My hope…

All my hope is with you . Although I don’t understand what you are doing within the world at this moment I choose to believe that it is working out for our good. Faith guides me to continue on this journey to walk the path placed before me and not to look back yet in the chaos many have fallen short and have lost their way.

Your word says you strengthen us in times of weakness and your light shines through the darkness. No weapon formed shall prevail nor will it harm is if we just continue to place our lives in your hand.

My faith looks up to thee oh lamb of liberty. There’s nobody greater than you Lord and my hope is built on nothing less than your blood and righteousness. Grant us mercy to get through this day in Jesus name for there is nobody liken unto our God!

Love and Blessings

He is so good…

The days get longer when the troubles in life are awaken. The nights are so dark and weary because the sun seems like it will never shine again. But when you call upon the Lord our God he will answer. His power quickens your inner man and strengthens your weakness. In the times of trouble he hides us under his Almighty shadow and comforts us. He will also prepare a table before us as he takes us through the valley of the shadows of death sickness and unforeseen circumstances.

No weapon formed can harm us with the Lord on our side because he is a very present help in the every aspect of life. Give him praise as you worship with your whole heart. He will never fail you. He looks beyond our faults to handle our needs , there is no greater love than this.

I love you Lord and I lift my hands and worship you now and forever. You are so good !!!

Love and Blessings

Good vibes….

Rise and shine for today is a new day with brand new blessings and possibilities. Don’t focus on the past instead learn from it and allow yourself the opportunity to grow . Circumstances and situations will always occur , it’s a part of life and so it is how you handle it that determines the outcome of your day.

Embrace the happiness of your day and live , we can’t change or fix things that are out of our control so stop absorbing it and release it back to the hands of God. He is a very present help in the times of need in the times of sorrow and weakness.

Have a beautiful day and resist the urge to accept the negative. As we say now and days “Good Vibes Only”….

Love and Blessings


Your spirit…

Your spirit moves among us to keep us focused

Your spirit lifts the fallen soul and brings it back to a place of serenity

It is that same spirit that leads directs and keeps us safe guarding us from the hands of the enemy

Holy spirit come and ease the pain of sickness and suffering , removing the hurt and sorrow. Surround us with your grace and mercy that is given to us each day. As tragedy and chaos fills the space of normal life we struggle to see hope. Enlighten our hearts and minds that we may turn towards you for restoration and strength. If we never thought we needed you, we definitely need you now.

May your spirit shine brightly and bring us out of the darkness and back into your marvelous light

Love and Blessings

You want change…..

God gives us everything and he does it because he loves us …..

He only requires that we submit ourselves to him and receive his only begotten son as our Lord and Savior .

Salvation is a free gift with no hidden agendas , people often feel like accepting Christ is a death sentence but it’s actually assurance to having everlasting life.

We built this land on a slogan “ In God we trust” but the truth is we don’t. Some believe he doesn’t care he doesn’t see us but God is still working on our behalf .

Help us Lord to get back to you for we have lost our way and the world is falling apart. Let the redeemed of the Lord stand upon the word of God and pray for this nation not only that but help those in need if you can . Display love because even a simple smile can lighten the load of someone with a heavy heart.

We need a shaking of the Holy Ghost to come and stir up the people to open their eyes and hearts . You want change you must change .

Love and Blessings


Thank you Lord for choosing a wretch like me . Thank you for looking past all my faults and seeing my needs . For protection and healing for grace and mercy that you restore each and every day. You walk with me and speak comfort to my soul. Your peace you leave with me that I may see your goodness right here on earth. You gave yourself that we might be set free. Thank you Lord Jesus for you paid the ultimate price there’s no one like you. I give you all of me and I walk humbly before you.

Words will never be enough to show my love for you but you know my heart and it is always with you and you with me . May my light shine and be helpful to someone in need this day. May I never loose sight of my purpose or my praise. Thank you Lord for choosing me.

Love and Blessings

A new day….

Good morning Lord,

Today is a new day and a opportunity for new blessings. Help me to embrace your will for my life without contentment or resistance. Show me my purpose and place me where I need to be. Cover me from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet so that no weapon formed shall prevail. When the enemy comes lift up your hedge of protection and strengthen my weakness.

Thou oh Lord are a comfort to my weary heart and peace to my storm. I’m committed to you forever, never having a desire to turn and walk away. The days get hard most times but I know you are with me . Help me to see pass the pain and hurt so that I may get the victory.

Open my ears to hear you my eyes to see you and my heart to receive your grace and mercy with the joy that’s inspiration to me and it keeps me. Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that’s within me bless his Holy name for today is a new day.

Love and Blessings

Determined heart….

If you never did another thing for me I would still praise you

Your spirit and power leads and guides me

Direction and security keeps me in a place where I will wait on you

All I will ever need is found in you

Settle my heart and spirit man as I need comfort that only you can deliver

The power of the Holy Ghost removes reconstructs rebuilds and releases me to a place of perfect peace because my mind is constantly relying on you

I want to be where you are to see your Glory here on earth where I can share my experience with others

What a Mighty God I serve , I humble myself and wait for you to move because my heart is determined and my mind is made up

Love and Blessings


All that I am is because of you Lord. You know my heart mind and spirit you can see things in me not revealed to the naked eye. I fall short from time to time and I feel lost but then the Holy Spirit sweeps in and provides me with a word of comfort and peace of mind.

Nothing that I go through is too much to bare because your ways order my steps. All that I am is from you my path has been predestined for a higher purpose may I never loose sight or my way.

With love and kindness you drew me to become a wonderful blessing to all I come in contact with . You knew me before I was even conceived , you knew what I would do and how I would act yet you chose me.

My heart is yours Lord. Show me daily the path you have set for me and guide me through it. My heart my mind my soul waits on you!

Love and Blessings