Take a moment…

Take a moment to breathe and inhale

Take a moment to stop and observe the view around you

Take a moment and resist the negative aspects of day to day drama

Take a moment and rethink regroup and restart

Take a moment and thank God for all he has done

Take a moment and reflect on the things that matter to you as well as those that haunt your inner man

Take a moment , that’s all you need … just a moment and tell God thank you !!!

May your day bring forth an unexpected blessing and a powerful change ,

Love and Blessings

You’re Loved

My heart is sadden by all the despair and grief that has been circulating in the news. So many deaths .

Many people are good at disguising their emotions and also have the ability to shut others out , but this is not healthy nor does it aid in the healing process.  Healing starts from within but if a person can’t see past the hurt the road to recovery is often slim to never. I personally have been to the point of suicidal thoughts and during that time I was all alone feeling unloved unwanted and misunderstood. I would fall back and shut down as I cried and asked God why ? I always felt that I let everyone down because I wasn’t good enough.  Honestly I can’t remember when I snapped out of that place but I do know that I just wanted to be happy .

You can’t help how you feel about things going on in your life but if you don’t seek help the enemy will place all sorts of dangerous thoughts in your mind that usually result in more pain and in some cases death.

You are loved and wanted , you are needed and you’re valuable. Keep your mind connected to the Lord as he is a present help in the times of trouble. I pray for you that you receive the help you need and that you allow the healing process to begin. Don’t give up , please seek the help you need and don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask for help because there are people that really care about the wellbeing of their fellow man.

Please don’t alienate yourself because you are loved!!!

Love and Blessings



I use to be a dreamer a person that saw everything as a sign of joy and greatness to no avail. I thought it was cute and coincidental when I had something in common or similar to others. For example when my husband and I got together I fell in love with the idea that his name also began with an “N”, clearly my happy juice was of a different blend because  I saw this as destiny…

But the fact of the matter is there are no coincidental moments it is all by Gods design. Jeremiah 1:5 says: Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee” , so nothing happens by chance it is definitely Gods will.  He has already prepared the way we just need to embrace the path that has been chosen and trust the process. John 13:18 says:  I know whom I have chosen” so this life is not up to wishing on stars for it is Jesus the Son of the Living God that holds our future and this world in the palm of his hand.


Love and Blessings


Create in me a clean heart oh God , and renew in me a right spirit …(Ps 51:10)

Time after time we have setbacks and failure but the Lord is faithful to deliver us from all unrighteousness. He is also the same God that can pick you up and clean your mess while still showing you love above and beyond your faults and needs.

Life with God is most fulfilling and it can also be challenging if your not willing to let him lead the way. But this isn’t the time to be exhausted and give in , this is the time to buckle down and allow the Lords will to be done in your life. The joy of the Lord is strength and in his way there are pleasures blessings and grace. He shows favor on those he loves and like a good father he provides and protects his own.

If you have fallen by the wayside or have decided that you can’t go on get in a quiet place and ask the Lord to engulf you and renew your inner man. The Lord is not slack concerning his promises to us we are just too quick to give in to the pressure and doubt Gods ability to do just what he said.

Love and Blessings

I need you …

The Lord is faithful to do what he promised we just lack the tenacity to endure till the end….

I am here Lord I am here

I am tired and worn out loosing the will to continue on this journey

I am strong but have become weaken by the situations I am faced to address

I need you more than ever because I have ceased to exercise the faith I tell others to apply

I need you now because I feel like throwing in the towel and giving in

I need you because my heart can’t take much more yet I know that you wouldn’t put more on me than I can handle

I need you to help me stay planted and focused for lately the days and nights are long

I need my Savior my King my Lord

I need you more than ever Lord I need you


Love and Blessings

Motivate yourself…

There is a saying ” to thine own self be true “.

There comes a time in your life when you must face the facts that life is not perfect and you don’t always have things together. You have concerns and downfalls as well as bad days. But it is in these times that you must accept what God allows and keep on with your life. Every day will not be filled with joy and peace, some days may have unbearable pain and nonstop disappointment but God is faithful.

If you want to truly be content with this life you must stop lying to yourself and face the truth and embrace the pain and pray without ceasing. Ask God for guidance and strength to endure the course that has been set before you. The struggle of your life is the success to your story.

We must learn to be content in whatever situation we are in and continually seek the guidance of Jesus . Stop kidding yourself that it’s all good instead grab hold to God and ask him to take you through.

Love and Blessings


If you’re led by the Holy Spirit to do something no matter how bizarre………… would you do it ?

Romans 10:17 KJV

” So then faith comes by hearing , and hearing by the word of God ”

Why is it so hard for us to follow the leading of the Lord ? We always say Lord wherever you want me to go or do I will yet we rarely make this a reality.  We wonder why we aren’t being blessed like others who may appear to be living a not so upright life or  so it seems.  We are so quick to judge others yet never take a look at our own situations. Often times we struggle and search  aimlessly about in turmoil because we are not listening to his word. The Lord comes in that still small voice that may say you really should pray for them or pay for that persons meal or tell them that I love them.

If you want to be blessed then follow the leading of the Lord. You need more joy peace and love in your life then listen to his words and don’t just be a hearer  of the word  be a doer!!!

Love and Blessing