Hey You…

photo9Hey there !!! Do you know that you are an important piece of the puzzle ? Did you know that you are a valuable asset to those you come in contact with ? Did you know that you have the power to bring out the best in people because of who you are ? Did you know that someone is watching you and struggling to get to where you are in life ?

Often times we don’t see our life as being anything at all , we decrease the value and potential we possess as we seek out ways to change . You need not look for a way of escape to BETTER YOURSELF ……

The first step to your success is to LOVE YOURSELF , get to know the real you the likes and dislikes the things that make you smile or sad . Self motivate and use it till it is habitual .  Never talk down to yourself even when you are unhappy with what has happen and you are the blame . Instead take it as a life lesson and learn from it as it heals you and builds growth .

Learn to love the REAL YOU and brighten the darkness within . Self love brings healing , peace of mind ,  a sweet sense of success and accomplishment . Love you no matter what , God loves you unconditionally so you should follow his process .



Good Vibes …

cropped-spa-zen-stones.jpgKeep a smile on your face and a pep in your step as you take on the day !!!

Good vibes only today no matter what is said or what is done .

Good vibes only as you embrace the things you can’t change .

Good vibes only because the peace that passes all understanding shall guide your heart and your mind .

Good vibes only because we serve the true and Living God and no harm shall come to those that walk by faith and trust in him .

May God keep you this day and may good vibes come your way !!!


Love and Blessings


photo10Life is truly like a box of chocolates , you never no what you may get .  Although you have a wide variety of troubles you still have some truly tasty times that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside .

I challenge you to approach life differently starting today , teach yourself how to speak good into your day instead of dreading going to that job or running into that person that brings you discomfort .

We may not have the life we want but you can change the approach to ensure your happiness . Ask the Lord for guidance and peace of mind each and everyday and watch the joy unfold and even when circumstances arise that same peace will take you through .

Love and Blessings


Some days I wake up full of life ready to take on the world with a smile and a twinkle in my eyes then there are days I awaken to sorrow and defeat this is when I usually have to fight to just walk out the front door because I don’t want to deal with it . But the truth of the matter is nothing that occurs has not already been foreseen by God and resolved . We as his creation usually live through our emotions and not the knowledge that he has given . I think maybe we should wake up and tell the Lord to clear our mind and help us handle the day as he sees fit not by what we see and feel but what we know in our hearts to do.

May the Lord keep you today and may his grace abound within your heart and soul.

Love and Blessings

I Repent…

Lord I repent for being angry about my fathers health and how certain people and factors have placed him in the hospital . I repent that I have thoughts of hurting those said people that have placed a riff in our lives . I repent because I am angry and I have sinned in my heart and mind , already thinking on the ultimate payback . I repent because I allowed self to interfere with your plans and that I failed to turn it over to you . I repent and ask the readers to please forgive me for not living the example I write to motivate someone else to let go and trust God .

Your word tells us that you are a lamp to our feet and a light to our path , you also tell us to fret not because of evil doers for they shall not prosper nor will they get victory for their deceit . You also remind us that the vengeance we seek belongs to you and you shall repay . Lord thank you for not being like me and the rest of your creation that fall short and forget to take EVERYTHING TO YOU IN PRAYER . As David says : Create in me an clean heart and renew a right spirit in me .

Please pray for me and I will pray for you .

Love and Blessings

Your Mindset

cropped-spa-zen-stones.jpgThe things that we dwell upon determine how things in our lives manifest.  Prepare your mind to think not on the hurt or disappointment of the circumstance but instead for a way towards a resolution.  If we can change our thinking process we can overcome a lot of unintended stress.

Your mind is a powerful tool and instrument that absorbs any and everything that it comes in contact with , therefore you must be careful what you entertain. Sadness and sorrow comes in groves and without discrimination , it does not hesitate to consume nor will it care how you are affected.  Troubling the mind becomes chaotic and sometimes fatal .

Let’s rethink the way to approaching all circumstances , let’s not be so hasty to give in or give up when all hope seems lost , instead let us step back take a deep breath and exhale . If you truly follow and believe in God then take him at his word and trust his process . Now is the time to accept the things we can’t change as well as what the Lord allows to be . He knows how much we can handle and he will make a way of escape .

Change your mind and you will change your life !!!


Love and Blessings