Where can I go…

Where on earth can I go that you’re not there? What part of the earth could I hide and you would not be there ? If I go to the lowest parts of the earth you are there if I made my bed in hell behold you are there.

There are so many things that take place in life and we don’t understand why but you are my provider and in any situation you are there with me as your rod and staff comfort me. You prepare a way before me in the presence of my enemies and even when they seek to destroy me you remove them that no harm comes near my dwelling.

Where can I go ? No where that’s where ! Why would I want to be without you ? You are my life my help my God and in you I trust. Lord please don’t take your spirit from me !

Love and Blessings

Guide me…

Guide my life Lord and secure my mind

Help me to diligently seek after you and your will for my life

Cast out all doubt and fear an replace it with a yearning of boldness and unapologetic peace

Now isn’t the time for me to take my focus off of your will for my life but instead embrace the call on my life and to manifest the work within me

Lord I surrender it all to you , you have kept me covered and poured back into me

Guide me Lord this day for now I must be about my fathers business and nothing can stop what you have begun

You have been so very good to me Lord I surrender it all , please guide me

Without you I will fail , but with you I shall be victorious ! I shall wait on you Lord as you lead me to the righteous path. Let my works be pleasing to thee and a sweet savor to you! Where you lead me I will follow , just guide me and I shall go. Please Lord never leave my side.  I thank you now Lord for what you’re about to do in my life so that I may pour back into your people . I am excited for your guidance , thank you Jesus for divine direction…..

Love and Blessings



So grateful…

Lord I’m so grateful for the blessings you provide for me but I’m especially thankful that you allowed me to reach a milestone in life. On December 10th 1969 you presented me to the world and although I have had many ups and downs you never left me. In five decades I have been close to death five times yet you’ve kept me . I suffered a great loss this year and was given great responsibility but you have never left me.

My favorite verse by far is Hebrews 11th chapter “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen”. A little further in that chapter is a word that says it is impossible to please God without Faith.

I have no idea what you have planned for me for you had all that in place before the world began but I do know it is my goal to fulfill your promise and will for my life. I’m so grateful and thankful and humble that you see a greater work in me and that you have chosen me a nobody to speak your truth.

May I never loose sight of who you are nor my purpose!

Love and Blessings

So much…

I have so much to be thankful for, the wonderful blessings Gods grace and his mercy. I have been through so much that I wonder how I still manage to smile yet I know it’s because of God.

Situations and uncertainties overshadow my life but he is faithful and delivers me. I may not be where he wants me but I’m definitely far away from where I was.

My hope lies in Jesus and as long as I keep him first I cannot fail. I will lift my eyes to you for you are my help my redemption my all in all.

Help me Lord to never loose sight of you to never be high minded and self absorbed but instead make me to be humble transparent and faithful as I do your will.

I have so much to thank God for….

Love and Blessings


Father God help me this day to be an inspiring blessing to someone in need. Let the words I share be beneficial to their healing process and a glimpse of how you are able to do far more than they can ever image. As I seek to do your will keep me humble yet focused and planted because you are the lifter of my head and the sure foundation to my heart.

Love and Blessings

I will wait….

When I quiet my self and await in silence I am able to feel you near

When I wait in the silence you begin to reveal yourself to me and my heart is at ease

When I await your instructions you provide a word of encouragement to combat the enemy

As I prepare myself for the day I listen to hear from you . What is it that I need to say , how long should I be still? What shall I do when doubts arise and fear replaces my faith ? How long must I wait for thee?

Your words are a lamp to my feet and a light to my path , I wouldn’t make it had I not seen your wonderful blessing in this life. Although I cry in the dead of night you shall lift my head for you comfort me in the midst of my chaos.

Surely your goodness and mercy will follow me all my life for when this life is over I shall dwell with you forever, so for now I will wait for you !

Love and Blessings

Show me…

Show me the way in which I should go

Direct my feet to walk the path you have chosen for me

Open my eyes so that I may see not only the path but your divine spirit

Touch my heart and fill it with an abundance of joy peace and understanding

Restore the joy and grant me wisdom so that I may hear your instructions without fail

For your thoughts aren’t mine nor your ways my ways yet I strive to do your will

It is my hearts desire to follow you and to send up a sweet savor unto you

I don’t always get it right but you strengthen me daily and the spirit leads me

Show me how to walk in love to give you all of me and to stand even when there is no one else around

Show me your Glory show me my purpose show me you , and I will continue to be careful to do that which pleases you

Show me

Love and Blessings