I Need A Moment

Consumed with everyday complexities will often take a toll on your body , spirit and mind . We forget to take a moment to stop the clock and breathe so we find ourselves caught in a whirlwind with no escape hatch. I noticed that when my mind gets filled to capacity I become anxious and extremely flustered which keeps me on the defensive line . To strong minded to ask or even accept help for the fear of feeling weak . This has got to be one of the dumbest life decisions ever because it makes absolutely no sense to reject help especially when you need it .

Lonely nights and desperate cries in the dark will go unheard because the people around you only see strength , never weakness . It’s ok to show a crack or two in your amour , it let’s you know your alive . Do not take the scars of your past issues lightly for with each wound you have another testimony of how you have overcome . These battle wounds give you strength to move forward and fight for a better you.

Surely you have heard people say  “stop and smell the roses” , well all their saying is take a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you . Take a long walk in the coolness of the day or go to the beach and watch the sunset set . It is in these special moments that you are truly alive and all the cares of the world have absolutely no place in your life. Take a moment or two and just exhale then began to live again.

Love and Blessings


Time to Release 

There are so many folks walking around in desperate need of a cleansing . They are so back up with past hurt pain and misery that they have become spiritually constipated.  I know that’s not a nice thing to say but the truth of the matter is we all have to release the tides that keep us spiritually bound.

The bible tells us that we must lay aside every weight that so easily besets you , meaning anything that has you out of sorts needs to be put out of your life. This could be your spouse children family friends work and so on . Anything that keeps you bound to it but has no beneficial value is pointless. Why are you holding on to past issues that no one else thinks about but you ? Walking around with that sour disposition face all twisted and lips tight while clinching your teeth together , are you in labor ?  What a way to live , never happy because having a grudge is common ground for you . If God is the soul purpose for your existence then why can’t we be like him and let it go !!!

Letting go of all the nonsense that comes with life is such an amazing feeling . Cast your cares on him for he cares for you and no matter what has happened in the past you can go to sleep in peace knowing the past can’t touch your future. Stop dwelling on it , release it and move on .

It is time to get your life back , it is time to be happy so go take a dose of Heavenly Laxative and let it all out . Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit in me . (Psalms 51:10 KJV)

Love and Blessings 

Don’t Worry Yourself

Worrying about things and people is a tedious venture. Trying to get the approval of others for the sake of trying to fit in is exhausting. Longing to feel needed by others and meet their standards is time wasted and completely unnecessary . Some folks will never accept you or your accomplishments. They have absolutely no interest in your well being , so ask yourself why do you even care?

A sense to belong is a trick of the enemy that has no value to your soul. These people are used as pawns a distraction to keep you from seeing your full potential . You only need to believe in yourself and be your own number one fan. Stop selling yourself short trying to please those around you and began to exist .

Have you ever noticed that free spirited people as they have been label are always in a good place . They do not seek the validation of others to define who they truly are . Most people that always have a negative opinion of what they feel should and should not be are the happiest when those around them have troubles and chaos surrounding them. This is the only time they feel liberated. As the old saying goes : Misery loves company , and birds of a feather always flock together!

Never be in a hurry to share your inner most thoughts and secrets with others because everyone that claims the title of friend may very well be the reason you are stuck in NoWheresville. These folks use socializing as an open channel to prey on the failures of those around them .

Smiling faces sometimes are merely a disguise ……

Ask God to show you those people that mean to hurt you and keep you stagnant . Ask him to open your ears so that you can hear the deceit and to remove the blinders so that your view is clear . “Thou art a lamp unto my feet and a light for my pathway”. You will be surprised how many people really don’t care for or about you , right down to family .  Once the pathway is cleared your burdens will roll off and set you free. There’s no need to worry about it , joy comes sooner than you think just get prepared to SHINE !!!!!!!

Love and Blessings

It’s A New Day


Today is a brand new day with new possibilities . Take a deep breath and tell the Lord thank you for waking you up this morning and for also watching over you and your love ones as you slept.

Don’t worry about yesterday it has now become the past and your focus is the future . New day with better ideas a better outlook a better you.

You have nothing to fear nothing to worry about because holding on to the past slows your progression for a brighter future. You can’t change what you can’t change so stop focusing on dead situations people and problems . Yes there are things you must address but take it one day at a time do what you can in that moment and keep it moving .

Take no thought for what’s coming tomorrow , tomorrow will be there when you get there already doing what it will do ( Matthew 6:34 KJV) sufficient is today’s worries don’t go adding more to your plate. There’s no need to think about the troubles that have not even come into exsistence that’s exhausting and causes a lot of unwanted health issues and gray hairs .

As the old song goes ” Don’t Worry Be Happy”!!!

Love and Blessngs



It is in our quiet time that we began to find truth_____Darkness can become your tunnel of escape that leads you to a road of happiness

Take a moment and place the world and it’s cares on pause .

Get into your secret place and began to meditate on Gods’ amazing grace , stop worrying about what you can not change and began to thank him for where he has you right now.

Silence is the key that opens the door to endless opportunities to a successful life with peace of mind .

Surrender to the silence and open your mind heart and soul to the way of the Lord .  When the madness stops you can see clearly as things become more relevant and make more sense .

It is in the stillness that you reach your breakthrough , your prayers are answered , your situation becomes clear . The enemy would rather have your mind cluttered and chaotic so that you never escape that place of torment but if you stop and become silent the control over your can not sustain itself and the hold over your life disappears .

God tells us to be still and  know that he is God , there is none like him. You say you believe you say he is your rock you say that he is able you say ……… You say a lot but what did God say ?

Shhhhhhh , it’s the only way you will learn how to live again . Learn how to be quiet and listen !!!

Love & Blessings

Move Forward 

Today is a new day that you have never seen . It is filled with limitless possibilities and unlimited blessings.

Learn to embrace each day as a new beginning because hanging on to sorrow just dampens the spirit and leads to depression. Take a stand for a better life because the power of life and death lays within you . Speak life back into your everything no matter what happens take it and deal with it . Become an unstoppable force of nature !!! Be more than a survivor be a conqueror !!!  Stop listening to those people that claim they have your back but in reality they lurk in the shadows waiting for you to fail , this is how they feel relevant in the world thriving off of someone else’s pain and disappointments. Snakes and children of Judas you are no longer welcomed in our lives for our purpose in this life is greater than you plans to destroy us !!!

Let this day be the first day of the new and improved you . Become a better version of yourself a new model an upgrade. Once you do this your eyes will let you see all you have been missing out on , joy , peace of mind , and love will overtake you and nothing will bother you because you have put your trust in Gods hands . Yes I see you smiling because you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you !!! ( Phiippians 4:13 NKJ)

Love &Blessings

It’s Time To Break Free

Sometimes you have to do an unexpected sweep through your life .

Declutter all the things that hinder your growth and development .  Go through your social media sites , family , friends , and associates and do a clean up . Do you ever wonder why you can never stay content or stable in your life ? Seems as if every time to try to move forward and progress you get knocked back and fail . Often we surround ourselves with people to feel needed or to just belong but you still have that empty hole weighing heavy over you . Your life is a reflection of what you intake , meaning you are what you eat ! If negative people are a source of nourishment then you too shall become a negative individual and nothing will ever be pleasing to you .  Toxic people and circumstances will eat you alive like a cancer without a cure . Your body will began to shut down because the life is being sucked right out of you . Look the enemy is here for one purpose , to kill ,steal and destroy .  Step back and reflect back on those around you and then ask yourself …. Are they Toxic or do they add improvement to your Life. ?

Please take time to remove everything that is not beneficial to your mind body and spirit . The bible tells to lay aside every weight that so easily besets you . Meaning grid rid of any and everything that keeps you in depression , oppression , desolation , obsession and so on .  Take your life back , get into a relationship with the Heavenly Father and let him heal you from within . You will began to see the truth in all aspects of your life and it will be easy to walk away from the toxic wasteland that tries to pull you in .  Let’s get to cleaning it’s therapeutic  and quite refreshing  !!!!!


Love & Blessings