Eye opener….

Have you ever had a moment of crisis and it seems to go on forever and then just like turning on the light something catches you attention and everything becomes clear.

If you truly have a desire to serve Christ to the fullest he will reveal everything you need to succeed. Often times we complicate our lives with unneeded turmoil and troubles. We seek redemption through others and material possession never once falling back on the source of your strength.  ( 2 Samuel 22:33 tells us that God is our strength and power ; he makes our way perfect , KJV)  Why do we fight God when he is the only way truth and life ? He is a very present help in the times of trouble.

I came across an article this morning from my sister in Christ and fellow blogger Laura Bon , in this article she talked about desperation. I got to thinking how desperate are you Nikki? Are you really seeking God in all your ways ? Are you truly ready to accept the things you can’t change and walk this path that you tell others so passionately to do? Hmmm ….. I need to really reflect and renew ; I am not afraid to tell you I have shortcomings and I am not ashamed to tell you I have seen where the improvement is definitely needed. I thank God for allowing my eyes to be opened and for me to understand and realize that I am no where near my true potential.

Let us never be too proud to surrender to Gods correction …

Love and Blessings


For every mountain there is a bulldozer waiting on the side to knock it down. Every time you heart begins to ache and the tears begin to flow God sends a soothing to your soul and a calming to your circumstance. The bible tells us faith without works is dead but what happens when you have no faith left? When you’ve done all you can do to stand and your life is spinning out of sorts? How can you worship God when all hell has unleashed it’s fury and has no intentions of releasing you?

I know that this way gets hard and most times we give up and give in to the chaos but God is a lifter and provider. He will keep you and preserve you if you can just hold on to him despite what you see. Test and trials will come ,  but only to strengthen your spirit man and give you the weapons and training you need to survive as you fight the good fight.  Walk with your head held up , plant your feet firmly and apply the word to your life each and every moment. No two people will walk the same path but if God is first you can rest assured that he will make a way out of no way.

Take comfort in knowing that nothing last forever and if you wait on the Lord he will supply all your needs.

Love and Blessings


The trials of life are hard sometimes and with it comes so much brokenness. We sit along the banks of pain as we look into the pools of darkness. Flooded with anxiety and hardship most days become hard to accept and often the sorrow makes it hard to see the light. Don’t be dismayed my friend our God will take care of you!!!

Cast all of that negative energy to the throne of the Lord and leave it there. He cares for you and he can renew your broken spirit and cleanse you from within. You no longer need to dwell in the dark places and weep so come into the marvelous light and rejoice . His ways are not ours and he can do far more exceeding life changes than any therapy session ever will.

I have seen him change many things in my life so I know what he is capable of. I want you to shake off anything that’s stealing your joy and get into an intimate place with God. Speak to him and release it ….. just like that don’t look back don’t pick it up again just release it and let it go! I pray for your healing today whatever it may be , we aren’t created to wonder the wilderness aimlessly but to celebrate life through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!

Love and Blessings


Lord today I am trusting you for healing deliverance and clarity. For strength courage and humility. I am trusting you to remove reshape and recharge my spirit and help me to heal from all the hurt and brokenness. I trust you in all areas of my life for you and you alone know what’s truly best for me. I trust you Lord like none other I trust you Lord for my joy my peace and my journey.

With all you have place it in the very capable hands of our Master the head of our life and the center of our existence. And just like Job though I am tested tried and downtrodden I will trust you for no weapons formed will prevail.

Love and Blessings

Tell somebody…

Hurry hurry without delay and tell someone that Jesus saves today

Take the time and please make haste that he will remove you out of that darkened place

Never apologize for who you are because his grace and mercy got you through this far

Fear and adversity has to flee because in death he took the keys

No longer bound by mans design you’re saved by grace so let your light shine

Hurry now without fail for now is the time today is the day and there’s no time to waste. Our Savior our keeper our King …. he is alive still performing miracles and perfecting his people. Plant the seed and it will get watered so as the root grows you’ve helped in saving a soul!!!

Love and Blessings

Positively Positioned

I had the opportunity to sit among a group of outstanding women on Sunday and witness a unity of spiritual networking. In this brunch were women of all ages from different walks of life sitting in sweet fellowship discussing various visions of how to help make a positive impact on the world as well as in our very communities. Unknowingly I fellowshipped with lawyers therapist business women and even a judge. We worshipped and blessings shadowed everyone in the building. I listened and observed how the Lord has made impact on their lives and how this particular coming together of like mindedness has bless them in great ways. I can tell you for certain Jesus was truly in the midst.

When you commit yourself and all your ways to the Lord he will begin to show you amazing things and place you in places you had no idea you would ever be able to go!!! He knows the plans he has already set for us to do but it is up to us to allow him to move on our behalf. He will set you upon a rock where you will be steadfast and unmoved and when he opens that door NO ONE will be able to close it. You have been perfectly positioned for this journey and he will not withhold any good thing from you. Step out on Faith and don’t listen to the whispers of the enemy instead apply the word of God to your life and go on. We can do all things through Christ for he has not given us a spirit of fear but of a sound mind !!! You are walking in your destination because you are Positively Positioned!!!

Love and Blessings