Why worry?

The Lord is my Shepherd and he walks before me , a defender behind me so I don’t have to fear. Mercy and grace surround me and keep me protected. His strength shields the attack of the enemy as it builds a fortress on a firm foundation. I never have to succumb to fear nor the pain that accompanies it. There’s never a time that he leaves me to do something else. My steps are ordered by him and my path is directed accordingly. No weapon that is meant for my demise will ever destroy me for thou are with me , thou rod and staff they comfort me. Surely goodness and mercy shall be with me all the days of my life as I dwell in your house forever and ever ….AMEN!!!

Love and Blessings

He speaks…

He speaks to me in the early morning hours while everyone is in a deep sleep. He flutters my spirit man with a lyrical genius that taps into my subconscious and stirs my inner thoughts. As the song begins its melodic seduction he speaks to my soul and tells me you must awake and write the inspiration for today. When I truly align my thoughts to him he gives me words of encouragement throughout the day. It’s such a blessing and honor to be chosen for this assignment.

Thank you for looking beyond my faults and failures. Thank you for whispering your word on to the tables of my heart and allowing me to represent you to lift up the people.

I don’t feel worthy but you know the plans you have for me! You knew me even before I was formed in the womb. You are a firm foundation for me , my rock shelter and shield. A very present help in the time of need but most importantly thank you for speaking to me . May my life display your spirit each and every day as you create in me a clean heart . Thank you Jesus … he speaks to me !

Love and Blessings


May God’s Grace shine upon you today and heal your broken pieces and comfort your soul. May the burdens of life ease away and the future become brighter. May you find peace in the pain and strength in the stress as you rise above it all and praise his Holy name!!!

Love and Blessings

Way Maker..

He is a way maker , miracle worker and a promise keeper. He directs your path and is light to the darkness that surrounds you. There is nothing that he can’t do, undo or fix. With him all things are made new and strength is elevated to enhance your faith.

With man it is impossible but with Jesus all things are possible.( Matthew 19:26) He is the way maker , our God that is who he is and we worship you !!

Love and Blessings

My Lord…

Lord today I need you to cover me with your love and strengthen my heart , mind, body and spirit. The spirit of heaviness has ovrthrown my judgment and I can hardly see the breaking of day. But you my Lord are a lifter of my heart and you will supply all my needs accordingly. In my time of turmoil and hurt you have provided a shelter for me and kept me on a firm foundation. Help me to endure this race with humility and grace as you provide a stedfastness to guide me along this way. I thank you now for what you have done and what you will do! My faith gets weak and I get tired but you my Lord you have everything I need , help me today in this moment and I shall continue to give you all the praise and the honor both now and forevermore.

Love and Blessings


And so now we shall place our trust in the Heavenly Father and he shall move on our behalf. We have been tossed about in life with trouble and pain for so long that nothing makes sense anymore. Always trying to make sense of the chaos but rarely seeing that the answer is Jesus and he is right there waiting for you to connect with him. He will release it all if you just ask for the deliverance and thank him in advance for you know his grace and mercy shall release you and follow you all the days of your life.

Love and Blessings

Do you trust him?

Do you trust him when things are falling apart and life is hard? Do you trust him when you know that the end results look dim? After the trial and error the late night tears the death of loved ones the heartache and despair. During the fight to live and overcome, the reckless behavior and dreaded outcome. So much pain despair and discomfort, so much you can’t see the end . Your strength health and spirit slowly failing you and all hope is lost! What are you gonna do how are you supposed to make it?

After all of this my question still remains… will you trust God? In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your life. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him!!! (Ps 2:12)

Love and Blessings