I shall not be moved . Like the tree planted securely by the banks of the river I will stand still and strong . Yes I have challenges yes I get discouraged but God is with me. Nothing that happens will take me out for God is in front of it all. The enemy will do his best to destroy me but my God shall block it every time!

Love and Blessings

Stop worrying…

There’s no need to worry about things you can’t control or handle. What’s out of your hands is the perfect opportunity to be set up for a blessing.

God desires us to come to him with our troubles and worries because he is that great comforter . He will supply all of your needs because the good shepherd always takes care of his sheep.

He promises to never leave or forsake us , to be a very present help , to be with us even in death! What a Mighty God we serve.

Trust him with your yes and stop worrying!

Love and Blessings

The word….

The joy of the Lord is my strength

Humility is key especially when you give your troubles over to the Lord

All my help comes from the Lord

The Lord is a strong foundation, we the righteous run to him and are safe

Never forget the word of the Lord . It is in the word that you will find comfort, peace and solutions . Keep his words close to your heart and meditate on them all the time.

Love and Blessings


Thank you Lord for this day. You have watched over us all while we slept and slumbered. You are the healer and way maker our peace and blessing . You grant us grace and mercy which is renewed each and every day; what a mighty God we serve!

All praise and honor belongs to you and I will keep myself humble as I focus to hear your intent for me this day and that I do it!

This is the day you have made , blessed be the Lord God Almighty!!!!

Love and Blessings

Call on him…

Call upon the name of the Lord and walk in his confidence. Do not place your hope and assurance in people places or things because only with Christ can we stand!

He is our hope joy and peace. Not like mankind his promises are always true and he is always with us. No matter how dark life gets God is right there making a way of escape.

Before you run to your bestie or pick up the phone to call on that loved one , try Jesus! Call on him and he will answer you without fail. Even if you can’t see it , all things are working out for you.

Trust God as you call him he will never fail you!

Love and Blessings

Revive me…

Lord send down your healing power and restore me

Touch me with your nail scared hands and I shall be whole

Breathe unto me a fresh wind and awaken my spirit man

Open the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing for me as my joy is refreshed once more

You are my everything my soul desires to please you. Revive this tired and broken flesh and I shall praise you for the joy of you Lord is my strength! I won’t look back for there’s nothing there but I shall press forward because you are with me.

I await the fresh wind of unlimited blessings grace and mercy this day in the Powerful name of Jesus!!!

Love and Blessings

Clear minded…

It’s time to get out of your own way. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy anyone that will submit to his deception. He will have you thinking the worst of yourself, never feeling worthy but worthless.

Folks say an idle mind is the devils workshop! If you allow and accept every little scenario he whispers to your life it will never be livable.

He is the great deceiver, nothing he does is beneficial for you but more leverage for him. Begin each day thanking God for his grace and mercy and allowing you to see a new day! When you feel sad unsafe and insecure begin to say the Lord is my shepherd I don’t have to want. God is a help in the time of need.

Apply the word of God to your day and tell the enemy he is not welcome here because the Lord lives here within me and I shall not be moved but victorious through him! Clear your mind today and live.

Love and Blessings

Morning meditation 9-27-21…

I will wait on the Lord as I am encouraged because he is my safe place and foundation. He will grant me perfect peace because I will keep my mind forever focused on him.

In the presence of my enemy he will provide protection and help to get through each issue unscathed.

I love the Lord because he first loved me. As misguided and broken as I have been not once did he turn away from me.

He is all I need , thank you Lord for your unconditional love each and every moment!!!

Love and Blessings


This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad. I will be thankful for being in the land of the living one more time and I thank God for his continuous blessings!

I thank him for my obedience for it is much better than going against his will. My heart is full this day for he gave me peace in my life.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow and let us exalt his name . Focus on your own self worth and let the Lord take care of you and your needs ; I promise you won’t be disappointed!

So get up and thank God for this day for he has made us victorious!!!

Love and Blessings

Some days…

Some days I have the best time living and loving life. Enjoying the fruits of my labor and being at peace.

Some days I feel defeated distressed and broken. Circumstances, situations, people and loved ones present unwanted emotions and I just can’t focus.

I’m beginning to see that every day isn’t good but with God I can have peace as I go through it. The enemy will trick your mind and have you lost in a whirlwind of despair but one touch from the Master can change your life.

He will never leave us even in the darkest of places . So shake it off , whatever it is and release what you can’t control. Gods got you !!!

Some days aren’t every day so live each day with purpose and he will take care of the rest !!!

Love and Blessings