I can’t imagine…

I can’t imagine what ran through your mind the day you learned you didn’t have long to live.

Can’t imagine what pain your heart felt as you masked it behind the smiles and laughter.

Can’t imagine what kept you from telling us you would soon be gone.

I remember that last day with you so clearly, you spoke in tongues for hours and then you would look at us but couldn’t get the words right. I can hear you crying out and me feeling helpless as I watched you fight for your life.

I can’t imagine what it feels like to know you have to leave the ones you love behind but I know you loved us .

I miss you every day and even now as the tears roll down my face … I just can’t imagine life without you in it !

My heart hurts so bad but I know you’re safe in the arms of Jesus now , it’s just hard to imagine…

Love you so much Daddy


The steps of a good man woman boy or girl are ordered by the Lord. So in all your ways you must acknowledge him and he will direct your path. God isn’t like man he will never promise you anything he won’t provide and he will also keep you in perfect peace when you stay in tune with him. He says he is the Lord our God and he changes not!

The Lord he is my shepherd and I don’t have to want for he provides for me : always covering me with grace and mercy even when I don’t deserve it. He will instruct and teach us as he shows us the way to go for he guides us with his hand.

Love and Blessings

I just want to be happy…

Delight yourself in the Lord and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart ( Ps 37:4 )

In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths ( Ps 37:6 )

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God , to them who are the called according to his purpose (Rom 8:28 )

If you truly seek for peace of mind and joy filled with happiness you must begin to speak the word of life over yourself. People today believe in total affirmation and quotes that seem relevant to their situations but the word of God is more useful and more powerful than any new age meme , quote and famous line. His word is as current as todays news and more powerful than anything we can image.

God wants us to live a blessed life , so take charge and get into a routine that incorporates his word and speak it into your day. We shall live and not die , for the Lord is our shepherd and we never have to want. He has never left us nor forsaken us for he is a present help in the times of need. Thank you Lord for giving us the word and taking us through.

Love and Blessings

Your leading…

Help me Lord this day to be obedient to you and to be receptive to your will for my life

Help me to remove anything that does not glorify you for I know that I am a living epistle that is watched by those I come in contact with

Allow me to examine my life daily and show me how to walk and live this righteous path

I am nothing without you but because of you I can do all things

Burn your words on the tables of my heart and mind so that I may reflect and remember all the promises you’ve given

Humble is the way and faithfulness is my strength so help me Lord as I walk this path that you have ordained for my life

The spirit of the Lord is with me I shall not fail

Love and Blessings

Thank you ….

I thank you Lord for you are a Great God!

I thank you for this day for new life new beginnings and opportunities.

Take hold of my life and have your will I am happy to worship you to do your will.

May I have the day you have ordered and may I fulfill all that you have designed.

Your humble servant Nikki….

Love and Blessings

Thank you Lord….

I just want to say Thank you Lord because you love me

Thank you Lord for allowing me to see another day , for this day is filled with new beginnings

Thank you for my life health and strength although it may not be perfect I find life because of you

Thank you for my family both blood and extended for they all have a place in keeping me grounded

Thank you for thinking more of me than I could ever imagine for my life is in tour hand

Thank you for the mishaps the downfalls and the dark places because they are designed to strengthen my faith as I press forward to do you will

Thank you for allowing me to be you servant to minister to the world to let them know of your grace and mercy. May I be pleasing to you at all times never loosing sight of my purpose . Sometimes we can’t see how blessed we truly are because we are so caught up in everyday life . But you are our rock and firm foundation and there’s nothing too hard for you. May I never loose sight of my purpose and may you never let go of my hand . I love you Lord and just wanted to say “Thank you”….

Love and Blessings

Shine your light….

The people are hurting and looking for a sign of hope

The world is grasping at straws trying to find joy at the end of the rainbow

Self serving uncaring and down right nastiness has become common in todays society

We have forgotten the days of old and only want a right now fix

We have turned away from God and so now we live in a wicked and perverse nation

We have no principles we have no morals just give me what’s due me

If we ever expect to see a change we the followers of Christ must stop being afraid and let our lights shine. We are the light of the world and they need to know that if there is no Jesus there is no hope no peace and no redemption. Faith comes by hearing and that means spreading the word of God being workers not ashamed of the life we live. We must walk  in this life we live. The joy of the Lord is our strength and a very present help. Let’s begin to set our sights on the things above and spread the love of Christ to every man woman boy and girl. The world needs love and we are the heartbeat to it’s lifeline.

Love and Blessings