Selective hearing …

We must begin to develop a selective hearing process. Stop absorbing garbage and trying to make it golden words of wisdom. Choose to intake God’s words for edification and not as condemnation. Stop allowing the enemy to whisper intoxicating words of despair and destruction. He knows the right things to say that lead you to the lies he orchestrated. Speak life to your situation to that matter that’s pressing you that’s stopping your overflow. God’s speaking are you listening??? Choose wisely, be selective!!!

Love and Blessings

I must…

I must get through this pain

I must pray without fear of what lies ahead

I must utilize my strength and stretch out on Faith

I must accept that I can’t handle this life alone

I must acknowledge that it is the Lord my God that strengthens me

I must stop attacking my mind as I blame myself for anything that goes wrong

I must not allow the enemy to come into my life cause discord and lay there and die

I must press for the prize of a higher calling

I must turn from my wicked thoughts and pray for a closer walk with the master

I must remember that the pain is a lesson not a punishment

I must run to Jesus and lay it all at his feet laying prostrate before him

I must get out of the way so he can perfect that which he has begun in me

I must not give in for he has given me a promise of peace and a power in my praise


Love and Blessings

Will you trust me ?

Will you trust me when everything around you begins to crumble? When people you thought where trust worthy let you down? When your family deserted you and friends are no longer available. When the chaos consumes you from the inside out. When you lose loved ones , your job and material possessions. Will you trust me ?

Will you be like Job and even though I allowed Satan to destroy his world he said Lord I will trust you!!! Or will you be like Peter and take your eyes off me and drown or when because I was not in his presence you deny me ?

Listen the righteous are never forsaken nor will they have to beg for bread . All you need to do is believe and take me at my word. Trust me with all you have and exercise that Faith no matter the size and I will make all things new. Those that wait on me receive the ultimate gift. Just like Job I will restore all you have lost a hundred times over and like Peter I will build my church. So I ask you again … will you trust me ?

Love and Blessings


Everyday you allow me a new lease on life

Everyday you have new blessings stored up for me to receive

Everyday I am surrounded by my loved ones friends and family

Everyday you supply my needs according to your riches

Everyday there is something that tries to attack my body soul and spirit

Everyday you show me exactly who you are

Everyday more and more I want to be in your presence uplifting and praising you

Everyday I encounter something or someone that challenges my spiritual growth but you never turn away

I need you Everyday Every hour in Every way…

Love and Blessings

We must…

We must begin to pray for those who are in charge of this world. We must pray for our leaders parishioners ministers Kings and councils. We must pray for our bosses executives teachers and so forth….

We must never forget that people of a higher power are human and they need help just like we do. Because pastors pray for the souls of their congregation and people they meet along the way the heavy burdens they endure carry much pain heartache and tribulations ; this type of pressure can destroy you. One thing we must believe is that with much responsibility comes a lot of blood sweat and tears.

Life is not always glamorous and things we see on the outside aren’t always what’s really happening. The Lord tells us not to forget to assemble ourselves and that we should always pray. So never forget to think on others and to do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

Love and Blessings


The earth is the Lords and all that dwell here belong to him and without him we would not exist.

The Heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handiwork… Ps 19:1

We where created in his image and because of him we have life and hope.

Let’s not forget to give honor to the Most high and show him humble loving hearts of appreciation.

Love and Blessings

Do you know?

Do you know who you are and to whom you belong?

Do you know that you are of a chosen generation and you are of  a royal bloodline. You’re from a Holy nation filled with peculiar people. And these people like yourself offer up major praise to the only one that could take you out of that sunken state of mind filled with darkness and despair and bring you into his glorious and marvelous light.

Don’t count yourself short with the cares of this world instead speak life into the prayers you utter to the Lord. Tell him that you need his help and you can’t do this alone. Walk like it is already done and regain your peace of mind.

Do you know who you are ? You are a child of the most high God and he is your Heavenly Father. Take comfort in these words for the Great Shepherd our God always takes care of his children.

Love and Blessings