Psalms 136…

The Lord is good and his mercy endures forever!

No matter the test or trial he will always see and carry you through. Great and mighty is our God for he is the author and the finisher of our faith. He watches over us each and every moment and we find safety in his arms. He is the same yesterday today and forever more, what he did for the people since the beginning of creation he is still doing today!

The Lord is good and his mercy endures forever…

Love and Blessings

Some days….

Some days I feel like I have come to the end of my rope. Just dangling by a thread that is slowly unraveling before me.

Some days I feel lost and abandoned left out in the cold to fend for myself . No one will help me instead the look and keep going about their way.

Other days I’m just dull and tired, my body hurts and I am lifeless just a shell of myself with no hope.

Some days I awaken to a beautiful melody that sparks me to tell God thank you even before I have gotten out of bed. I pray and read and skip into the sunrise.

No matter the motive the plot or plan God had never left me alone. All of my help comes from the Lord. Whether it’s a dark place or a place of content he is always with me. He preserves me and prepares me as he goes before me to make those crooked places straight and the rough ones smooth.

Help me Lord no matter what state of mind I’m in to always look to you and to lean towards your grace and mercy that I may be made whole!

Love and Blessings

His love…

Nothing will separate me from God and his love

The enemy wants me to believe that God isn’t concerned about me but I know who holds my faith

He had been preparing me for such a time as this and even when I feel like I can’t go on he reminds me his grace is sufficient for me because there is nothing too hard for him

Let’s not look at the circumstances and situations like they are a burden instead give it over to the Master and release, God is a sustainer and you will prevail because his love is just that good!

Love and Blessings

Galatians 6:9 KJV…

And let us be not weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not….

You are doing well so keep going! You look at your appearance and see no progression so you think to yourself “ nothing is happening so what’s the point”? But he that has begun a great work in you is faithful to perform it and manifest greatness in you. It is true that we man looks on the outward appearance but God looks at the heart , and not the natural pumping vessel but he looks deep into the soul.

Don’t sell yourself short with thoughts of failure and unacceptably for everything God made is good because we where made in his image. True there are some evil people but they mimic Satan for he too found out that he was not greater than his creator.

Remember to stay humble and receptive to the Holy Spirit and he will reward you openly with unlimited blessings and endless possibilities. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that you’re not progressing, he sees you and he will reward you greatly. Don’t be weary just keep pressing on!

Love and Blessings

Step back…

Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and look at life from a different point of view. Often times we self sabotage without realizing we have been the key factor to our destruction. We feel like everyone is out to get us or nothing we do or say is note worthy. I am beginning to see and understand that if I would just observe before reacting I would not get so easily angered by the situation.

Seeing is believing but our natural vision does not really justify what we are looking at. The mind can be triggered by obstacles or an occurring feature that will bring forth an emotion or memory that will alter what we see due to the thought process. Isn’t that just like the enemy ? He will deceive you by altering your view and have you believing a lie. He is the master of deception and he loves to stir up drama and chaos. He has no respect for anything or anyone so therefore we are all targeted. Praise God that the Holy Spirit is there to counteract the weapons that seek to cause harm to us. The Lord is a strong tower a solid rock and the foundation to every believer. No weapon formed will prosper because of his grace and mercy.

Take a moment when you feel anxiety kicking in and negative thoughts of despair arise and tell the Lord that you want to see with your spiritual eyes and he will allow you to see who is behind the deceptive behavior. The world has enough going on and most of us are on edge but take a step back and breathe in deep. Exhale and let the Lord have his way , you will find peace and your day will be brighter than ever before.

Love and Blessings


Help me Lord this day to be a light to the darkness of someone’s life. Let my words be a salve to their wounds that will begin a healing for their soul. May I remove myself and my opinion and allow you to step in and take over so that manifested peace joy and love come forth.

I am your servant use me as you see fit, no longer I but you that lives within me. My purpose is to praise worship and seek your face . Enlighten my spirit man that I may be sensitive to hearing you and humbled that I may obey!

We are created in Christ and are no longer our own but his so allow him to shine upon you and be a light to brighten someone’s life today!

Love and Blessings

My help..

No matter how many obstacles come my way my help comes from the Lord. Feelings broke down by everyday life lessons but he is my strength. Smiling on the outside but crying from the depths of my soul yet he is my rock and counsel.

People look at your outward appearance but God looks at your heart for there is the real you and out of it flows your truths. He will never leave you alone even when you can’t tell he is there. All you need all I need comes from the Lord, he is a very present help in all aspects of life.

Love and Blessings

Morning meditation 1-12-21…

Thank you Lord for this day! A day I have never seen yet grateful to be apart of it. I do not know what it has in store for me but I know that you are with me and your rod and staff comforts me. I don’t have to fear for you are with me already going ahead to make my path smooth as you order my steps. As I keep my mind on you I am given perfect peace and my soul rejoices for I’m in the presence of the Most High! It’s so sweet to trust in Jesus and to trust his word. For all things work together for our good whom we trust. There’s no need to worry for sooner than later he will turn it all around for our good and keep us covered in his grace and mercy.

Go about your day knowing that his hands are on you and he will cover strengthen and keep you now and always. God we thank you for this day and may you show us your Glory as we are encouraged to keep our minds steadfast and focused upon you!

Love and Blessings

Morning meditation 1-11-21…

I can search the world over and never find a love like the love of Christ. He gave himself that we might live and be set free. It was that same love and kindness that drew me in at the the age of 10 and I’m so grateful.

Because of his love I have been able to move forward forgetting those things that are behind as I press towards a higher call on my life. Staying in the past is suicidal we must learn from it and move on. Gods grace is sufficient for you all you need to do is trust him. Some folks say “New year new me” , I say it’s a new day filled with unlimited possibilities!

Stop looking back at past mishaps and disappointment and instead get ready to embrace the future. No we don’t know what it holds but God has it in his hands and I trust him wholeheartedly.

Begin this day with a smile on your face and love in your heart for it will open up unlimited possibilities and add favor to your life. Have a wonderful day!!!

Love and Blessings

It’s a good day…

Today is a good day to wake up and say “thank you Lord”…

You have been given another chance to begin again, a fresh start with a clean slate. Stop looking back on what has happened the failure of what you faced and instead go forward with a determined mind to follow the leading of the Lord today. He is there and waiting patiently for you to call on his name. He is everywhere at all times and he will answer if you call.

It’s a good day to begin again so let’s get started with a positive mind and a thankful heart. For he blesses his people and covers them both day and night. Forgetting those things behind we shall press for the mark towards the prize of a higher call. Are you ready ? Good let’s begin…

Love and Blessings