Your word….

Your word is a lamp to my feet that guides and directs my pathway. It is the instruction template to everlasting life and without it I will surely fail. Imprint your word on the the tables of my heart and soul as they etch into the core of my spirit. Let me utter your word like a love song that plays continuously within me and becomes one with me. As I meditate on you allow the word to remind me that it is you that knew me before I was conceived and my life is in your hands. Your word is fuel to my inner man and without it I will die. Thy word is a lamp to my feet and the light to my path……

Love and Blessings


Lord you are good and your mercy endures forever!

I will forever be devoted to you for you are the only constant source in my life . You never leave me you never turn me away. You love me in-spite of all I do. Never once have you left me alone but instead you cover me with an unconditional love. Oh how I love you ….

Love and Blessings

It’s necessary….

Your struggle is necessary

Your tears are necessary

Your pain is necessary

Your hurt despair and discomfort are all necessary

Every thing you face in life is necessary for it will mold and shape you into your purpose. God does nothing in vain so just pray and trust his process. It will hurt sometimes it will seem hopeless at times but the Lord is there and he sees you . Remember he has been touch with all our infirmity so he knows what your feeling. These test and trials are merely a stepping stone to your destiny. Be encouraged for everything you’re going through is necessary!

Love and Blessings


The true sincere prayers of the righteous are extremely powerful. The Lord hears the prayers and he will answer them. Seek his wisdom and instruction wait for him and let him direct your life. Try with all you have not to give up when the resolution seems to move at a snails pace. God’s Grace is sufficient for you and me and he has enough to heal the entire world. Pray without failure and keep your eyes focused on Jesus!!!

Love and Blessings

Mighty God

The Lord thy God is strong and mighty he is the conquering strength in any battle. Neither death nor hell could contain him and his victory is our strength. Life without him is useless but with him is joy unexplainable and blessings beyond belief. Gods plan is always on time we must just allow him to move his way . What a mighty mighty God we serve !!!!

Love and Blessings

Help me….

It’s me Lord and I am standing in the need of prayer. Life has become harder and the tears are a little heavier and more frequent. As the days come and go I do my best to stay upbeat but the truth is when it’s quiet my mind begins to turn into a typhoon and I find myself lost in the midst of it all. The word says that if we wait on you we will be renewed and soar as the eagle that if we put our hope and trust in you that we will be made whole.

I do not know why you have allowed all this to be and how long it will continue but I do know that I have nothing nor can I do anything without you so help me Jesus for I’m standing in the need of prayer……

On my own…

On my own I am nothing just a wondering soul seeking comfort. On my own I am defeated most times before the fight has even begun. On my own I look for resolution but only have chaos and grief.

But you my Lord are a comfort to my soul and strength to my spirit. You are a mighty fortress where the righteous run in and are safe. A restoration to the downtrodden and peace to calm any storm.

Help me to keep my mind entangled in your ways and your word. For you give me peace and hope for tomorrow.

On my own I will fail but with you I am victorious!!! Help me never to want to be with out you because I am nothing on my own….

Love and Blessings