Nothing to prove….

You have nothing to prove just do the Lords will and he will do the rest

There’s no need to feel inadequate concerning your purpose for it will reveal itself

Set yourself in alignment with the word and do your best to follow its instructions

It doesn’t matter how many people have the same view your vision is yours and it will make room for itself just remain faithful

He knows the plans he has prepared and when he calls you to it you are more than equipped to handle it

Keep praying and pressing towards your life purpose and remain humble while asking listening and receiving the strength to see it through

You have nothing to prove it’s already done

Love and Blessings

Make a difference….

Help me Lord this day to walk in your will and to walk in love not in strife to help and encourage others not degrading and judging. Let your peace be upon me and let your light shine through.

Let’s make a difference in the lives of those we come across today! Let the love of God show in and through you today and be a blessing to someone . People are hurting and the enemy uses their pain to destroy them so step out of your comfort zone and make a difference to someone today. Even a smile can help them to heal …

Love and Blessings

This day….

Help me this day to walk in love and to be about your business.

Show me what needs to be done this day and give me the strength to endure .

Live in me this day at this moment as I line up to receive what you have for me.

Show me this day how to love on others more than myself to do your will with out question and to walk in love spirit and truth.

Sufficient is this day for tomorrow will take care of itself and yesterday is but a memory of today!!!

Love and Blessings

Daddy’s girl…

This morning I heard your voice. “Good morning baby” as if it was really you! I can see your face and your smile as I opened my eyes. So many things left unsaid so many lessons left unlearned. This week has been harder to deal with than the days leading up to your passing. God help me to heal and not become a burdened bitter version of my self. Emotional pain causes physical breakdowns but your word Lord is a lamp to my feet strength to my soul and healing to my spirit.

Nothing last forever and each day you supply my every need. Although I miss my father I know that he is resting and rejoicing with you in the Heavenly realm so I take comfort in knowing that we shall see each other again .

Lord Jesus please help me today to take comfort in knowing my strength comes from you and that I will heal because this chapter of my life is going to build my strength increase my faith and lead me closer to my destiny….

I miss you daddy but this is only for a season…..


We often are faced with situations that are most uncomfortable. We toil over the pain and despair wondering why God won’t remove this from you. You struggle and your faith is shaky , but the joy of the Lord is your strength! What the enemy has done is meant to destroy you , it’s evil and nothing good BUT God uses that same plan for your good! There are no limits to the awesome work of the Lord and we must learn to lean not to our own understanding but in everything trust God and seek his face ….

Love and Blessings

You got this….

It looks as if the enemy has you defeated and all hope is lost but when you wait on the Lord and keep your spirit in line with his things begin to change. Faith is an action word whereby you must exercise it in order to see the goodness of the Lord. Let’s begin to practice using faith as our weapon of choice while not leaning towards what we think it should be but instead allow the word to take hold of our lives and create in us a new thing.

Remember faith is that substance of things we hope for long for and desire but it is also the evidence of those same things we have yet to see . Be encouraged you got this !!!

Love and Blessings