Help me this day to stay focused

Help me to be still and to listen for your wise counsel

Help me to focus on what’s happening all around me but not letting things I have no control over disrupt my peace

Help me to watch as well as pray to keep psalms and melody in my heart and mind

Help me to be slow to lash out slow to release anger but attentive in what I observe and hear

You are my God in whom I will always place my trust, there is nothing I can do without you. Help me this day to be a little better than I was yesterday. To seek help from you to listen to your every word to walk upright before you. Help me in all areas of my life and I shall not only be blessed but I will praise you now and forever more.

Love and Blessings


I seek to worship you in my secret place and I listen for your instruction. I see the trials and temptations and some days I struggle with my life. The tears fall quick and with force but I know you are there. Sometimes I wait and you say nothing but I will continue to wait , I will not move until you say so.

Where can I go that you are not with me and what can I do that you haven’t already seen? I am nothing without you but because of you I am who I am! I will continue to exercise my Faith and keep you in my entire being. I am nothing without you.

Fill me up and I shall be whole. Pray on my life and I shall be made new. Speak to my heart and I will follow as you lead me. I just wanna be where you are.

Love and Blessings


Give thanks with a grateful heart

Give thanks to the Holy One

Give thanks for you made it to see another day , despite the circumstances despite the changes you’re still here among the living.

Consider all that you have and be happy, they are plenty of people that would love to take your place.

Learn not to complain about things instead be thankful for things could always take a turn and become burdensome.

In everything give thanks for this is the will of the Lord. Yes it could be better but thank God anyway because it could always become worse. Give thanks not for just this day of Thanksgiving but each and every moment you have!!!

Love and Blessings

A new day….

Today is a new day therefore nothing that has happened should keep you from what’s about to take place. We can’t change the pass so embrace it , learn from it and move forward!

Time waits for no one so let’s not waste it . Embrace it all , flaws and pain , good bad and the ugly. Take what you need and start again.

Every day you open your eyes grants new opportunities for a better you so welcome the day and live!!!

Love and Blessings

Morning meditation 11-22-20…

Where would I be without you? What would I have it wasn’t for your grace and mercy? Where can I go if not for your instructions? Who would I be if not for your hand on my life?

I would be lost and alone, a tormented soul wondering about with no purpose. Like a ship without its sail being tossed about the seas of life swept into the chaos of it as I’m drowning from being overwhelmed. I would be nothing!

Thank you for your love and kindness that brings me towards you to drink from the well of living water as I am refreshed restored and revived.

The Lord is Great and worthy of all praise. He is my strength my peace and my life. I am who he says I am and nothing can separate me from his love. Thank you Lord for it all!

Love and Blessings

Thoughts 11-21-20…

Behold I am with you always , I will never leave nor forsake you. Yes there will be times when I seem so far away but I’m always right there! As the winds and sea of life stir up mighty storms of discord you can rest for I will be and give you peace. There is nothing too hard for me for I am he that came down lived among you showed you great things and then gave up my life so that you could be set free . You never have to worry about my love for you because it is everlasting.

Take my word and meditate upon it day and night , trusting me to make a way for you and delight yourself in me. Faith is what you long for even when you can’t see it! I am the Good Shepherd and I take care of my sheep. Go on and live for I am with you all the way.

Love and Blessings

Thoughts 11/18/20…

We are Mighty in Christ, therefore nothing and no one can do us harm for he is our weapon and strength!

Conquerors over-comers and visionaries is what we are because we know who holds our life in the palm of his hand.

He is the Great I am holding all power in his hand and the believing soul can rest for he is our all in all.

Be encouraged today everything will be alright, just trust him and keep moving!

Be not caught up in your circumstances but instead give them over to the Heavenly host that supplies all our needs and is a strong tower that the righteous run into and are safe!

Love and Blessings

Thoughts… 11/17/20

Life is hard sometimes therefore it is so important to keep your mind attached to God.

The peace that passes all your understanding shall guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus. He will quiet your mind and restore sweet peace.

For the battle isn’t yours it belongs to him and he will cover strengthen and restore you.

He is the Lord our God , Alpha and Omega there is nothing like him.

Protect your peace and find rest in him for he is able to keep you from falling!!!

Love and Blessings

Morning thoughts …

Count it all joy even when you don’t understand. Just because you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t mean it’s not shining. You keep going for his word is the lamp to light to your pathway and he will order your steps. Look towards the Savior and not at your circumstances. Hang on in there you’re almost to the finish line!!!

Love and Blessings

You are….

You are so much more than what they see

You where brought with a great price a selfless sacrifice

You have been chosen for something great just allow things to happen as designed

It is the grace of God that has kept you for a time such as this and that same grace will bless you

Mercy and goodness are a shield of comfort, you can rest assured that he is always there and right on time

We don’t always understand The Who What When and Why but we can hold on to the Lord and his promise that nothing is done without him allowing it to be. Stop looking at life as a tragedy and instead embrace it and let his will be done. He tells us he will never leave nor forsake you even till the end of the world. When you are weak he is strong when you are broken he will heal and when you are unsure just lean and depend on him.

You are not who they say you are you are a child of the King!!!

Love and Blessings