Life’s Lessons

skyphoto2Every day that we open our eyes sets the blueprint to a new life lesson .  Each encounter of your day provides a learning task that you will either pass or fail , there is no specific pattern or dialogue to follow .  The objective is to succeed and learn not  to beat yourself down because you didn’t hit the mark . The only way to be successful is to proceed with the lesson , take notes , review them and pass the test .  Now you will also get extra  credit when you can learn from someone else’s mistakes , this is considered to be a wise choice. When you can apply another persons experience to your life and follow by example you save yourself a lot of unwanted trouble .

Sufficient is the day , so walk into it with a positive mind set knowing that this is only a test and it will give you the tools you need to live a prosperous life . Remain watchful and continue to pray before you make any move today as you ask for Gods divine wisdom and instruction .  I have faith in you , remember we can do all things through Christ because he strengthens us !!!

Love and Blessings

It’s All In Your Attitude

photo10The way a person handles any situation will first begin with the attitude they posses . If you fuel your life with a positive outlook you can and will be successful in it . No matter  how things seem or the direction taken  your attitude will always be the determining factor. It is the positive persuasion that brings life to your inner man and with that comes a brighter day . Your attitude is a reflection of whats going on within , even when people hit that last nerve the outcome is ultimately up to you .

Yesterday morning I was going about my normal work routine when I was asked to assist a customer with a concern and that he was not a happy camper , so as soon as I began speaking with the gentleman his attitude was less than appealing so naturally I returned his actions with sarcasm . I felt like it wasn’t my fault that he was given incorrect information  I was thinking only of myself and wasn’t walking in Gods love at all especially since I got this title at 7am long before my encounter . However , something clicked on like a light switch and I said within that’s not how you handle things Nikki so I immediately apologized to the customer. Amazingly he not only accepted my apology but apologized to me for being difficult from the start . WHOA LOOK AT GOD!!!!

See you have to put on the garment of praise in the midst of hard times and trouble because it will be a shield of protection as it guides you to safety. The bible says there is power in the tongue , so speak on good things and have an attitude of gratitude ? Stop letting the vibes of others bring you down as it passes on negative attitude , change the atmosphere by setting the tone to positive . Your haters will be mad , but you’re winning!!!

Love and Blessings

Help !!!

sitephoto5Lord make me over and create in me a clean heart as you place the right spirit in me . Help me to accept the things I can not change and teach me how to love my enemies as I love myself . Help me to walk in humbleness and silence my inner man to walk in peace and forgiveness for I feel like I am losing my way. Cleanse my soul and consume all the ugly , shameful , wicked ways that lay awake for a chance to come forth and destroy my character . Increase my faith and give me an unquenchable desire to do the things that please you so that others see you flow through me . Help me to love the people that I come in contact with each and everyday , let me see them as you do with compassion and  without judgemental eyes . Break me so that I can be molded the right way , always remembering to pray and keep God first above all , never looking back on the past but pressing on to a better place. Keep my mind focused and clear so that I will be able to see the lessons you set before me as I continue to grow in your grace and mercy . Help me because I can not help myself , I am nothing without you and I will fail without your direction and mercy . Help me because I need you Lord !!!

”  p.s.— never be ashamed to ask for help , your not in this alone God is right there in the midst of it all ”

Love and Blessings

Don’t Settle

photo7Life is a beautiful thing but some days it can turn into a nightmare . Everywhere you turn there is chaos and grief , where is the light at the end of the tunnel ? How in the world do you go on from this nonsense and build yourself back up . Well I have the answer to your questions , it very simple …. don’t settle .

Never give the enemy the satisfaction of rubbing all your issues in your face. Things happen that we have no control over and as a result you settle . Settling weakens you from the inside out , consuming the mind , body and soul . It takes you so far down the rabbit hole that you can never find your way out . That’s the enemy and he has no problem taking you out for good . The devil doesn’t care about your feelings , he has no interest in your plans , hopes , and aspirations . Remember his mission is to steal , kill , and destroy so why not  stop the cycle and forfeit your place as his next victim.

This is why we as believers have to look past the natural view and tap into your spiritual side . Gods plan for us is so great and goes way past our expectations we just need not settle. Take back your joy , peace , and happiness and renew your mind . Why waste time with past hurts , don’t you want to break free from all the drama . Take a stand to drop the burdens , to walk away from the pain , to just be able to breathe freely , to exhale . It is time to regain your new found freedom as you trust God and take him at his word while saying bye bye and never looking back .

Love and Blessings

Joy Is Strength

photo8It’s a beautiful day  that has never been seen , one that will provide a new adventure , blessing or even despair .  No matter the outcome of this day we can rest assured that we have already been provided with a precious gift called joy . This gift will give you a peace of mind in the midst of turbulence as you go through the fires of life . The joy of the Lord is our strength and this strength will move mountains and  give a new found hope . This strength can help you love your enemies when they do all they can to slander and destroy you . This strength brings hope to an otherwise dead situation , when all hope is lost and you can’t seem to find a way out or an answer to resolve your needs.

This joy that I have the world can’t take it away , it is not theirs it belongs to me .  The joy I have is so amazing because it allows me to stay focused on God and on what he has for me. Things have more clarity now that I have accepted everything that happens in my life is intentional and is working for my good. I will trust in the Lord for he is my strength and he will provide for me and in this I am secure . Even when I can not see how the current path is helping me I can relax and be joyful .

No need to be sad and burden down , let go and let God have his way . Get yourself a dose of Joy and let it be the ” pick me up” for your soul . I promise your world will get better and things will began to change . The joy that you have the world didn’t give it  and the world can’t take it away !!!


spa-zen-stonesOften times I find my mind wondering back to past hurts and disappointments caused by the people I deal with on a daily basis , whether it’s loved ones , friends or even associates . In this moment I literally relive the scene and wonder why things happened as they have , I ask myself why are you so angered by this ? Never really getting an answer because the pain consumes me , so now I am angry , frustrated , and alone . The truth of the matter is that I should have turned it over to God along time ago and went on with my life . People are designed under the image of God yet we stray away from his word and this is why we find ourselves lost with no hope.

We have the tools to redirect our perspectives and release the ties of life that tend to burden us down and weigh so heavy on our hearts. The main objective is the trust factor we have in God and the assurance that he can and will deliver us . The bible tells us God is a present help in the times of trouble , the problem isn’t getting him to move on our behalf it’s getting us to move out of the way . Despite what you may think , miracles are performed daily and so are blessings , nothing has changed with God except us . We stop adhering to his call , stop taking time to speak with him , we stopped listening and watching for things to manifest . We lost faith because we look at problem instead of trusting in the solution , faith without works (belief) is dead .

If you truly want to be set free from the past you’ve got to put some time in with God , giving all your burdens to him and never looking back . Sure you may stumble and fall but will yourself to get up and keep on moving , do not conform yourself to the normal responses . Cast all your cares on him and watch him set you free. Lay aside those dead dreams , failed relationships and broken promises and be delivered , let the past stay right where it is . It wasn’t until I decided to break free from everything that I found myself again , remembering who I am and who I was created for . I have stated many times that I trust God and I know he is able to lift these burdens , but it meant nothing because I would not let go I couldn’t .

Oh but when I finally began to see what was happening to me and how miserable I was I cried out to God and told him I needed his help . You got to know when to surrender and set your self free. Romans chapter 5 reminds us that we have justification by faith and with that comes peace. It goes on to say that same faith provides grace to stand as we rejoice in the hope of God’s glory .You see all that you’ve faced , every trial and error , every scandal and dark secret , every lie ever told about you has a purpose . And it is with this purpose that you can stand strong and be set free .

Allow yourself to be happy , drop the past and be delivered !!!  Never go back to that dead place because there is no life there , just pain and wasted time . The joy of the Lord is your strength use it and regain your deliverance .

Love and Blessings

Let’s Stay Connected

skyphoto2Each and every day we wake up and the first thing we do is grab our cell phone and head straight to the social media pages looking to see what took place why we where asleep . Who’s doing what to who , what’s their social status , how many likes did we get and so on . But how many of us take that type of dedication to acknowledge God ? Do we even say good morning or thank you Lord for keeping us through the night free from hurt harm and danger ? I am sure the answer from most people is no , the truth of the matter is we have attached ourselves to so many material things that we have forgot about the one that has allowed us all that we have to begin with .

We are a media filled world yet when it comes to the things concerning your spiritual life we become white noise . Hooked to reality television shows trying to emulate what we see , posting things of a private nature for all the world to see just to have a sense of  purpose and validity , but why ? The truth is a lot of  folks are just looking for someone to talk about because their lives are empty so your set backs , failures and accomplishments keep them alive. Isn’t it funny that when someone post something like ” if you love the Lord type amen ” that people will keep scrolling  but if the post reads something vulgar or tacky and messy that the like button turns red and the comment section blows up . What’s worst these are the spirit filled , holy ghost , shout you out your shoes , filled with Gods’ love people ( smh) , we got to do better !!!!

You can’t keep going down the same path and expect to be blessed. God will not tolerate being last on the list , he is a jealous God and he will have your immediate attention. If you want things to change in your life then you must be willing to walk away from the familiar and become uncomfortable . God’s way is simple , if your not connected to him you can’t get anything from him . You must put in some work in order to see the rewards of your labor. When you open your eyes till they close at the end of the day , remember to give God your undivided attention , always giving thanks in all you say and do , and never be ashamed to tell of his goodness and mercy . The bible tells us that if we are ashamed of the Father , he’ll be ashamed of you .

Start the day of right by taking time to give God his props for your life , make that connection and add him to your fav’s list .  He won’t disappoint you , his quality of work speaks for itself . Let’s get connected !!!!

Love and Blessings