Don’t Worry…

Today I want you to be stress free , not one issue will work your last nerve . Don’t fall into normal reality that anger causes when people begin to hit that nerve . Celebrate life  for today is new and God makes all things new . I celebrate your victory now because I believe that all things are possible to them that place their trust in the Lord . Don’t worry because worrying doesn’t solve problems don’t worry because there is no need , the Lord is fighting the battle you just stand strong and trust in the God you serve .

Love and Blessing

Release …

skyphoto2The cares of life can be so unhealthy and weighty , there is no sense of tolerance , no attention to detail just heaviness . We create much of this despair ourselves because we feel that we have no other choice . Seeing things that really aren’t happening , hearing conversations with words that were never spoken . It is time to stop!!! In most cases the problem lies with and in us , we are our greatest enemy . Spiritually we know that we fight against the greatest enemy which is the devil although there are some that think he doesn’t exist . For him it’s a win because he will not have to work hard to deceive them ,  aah but for those that believe he has to pull out the big guns . It’s his job to steal , kill and destroy !!! The enemy doesn’t care about your well being he just wants to destroy you , thus we are attacked in our health , home , job , family , and even in the church . Where ever and when ever he can drop a bomb on you best believe you will be hit hard . Some question why God allows this chaos to occur , well God is simply preparing you for what’s to come . We are like soldiers fighting in a spiritual battle , you must get through boot camp first so that you learn the necessary techniques to conquer the battle and win the fight .

Let us begin to look at life with our spiritual eyes and focus on who is really behind the weight we continue to drag behind us and cut the clutter and get in the word of God as we start a relationship with the Master . I believe that if we practice these habits God will reveal the answers to the questions we so desperately ponder . Life is too short to waste in  ” burdenville ” let’s get it together before it is too late .


Love and Blessings




Every now and then I get out of sorts and anger kicks in making me feel some type of way . It is unclear as to why my attitude gets troubled so quickly as anger rushes over me like rain in a storm . I was told that there is a trigger point with me that I have surpressed and have not remove it out of my system. Truth is I wish I could get iit out because the recourse  is affecting me physically. But I am reminded that the joy of the Lord is my strength and that he is also my strong tower and way maker he is a present help in times of trouble . I pray for my soul and ask God to fix what’s not right and make me better make me new make me whole . Sometimes you just have to step back and examine what’s really going on …. 

Love and Blessings 

Not Today….

cropped-spa-zen-stones.jpgFailure is not an option today !!! Disappointment is not an option today neither is unnecessary nonsense , attitude nor sarcasm . Today I only welcome good vibes , happiness , tranquil aura , life and humbleness . I thank God in advance for my hearts desires , for the good and the bad , hurt joy and pain . Today I will not reflect on things I can’t control and will do my best to not dwell on past mistakes . Today I take hold of my life as I accept those things I can’t change for my purpose is greater than the trails I will face getting there . Stand strong and be bold in Gods promise and he shall lead and direct your path into limitless possibilities . It doesn’t matter who you are or where you have been , what you have done or did not do once you have aligned yourself with the Heavenly Father and given all you have to him he will mold you into your destiny and secure you with life …..

Love and Blessings


Sometimes the cares of life get the best of me and my day is filled with grief . Sometimes I don’t like myself very much and I can detect every single wrong and flaw . Sometimes I doubt myself and feel worthless , unwanted , unappreciated , unloved . Sometimes I find it hard to fight back tears when my feelings become compromised . Sometimes I say things , nasty hurtful things to get my point over and to let you know that I too can cause hurt . Sometimes I want to give up on life and die , as if anyone will truly miss me for it seems that I am only good for taking care of everyone in the world but constantly forgetting about myself . Sometimes I disappoint God with my behavior , lack of faith and lack of hope . Sometimes I don’t feel as if I deserve to exist , to speak of Gods goodness , to inspire others because sometimes I am the one in need of the inspiration . Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest because the trees are so high and full that I can barely enter without falling . Sometimes in the midst of my pity party God says something to me that reminds me that I am his and he sees my plight and is aware of who I am ….flaws and all. Sometimes you just have to pull yourself out of that funk and step into your destiny because we all go through things that make us sad and uncomfortable but God is faithful and his word is true .

Love and Blessings


For Today ….

photo11As for today like always I want to maintain a humble spirit and positive attitude . Today I want to remain quiet and observant to those around me as I examine myself for improvement . I ask for guidance , direction and purpose . To be like you Lord is a great boost to my inner man because so many people today have such a negative outlook on the world and the issues therein . Keep me broken that I may receive all that you have for me not being high minded and walking in pride . Never do I wish to belittle or destroy the character of anyone , I am not GOD nor do I desire that ”god like” power . Humble is the path I have chosen happiness walks  hand and hand with it peace is the reward that follows as joy opens the door to my blessings .

Love and Blessings

For Me ….

Guard my heart and my mind today as I endure all that is set before me . Help me to keep a positive outlook because I choose to be happy no matter the circumstance. Allow me to remain humble and to harbor a quiet spirit so I do not offend with my words but enlighten and inspire those I meet . For me life is a blessing and I just want to bless those that come in contact with me ….

Love and Blessings