Praying for myself….

Let this light that burns in me be pleasing in your sight and the words of my heart be accepted to you

Search me throughout and see if there’s any wickedness within me so that you will create in me a clean heart and a renewed spirit

Set a watch at the doors of my lips and quiet my spirit man

Help me to be slow to speak swift to hear slow to anger and humbled to receive

Your words are a lamp to my feet and a light to the path that I’m pursuing, keep me close and may I never loose sight of your will for my life

Love and Blessings

Hang on in there….

For we know that the race isn’t given to the fastest and strongest of people but it is for those that can endure until the end. To the ones that cry out to the Lord and refuse to faint because they know they will see the goodness of the Lord sooner than later. These people hold on to their faith like the trees planted besides the banks of flowing waters for they know that nothing can separate them from his love and so they weather the storm.

The fear of the unknown the unthinkable the suddenness of death and tragedy gives us great uncertainty but God is our salvation and help , he will carry you through the worst of times and still your heart with calmness no one can fathom.

Hang in there for you’re closer than you think to the finish line, if he brought you to it he will get you through it. Hang on in there for your redemption your resolution your resurrection and restoration is but a prayer away.

Love and Blessings


Despite what goes on in my life I will press on

I may be down but I’m not defeated

I may be unhappy but I will never loose my faith

I may get weak but my strength will be renewed

I may loose some things and people along the way but God has everything I need

No matter what is going on around me , I must go on . Despite the pain the tears and sorrow I shall not be moved , I must go on. Never loose sight of his promise just hold tight to his words. His grace and mercy will take you through.

Love and Blessings

I’m tired …

Tragedy has become a common place. Reports of multiple deaths being told on a grand scale daily. Sickness has spread like wildfire and people are dying a dozen a minute. Families being pulled apart and there’s nothing but discord distrust and disappointment filling in the gaps.

We as people lie to one another turn on one another and refuse to help each other when we are down. No longer are we our brothers keeper but now the judge jury and prosecutors. The term I got mine you get yours has replaced the simplicity of just saying how have you been?

Parents against children seeking to destroy one another just to prove who is more dominant. What happened to us? Gone are the days of long marital bliss, because the sense of love has become superficial.

You said in your word there shall be wars and rumors about them , parents against the kids and kids against the parents. But you also said trouble isn’t permanent. That you will strengthen us in our times of weakness and the tears that flow in the night will promise joy in the morning.

Help us Lord to return back to the days of depending on you , standing on your promises and having the mindset to do what’s right. Lord I’m tired I’m weak and broken. It is in my weakness that I’m strong but help me to see the strength living in me .

Love and Blessings


May the Lord set a watch over you today

May he send someone or something to you that brings comfort and counsel to your spirit

May you have peace that illuminates his glory his grace and mercy

May he give you a word that fills your heart with gladness

May he cover your family friends and loved ones

May he stand in the gap and deliver you . May he shield you and strengthen you. For no weapon formed shall prevail so I also pray healing to you in every area of your life.

May God richly bless and keep you this day in the Powerful name of Jesus!!!

Love and Blessings

Keep me close…

Most gracious Lord help me and keep me close

I am nothing without your presence living in me so keep me close

Things I should do I don’t and things I don’t want to do I do , keep me close

Sometimes I awake with your joy spilling out of me and in a blink of the eye sin has entered in , oh Lord keep me close

The spirit man tells me to sing praises and rely on the word emblazon on my heart but my flesh is weaken by the chaos of blurred lines and sin creeps right on in, keep me close

I am nothing without you but I’m mighty and victorious in you , keep me close

I know I don’t always get it right and I fall sometimes but you my Lord are always with me and your rod and staff comfort me , keep me close

Where can I go and you’re not there? What can I do say or think that you are not aware of ? You are forever with me therefore I pray you go before me and send deliverance to my flesh to heal restore and deliver me once again . My spirit is always ready and willing it is my flesh that weakens and fails me. Please Lord keep me close. You are my light and my salvation therefore I have no reason to fear but instead I shall wait and trust in you , keep me close.

Love and Blessings


Today is a new day yesterday is gone forever and tomorrow isn’t promised

Today is unknown but anticipated for you provide new mercy each and every day

Today I ask that I be made whole and that my mind is focused on your word and will

Today will bring forth new challenges but you are my shield and Hightower

I do not know what today has in store but I do know that I can and will make it for I can do all things through you Lord and I will call upon your name for you are worthy to be praised and you are highly lifted up

Thank you for today

Love and Blessings