the chosen he provides because they wait on him. Even in their darkest hour they know to call on him because he will answer and never let them fall. Faith controls the will and shows strength in the times of need. Let him lead you , listen for his instruction and remain humble. God is doing a new thing in you so fret not for these test will build an amazing testimony!

Love and Blessings


John 15:4 | | Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. KJV


As sure as the day is long you will have troubles disappointments and hard times. And even when people tell you they are on your side they too will often fail the test. We have a kinsman redeemer who is always there to protect us and shield us . He walks with you and communicates with a level of your understanding .  All you need to do is abide in his love and strength and peace as you try hard to not let your emotions over take you and draw you away from what really matters ….

If you abide in him he will do the same for you ; trust God and watch him work!!!

Love and Blessings