Help me Lord to wait on you and to not get weary. Fill me with your love and kindness and teach me all your ways. Let me be a light in the world a place of peace and comfort to those in need. Help me not to pass judgement to gossip to walk the path of discord. Show me myself daily so that I can be what you have purposed me to be. Your judgment is my salvation my strength and my humility. Thank you Lord for this day for loving keeping and blessings me. Your love is my peace and I will live boldly in it!!!

Love and Blessings

Oh Lord…

Lately everyday seems to be a challenge. There is death sickness pain anxiety and depression. I try to stay focused on the idea that you will deliver and restore but without fail there is always something trying to chip away at my faith.

Lord today I ask that you go into the sick room and heal those that have given up remove the alien force that would cause the body to shut down to become diseased and infected. Go into the hearts and minds of those that are mentally and emotionally defeated, they have lost their faith and trust in you. To those that feel alone and misunderstood that have lost themselves and have pushed you aside. To the one that is ready to end it all because there is no one there and the silence is just too loud. Come in Lord and remove the doubt fear and negativity and renew the heart and mind the body soul and spirit. Faith comes by hearing your words so open the ears and eyes of our understanding and help us to stand strong.

For if walk by faith and not by what we see you shall cleanse heal and restore the broken pieces in the Powerful Name of Jesus I pray …. Amen

Love and Blessings

I’m praying for you…

I’m asking God to watch over you and to keep you from all hurt harm and danger. To shield you and guard your heart and mind as you go about the day. For comfort and strength for protection and peace. Help them and open their spiritual senses in order to fulfill your purpose. To not be ashamed of the gospel but to rightly provide the word unto all the world. No matter the circumstances teach them your way and clear any doubt. Fear is the monster that creeps in to swallow us whole and consume our peace. Help us Lord for we are dying without purpose we have forgotten how to stand and fight. Burn your word upon our hearts and minds and renew us continually lest we forget what is good and acceptable in your way. We are a chosen generation we must not give up hope we must overcome the obstacles and obtain the victory!

Love and Blessings


Wait on the Lord and be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart wait on the Lord (Ps 27:14)

I know it’s hard to do the right thing when the enemy keeps sending everything he has at you to make you waiver in your Faith but just hold on and wait for God. Times get hard and circumstances are overwhelming but wait on the Lord. Seems like everyone around you is prosperous and you continue to fail but wait on the Lord. Truthfully God is faithful and he knows what you are facing but just wait on the Lord. Wait on him and let him lead and guide you. Trust him and watch him work it out. His ways and timing are not our own so utilize him and allow him to fix it. Just a little faith just a little patience just wait a little while longer!!!

Love and Blessings


I am the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end

I am the Lord thy God I change not

I am the judge jury and the justice

I am a strong tower a firm solid foundation and protection for all

I will never leave you alone cast aside and left to fend for yourself

I the Lord can’t lie so if I promised it then it shall come into existence

I am with you always you’re never alone

I came into this world to save those that are lost broken and weary

I am all that you need why would you not chose me ? Don’t give up and surrender to your pain instead come to me all of you that carry those heavy burdens and I will give you rest for your soul

I am that I am … I am the Lord thy God !!!

Love and Blessings

This far…

We’ve come this far by Faith leaning on the Lord and trusting in his Holy word. All praise to him for he has never failed us ! Oh how my soul rejoices. I can’t turn back because he hasn’t failed me yet!

The sacrifice he provided has paved a way to eternal gain. I will continue on this road to Glory for you have stirred up something in me that I can’t contain. Thank you for what you have done for what you are doing and what is to come!

So thankful so humble so blessed. Thank you Lord!!! I have no idea what the future has in store for me but you hold my future in the palm of your hands. I’ve come this far by Faith and I will continue to lean and trust in the Lord….

Love and Blessings