God is the source and the strength of my life he rules all the pain the envy and strife his promise is to keep me never leaving and I can confess that he has never fallen short of his word.

What a mighty God we serve!!!

Love and Blessings


Focus on what God is doing in your life don’t look at what your neighbor is doing for their destiny isn’t your purpose. Delight yourself in Jesus and watch him work on your behalf. Worship him and bless his Holy name for he is your Father and he cares for you!!

Love and Blessings

For Me….

You are the keeper of my soul , my present help in the time of need

Nothing escapes you for you are the creator of all and because of you all things exist

Life without you is a death sentence but life with you provides and everlasting guarantee

There is nothing that will cause harm to my life for you hold all power in your hands

Faith is the remedy to my needs and it cast out doubts and fears when I truly apply it to my life

I love you Lord and I will past this test , thank you for all you have done for me

The Lord is my light and salvation , whom shall I fear whom shall I be afraid ? (Ps 27:1 KJV)

Love and Blessings



Tired of feeling inadequate

Tired of being sick

Tired of living beyond my means

Tired of trying to stay ahead

Tired of life church and family

Tired of fake friends , the job … ugh

But then I am reminded that the race is not given to the swift nor to the strong but it is given to the one that endures till the end

Forgive me Lord for my selfish rants and help me to run this race in spirit and in truth because I can do all things through Christ because you strengthen me

Love and Blessings


Lord help me to set aside any pride that I may have and accept your will without rebellion. Teach me how to see myself and dedicate all I have to fulfilling my purpose.

Show me myself and clean me up from the inside so that it reflects on the outside. Free me from myself because I will mess up everything. I want to fulfill your promise for my life and I want to bless others as I tell  of your goodness and mercy. Clean me and renew me , release the past so that I can soar in the future.

Connection to you is my sole reason for existence in this world. I will sing your praises and worship in your truth. Help me to see the enemy and the devices he will use to attempt to destroy me. Solidify me and make me over as many times as you see fit until I am exactly who you’ve called me to be.

I am delivered set free and redeemed , HALLELUJAH I GOT THE V I C T O R Y !!!

Love and Blessings


I find no fault no failure just total joy and happiness in Jesus. I find myself looking for a close relationship with him because he is my strength and I am nothing without him. I’m striving to be better than what I was in the past and stronger than yesterday. I love the Lord and I will always look to you from where my help comes from ; thank you Lord for all you have done and for giving me another day to praise your Holy name!!!

Love and Blessings


It is time to kick the devil out of your life , tell him he is no longer welcomed

Devil I want you to pick up your trash and get to stepping because I can no longer entertain. I’m tired of you constantly hanging around my life causing chaos and unwanted pain. Lord watch over my life and keep me safe ; safe from all the tricks of the enemy and help me to see your glory. Your word tells us that if we resist the devil he shall flee ( James 4:7). Now I am no fool because I know that he will return and it will be with a vengeance. His sole purpose in life is to destroy everything he can for the bible also says he comes to steal kill and to destroy ( John 10:10).

If we continue to cower every time something goes wrong in our life we will never get the victory. You must exercise your spiritual right to live the life that has been given to you ( I come that you may have life and life more abundantly… John 10:10). Trust God and take him at his promise towards you. Devil you have got to leave in the Power name of Jesus , the Son of the Living God!!! I no longer accept the games you wish to play , all the negative views you like to present . No more whispering sweet lies of nothing in my ear and acting as if we are in a relationship. You’re a liar from the pits of hell and you can’t have my life for I am a child of the king!

Lord cover my family and keep them safe and hedged in. Watch over my friends and foes and help me to show the love that you give. Let me walk in your will as you bless my coming and going covering me from the wiles of the devil and opening my eyes to what’s really going on. Let my light shine as I help others to see that you are good and your mercy endures forever. Keep me lead me and prepare me , just as you did David Abraham Job and so many others.

I want to be better than I was yesterday and wiser than last year. I can do all things through Christ because he gives me strength courage and direction.  Satan you have been evicted , bye!!!

Love and Blessings