I will call on the name of the Lord for he holds my future in his hands. The earth belongs to him and all that dwells within it : and because of this I have absolutely nothing to fear. I may not be able to see the blessings that await me but I know he has me covered. Even in my life where there’s no hope left he pulls me up out of that place and shines down his love and kindness.

I may not have all that I desire or be where I should but I serve the Living God who is able and willing to keep me from falling so for this I will praise and worship him now and forever!

Love and Blessings

Just trust him…

Trust the Lord with all you have and forget what you think you know. Fear and doubt plaque the mind and will have you feeling defeated but if you trust him he will make it all right! Trouble has no respect of person it is just business as usual, but the “Lord of All’’ shall move every obstacle and clear your way with his grace and unlimited mercy.

Trusting God provides endless opportunities and unimaginable possibilities….. do not even contemplate just take him at his word as you wait on him and trust him.

Love and Blessings

Today is a good day…

No matter what’s happening around me today is a good day

Despite the hardship the loss and frustrations that arise , today is a good day

Hopelessness may attempt to creep in but the Lord lifts up a barrier for me so today is a good day

The storms may come and the valley may get really low but today is a good day

People may talk about me and let me down or even scandalize my name but today is a good day

No matter what’s going on with you no matter where you are in life right now remember that today is a good day! Believe and trust God to keep you , cover you and take you through this day for he is sufficient and he is more than able.

Love and Blessings

This is the day….

This is the day that the Lord has made so let us rejoice in it and be glad! Stop wallowing in past hurts, fears and doubts for his mercies are new each and every morning! Our God is faithful and just , he is a very present help in our lives and we never need to worry about him walking away and leaving us to fend for ourselves. It is his unconditional love that secures us into the fold as salvation is the key to life everlasting. If we can just move “self” from the equation the answer will be apparent. How simple life can be if we would only trust God and take him at his word. He unlike us can not lie nor will he ever fail us for he is the Great I Am and there is nothing higher ,bigger or greater!

This is the day that the Lord has made , wake up with gratitude in your heart and joy in your spirit. Tell the Lord thank you and mean it! He didn’t have to do it but he did, he woke you up and allowed you to see a brand new day full of promise and possibility. Explore his word and meditate within , he will lift the burdens and replace it with a joy that is unspeakable and full of glory!!! Hallelujah …. start shouting you already have the “VICTORY”…..

Love and Blessings

Open my heart…

Open my heart to be receptive to you , to follow your instructions and change the world!

Show me myself, flaws and all as you show me that what you see in me is greatness and you are pleased.

Cleanse my heart and mind as you humble my soul. My ears are perked up as I patiently listen for you.

Teach me how to pray and what to pray for so that I am not selfishly thinking only of myself but others as you have commanded.

Open my heart Lord and remove the scales of doubt fear and anxiety. No longer I but you that lives within me , may I always draw from your well for you are my fortress, deliver, shield , foundation and my strength. My Hightower I will call on you for you are worthy to be praised.

Open my heart and make me new, I will wait on you Lord now and always!

Love and Blessings

Psalms 28: 7-8…

The Lord is my strength and shield , I trust him with my whole heart and he is always there to help me. I will continue to worship and praise him for who he is! For the word tells me that the Lord is the saving strength to his anointed , when we are at the lowest of lows , the deepest places and the uncomfortable circumstances he is a very present help. Let us worship him and give him all praise and honor for the Lord our God strengthens and keeps us all the days of our lives.

Love and Blessings

Hebrews 12:1….

It’s time to let go of any and everything that easily sets us off making us emotionally discouraged distracted and frustrated. Holding on to things you can’t fix or control will cause you to fall short of Gods blessings for your life. You will never have peace of mind because you are now entangled in chaos.

Let it go and let God fix it for you!!!

Love and Blessings

Instruct me…

Instruct me this day to do your will

Show me the path that has been chosen and give me the strength I need to walk in it

Open the eyes of my understanding and provide the wisdom to go forth , open my ears so that I may hear what you say as I go to do your work

Empty me out and fill me with your heavenly trinity so that it is no longer me but you that lives within me that others see

Cleanse and purify my inner man as you restore the joy of my salvation and renew a right spirit within me

Where you lead I will follow for you are always with me , my rock and solid foundation. A hiding place of refuge where I will always be safe. Keep me at your feet in the throne room where I will release the heavy burdens and obtain spiritual blessings and gain. Instruct me Lord this day and I will adhere and follow where you lead.

Love and Blessings

Give it back….

Grant me perfect peace as I keep my eyes on you

Strengthen my weakness and let me not be dismayed

Go before me in the presence of my enemy and stop the fiery dots as no weapon formed shall prosper

I will seek your face early and keep your word as I praise you without failure

Your mercy endures forever

Starting today begin to give the Lord back his words concerning you. His promises are yea and amen and he will always do as he says. Get before him as he gives you beauty for ashes and walks before you as your shield and buckler. Gods word is the key to a victorious life so let’s get into a deep relationship with him and never look back!

Love and Blessings

Renew my faith…

I am tired and worn out , it seems that the trials of life have gotten the best of me. Quarantine is the new normal and being secluded is necessary these days. Sickness and death are more prevalent and sadness is a new state of mind. Someone said that the pandemic is the modern day famine and we the believer must go back to the old ways and seek God diligently in order to be restored.

But I’m reminded that you shall renew my faith as I mimic the mighty eagle and take flight to rise above this chaos and soar. That even in the midst of death you are with me because like the good shepherd your rod and staff comfort me and you will leave the fold to find me for great is your faithfulness unto me!

You are the same yesterday today and forevermore there is none like you. My rock and hiding place a sure foundation my place of peace. In the midst of the storm I have peace for you renew my faith each and every day with brand new mercy and grace.

Let us humble ourselves and pray as we seek the Lord while we still can being bound together in a great brotherhood so that he blesses and heals the land . I await a new dose of his goodness and tender mercy to heal deliver and restore me as it renews my faith!

Love and Blessings