Bring it to me ….

Bring me your hurt and pain

Bring me your heavy heart and release your tears

Bring me your brokenness

All the sorrow and despair the cover ups and secret sins

Bring your troubles bring your grief for there is nothing you have that I can’t handle

Release everything that pulls you down and keeps you from my presence

Delight yourself in me and let me carry the burdens for I take pleasure in caring for my beloved children

Nothing you do will separate us for I already know all there is to know concerning you

Seek my face hear my voice and bring it all to me. I will release it all and ease your mind

I am the Lord thy God I cover thee I make your heart to be at peace and my grace and mercy surround you as a shield

I am the good shepherd and I take care of my sheep

Come now and bring it all to me

Love and Blessings

A.M. talks…

Help me Lord to follow where you lead.

Show me myself so that my life is transparent before you.

Enlighten me with your wisdom so that I may understand your thoughts concerning me.

Strengthen my weaknesses and cleanse me from within.

Let the life that I live be a testament to those who see me ; May they see you living boldly in me.

Teach me how to listen for your instruction and also how to deliver it to the people.

Keep me humble and solidified in you that I may be able to help someone along the way.

Let love abide in me through me and may it pour out of me like oil.

I love you Lord and wherever I go let your spirit be with me.

They that wait on the Lord shall have peace and a renewed spirit, oh what a wonderful blessing to be under the grace and mercy of the all Mighty King of Glory!!!

Love and Blessings

Where he leads…

When the spirit of the Lord begins to move he may take you to some uncomfortable places. You may have to turn away from what is normal and have a seat at the table of “what just happened “?

Gods ways are not like ours and he doesn’t stay confined to a box of normalcy for the sake of staying on someone’s good side.

We often ask God to lead us and direct us but when he brings us to our place of consecration we freeze up and say Lord I can’t do this.

But be encouraged today for where the spirit of the Lord is there will be peace and his glory will grant you blessings to places beyond comprehension. He will never take you to a place where he won’t be present.

If you can just step aside and lay your doubts and fears to rest God will begin to reveal his plans and show you what to do. When God calls you it’s a guarantee that he’ll be smack dab in the middle to guide you along the way.

Listen in all your ways acknowledge him in any circumstances or situations and you will find yourself in places that you’re not even qualified by mans standards to be. Remember he knows the plans he has set for every single one of us so wherever he leads just know that it is working for your good. You don’t need to know the ins and outs just know that God is with you always .

So my question for you today is “Are you willing to follow where he leads”???

Love and Blessings


You’re not what they say you are because you belong to the Most High!

The past doesn’t define you instead it helps to transform you into a better version of who you’re called to be. They may only remember the bad you’ve done or what you have said but once you have confessed that thing and gave it over to the Master you are made new.

Stop looking for affirmation from the world because only Gods options carry you from here to there. Life challenges us daily in any shape or form but only what is done for Christ will last.

Jesus will use the ordinary and make them extraordinary, the outcast he’ll use to speak to the masses and the runt he’ll make into the cream of the crop.

Remember you are not what they say you are because you belong to the Most High. Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks right into your soul and sees your heart.

Be encouraged be blessed!

Love and Blessings

None like you….

There is none like you

You are my God the Great I Am

A comfort for me a guiding light in the darkness

My voice of reason in the middle of chaos and it is there I find peace

In the right moment you always send someone my way to encourage me because you know my thoughts afar

All glory honor and praise belongs to you and I will continue to lift you up

Faith develops by hearing you and in the process I receive wisdom to help my understanding

You see a light shining inside of me that has purpose and healing attributes

I love you Lord and I thank you that you first loved me

There is none like you , my Heavenly Father , my peace my strength my life

Love and Blessings

It’s me….

It’s me Lord , it’s Nikki.

I am in need of prayer for myself. I am broken tired and desperate for relief. Life has thrown a few hard punches in the last few months and I feel as though I can’t do this anymore. My faith is weakened by the heartbreak of losing my dad and I struggle with this daily , oh how my soul cry’s out!

Your word is my strength and in it I find peace. I know you are the lifter of my head and in you I have joy . Honestly at this moment I can’t even concentrate on the word and my focus is distracted when I pray. The enemy is circling around me and doing his best to break me down. But as you Peter to come I will follow your lead and even if my eyes steer away I will always look back towards you.

Commune with me today and bless my inner man with your Holiness. Forgive me for my state of being and create a newness in me as you set a watch at the doors of my heart which will also protect the words that flow from my lips.

My heart is full but you will never leave me alone. My mind is made up therefore regardless of what I’m faced with I shall now and forever keep my trust in you. It’s me Lord , it’s Nikki and I’m standing in the need of prayer….

His open Heaven…

We are under the openness of Gods grace and mercy and in him there is fullness of joy. His peace flows through our hearts and in our minds as a cool breeze in midst of the day. He showers down his love upon us and the Heavens rejoice with each new day.

Delight yourself in the Lord and begin to see the wondrous works of his love. He is standing in midst of your storms to comfort you as he guides you through. No measure of earthly gain compares to the limitless possibilities he provides each and every moment.

We are under Gods open heaven so come and get all you need . His grace is sufficient for you today so abide in his love and take him with you , commune with him and watch your life transform.

Love and Blessings