Restore to me the joy of my Salvation , to the time when I was so happy to be saved from sin that I was giddy and balanced . Now I am always thinking about life and things that must be done that I have forgotten about you ! Restore my mind my heart my inner man my desire to please you and trust your ways without hesitation. 

You died for the world yet you are rejected mocked and frowned upon . Restore  me back to that place where we first began this walk and help me to share you throughout the entire world!!! 

Love and Blessings 

thinking on me …

I find it is better to just let things take it’s course and move on with my life.  It’s too much stress trying to make sense out of the shenanigans of others. The bible reminds me that all things work together for my good because I choose to follow Christ.  Now that’s something to think about , the choice .  We often forget that everything we do is done by choice , we choose to go to work , take a nap , go to the mall ,etc. but at no time do we think what may happen by some choices that are made . People can only hurt you when you allow that hurt to come in , or you believe their truth and not stand strong on your own belief . Now I know that some things arise that we have no control over BUT you still have a choice in how you choose to deal with it .

Stop sitting around waiting for something great to happen and make a window of opportunity for yourself . It’s real easy to be complacent but it takes drive and faith to manifest a better outcome . I am not really concerned with the opinions of negative people and how they feel about what my plans for my life are .  Let’s be clear the plans for your life are for you and you alone , you do not need the validation of someone else to determine if you can or can not follow your own dreams and plans . Today is the day for success and accomplished dreams , no longer allow fear doubt haters and circumstances stop you from achieving the goal . Keep your focus and believe in you .

Love and Blessings photo17



He sees beauty in your pain , he sees victory when you are broken , he rejoices through your tears ….

Why you ask would God enjoy your misery ? He doesn’t , but he does get pleasure in you calling upon him , looking to him for strength , praying and meditating on his truths , as you place your trust in him .  What we accept as defeat God sees a winning situation , because at this place in your life you have put it all in his very capable hands . He doesn’t ignore our issues he just wants us to give it all to him and let him fix it . We tend to see what we believe in our hearts instead of placing a ”sound peace”  from your inner man and releasing the hurt pain and misery before it has a chance to blossom .

The enemy knows what to do and how to hurt you . His sole mission in this life is to take as many people out as he can , he doesn’t care who you are or how much you commune with Jesus . We as believers have to be smarter than his shenanigans , take back your faith and assurance . Stop accepting things that have no validation , develop a line of communication and change your way of thinking . Knowledge is power , so arm yourself  with Gods word and keep it deep in your heart and replay them over and over to keep you focused .  Thou word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my pathway  ……… Keep Jesus close to you ALWAYS !!!

Love and Blessings


In times of despair I tend to sink into a dark place as I become consumed in looking for a resolution. In these times I must remember that God is faithful and he will protect provide and get me through. Find a quiet space even within your mind and meditate on your blessings where you could be and where you’ve been for nothing happens by chance it is the will of our Heavenly Father to direct you as he blesses you ……

Love & Blessings 


skyphoto2Today I am thankful that I was blessed among many to open my eyes and to see a new day . Today I want to learn something new ,  smile more , remain happy and stay thankful .  Today I want my thoughts pure and my mind free of clutter worry and doubt . Today I am new for I have never experienced this day therefore it is as new beginnings for me . It is a chance to start over to be a better me to see things differently . Today I strive to be better than I was yesterday to stay focused and to grow .  Your life is truly what you make it so make it GREAT!!!

Love and Blessings



To do something great you must first be willing to be broken and shaped into your calling . Greatness lies in the simple things done with love and hope to provide truth for those in need . Stop forcing things but instead allow it to take its course. Nothing happens by chance so step into your destiny with a mind to do the things of Christ!!!

Be bold in the Lord and allow his spirit to engulf you and take you higher… 

Love and Blessings 


If I seek for change it must first begin in me. So help me to do something that has impact not destructive behavior. Allow me to move in your mindset so that I help inspire those that are need . My desire to please you Lord is greater than anything I have ever longed for . May my journey be an atomic mind blowing experience!!!

Love and Blessings