I am so tired and  frustrated with life , so over trying to be the better person in this fight !!!

So many obstacles so many let downs so much unnecessary torture to my mind. Why is it that we have to go through so many uncertainties yet from a distance it appears that the unbeliever is basking in the overflow? The enemy will have you thinking about your life and all the set backs and mishaps that continue to fill your day yet you can’t find the light in all the darkness.

Well  Ephesians  6:12 says : we wrestle not against flesh and blood , but against principalities , powers , the rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places….

So with that being said we will go through multiple seasons of despair and grief but God is not slack concerning his promises to us and he will not allow anything to come upon you that you can’t handle. Take a moment to inhale deeply and then exhale , as you release the air release every single weight that has you burdened down and cast all that care upon the Lord. I know it gets hard and sometimes it seems like God has turned his back on you but shake it off and embrace it and declare that the frustration has to go. Don’t let your emotion cloud your mind into thinking you’re defeated and all is loss , hold fast and stand strong joy is closer than you know!!!

Love and Blessings











It’s hard to stand when there is no strength in your legs , it’s hard to see when there is no strength to open your eyes. The cares of life have drained you dry sucking all the life out of you and here you are feeble and wounded weary and torn. Where is the strength? People tell you to hold on and be strong but your strength is gone. They tell you nothing last for ever just keep pressing your way but you have no strength left to move on. They say only the strong survive but how can I be strong when I have nothing left . There is an answer to your questions a remedy to your pain , it’s Jesus our Savior the way maker and keeper of our souls. He is a present help in the time of trouble and his joy is our strength!!!

Isaiah 41:10 tells us to fear not for he is with us , don’t be dismayed for he is our God : he will strengthen and help us

With so much pain hurt and despair it is time you turn all your pain and weakness over to the Master for he is the strength we need. Nothing is too hard for him to resolve or fix , he inhabits our praises so never stop praising his Holy name!!!


Stop allowing failure to control your life.

Stop accepting hurt and pain like it’s a vitamin.

Stop listening to the enemy when he whispers words of death and pain in your ear.

Stop getting caught up in your emotions and letting them determine your day.

Stop being negative and regain the joy of the Lord.

Stop telling yourself you can’t and start saying if they can so can I.

Stop living in misery because it’s a lonely place with no benefits.

Stop accepting  stop giving up .

Start to live and embrace life with new purpose !!!


Love and Blessings

Help Lord…

This morning Father I ask for your help.  I humbly bow my heart soul and spirit to you and give myself without hesitation. Please clean my heart of all that isn’t like you and free my mind to see clearly and to think on good things. Help me with my emotions as they tend to take me to the unknown and strip away my peace and with force inflict death upon me. Search me Lord and show me my short comings and the error of my ways.

Help me to accept the things I can’t fix and can’t change because it’s your will for my life. Teach me how to stay focused on you to uplift your name in every situation and not just when you provide blessings. My faith is strengthen when we commune in the quiet of the morning and it is in that time that I know everything will be alright.

Lord today I need your help and right now I praise you for what you are about to do.


Love and Blessings

Pay Attention …..

We must begin to pay attention to the warning signs of life. God gives every person a spirit of discernment but most of us never tap into it.

Have you ever been somewhere and things just don’t seem right or the people around you seem to be giving off a bad vibe?  The Holy Spirit is there to make sure that we are covered and watched over it will never lead you astray. We have to learn to tap into the veins of Jesus and accept that Holy transfusion that can and will rejuvenate and restore us from the inside out.

The daily frustrations of life will happen of this you can be certain BUT if we can just take a step back and wait for the Holy Spirit to speak to us we would be able to weather any storm at any time.

I believe that things don’t happen by chance but that its the will of God. So let’s pay attention to the warning signs and listen to that still small voice which will confirm that weird felling and begin to live within that Blessed Assurance!!!

Love and Blessings

My God

My God is greater than my problems

My God is stronger than my burdens

My God is faithful and true

My God is wise and loving

My God is a keeper and he can also restore

My God is the God of all the King of kings

My God is the Great I Am

My God is ….. my all and all

Love and Blessings

My help…

The Lord is my Shepherd and he goes before me. He sees all and knows all and nothing that I am faced with is a surprise. He hides me under his mighty shadows of love and protects me from the traps of the enemy. Yes I’m weary and broken yes I’m at the point of giving up but it is in this time of weakness that he will show me my strength.

Cast all your cares upon him for he is a very present help in times of trouble and he will make a way of escape. Thank you Lord for always keeping me and giving me yet another chance to get it right. May my eyes stay fastened on you as my faith continues to prevail.

Love and Blessings