Morning meditation…

Lord I thank you for this day. Whatever comes let the Holy Spirit lead and direct my path for I follow your instructions it is my pleasure. My soul submits to you and I take pleasure in praising your Holy name. Humbly I bow before the King of kings and Lord of lords so that he may open up the Heavens and break open a fresh anointing in my life.

I will bless the Lord for he is my refuge my strength in him do I trust. Allow me to serve you with my whole heart as you pour into my life and may I forever remain at your feet for where you are is where I want to be!!!

Love and Blessings

Guide me this day….

Guide me Lord and instruct me for today’s assignment

Search me Lord and should there be any wicked way in me cast it far from me

Cleanse my heart and spirit so that I may stay connected to you

Open my spiritual eyes and allow me to see correctly

Set coals of cleansing upon my lips that no foul words form

My body belongs to you do with me as you will

I belong to you so have your way and keep me strong steadfast and humble

Strengthen revive and restore me back to a place of value and readiness

I surrender all , I am here I am ready …. guide me

Love and Blessings


Lord today I’m feeling extremely lost. I can’t seem to accept the call on my life and I feel as if I’m not worthy to serve your will. I really need direction I need clarity and I need to hear from you. I am so out of my comfort zone and I’m in need of you! Help me Lord I’m lost , direct me Lord for I’m lost , hold me Jesus I am lost oh my God I need you…..

Love and Blessings


Stop giving in to the normal way of thinking. Allow the Lord to do his job and work his purpose for your life. We always say we want God to lead and direct us but when it’s all said and done we don’t give him time to take care of our needs . Everyone is always looking for a quick fix but that’s not his way he is an on time God not a hurry up I’m waiting kind of God.

We have to do better and learn to develop an intimate relationship with him and learn to be still and know who we serve !!!

Love and Blessings

Lord have your way…

Guide me Lord with your hand as you direct me in the way that I should go and quite my spirit so that I can hear your divine instruction.

Lord have your way!

You will keep me in perfect peace when my mind stays on you for you are my rock my strength and my salvation, there is none like thee.

Lord have your way!

Where you lead I will follow and the path will be made clear so let not your hand be removed from my life for you are all I need .

Lord have your way!

Trust the Lord with all your heart and don’t lean towards your own way of thinking but in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct you.

Lord have your way!

Love and Blessings


This is the first day of the first month to a new year and during this time most people look for a fresh start and make life changing decisions. I first want to acknowledge our Lord and Savior for allowing us to even see this day and also thank you Lord for keeping us and carrying us through 2019 and bringing us into the year 2020.

A week or so ago I heard the Lord say ‘reflection’ but I never heard him say what needed to be penned down , this morning I heard it again . Reflection has many meanings by the dictionary but what stands out for me is 1) the image given back by a reflecting surface and 2) an effect produced by an influence.

As I look in the mirror I see a woman that has carried a lot of baggage , hurt , pain and disappointment. But I also see that same woman growing from all of that and placing all she has in the capable hands of God. The year 2019 was filled with many days of pain sorrow and tears . I lost my dad and it totally devastated my heart , although he is gone on to be with the Lord I just felt like it was too soon. I hadn’t even began to grieve when I was given the position to carry on his legacy as the leader of his flock. I was not happy about this at all!  I just kept thinking this has got to be a mistake I mean God surely doesn’t want me leading people. I tried rationalizing that yes I was his assistant but my skill set is “worship” not pastor , hmm God has other plans.

I know the road ahead will be filled with a lot but I can do all things through Christ because he is the light and he knows whats best for me!

Take some time and reflect back to those places in your life where nothing was going right and then ask God to lead and direct you now as you embark into a new beginning . I heard a minister say this morning that your insight is far better than your eyesight ….. that reached me instantly ! We have a tendency to always go by what we see and never take time to think about the situation or circumstance before moving or acting on it. You can never see clearly if you cant see what’s really in front of you , it’s time to reflect .

God bless and keep you and your loved ones as this new season begins.

Love and Blessings… XOXO


Lord help me this day to see you in your glorious light. Show me the way that I should go so that I am exactly where you need me to be. Guide my heart and mind and keep me from walking in my own way but allow you to take complete control and lead me as you see fit.

I belong to you Father and you alone , no longer do I desire to not be where you are no longer do I have the need to want to do things on my own account. I need thee every moment of every day and for without you I am nothing but with you I am a champion and victory shall be mine.

I love you Lord I need you Lord I completely surrender and give my life my all to you !

Love and Blessings