I need thee…

Search my heart and see if there be any wickedness in me

Try me Lord and show me who I am , let me see what you see

Touch my mind and soul and spirit and release a fresh anointing upon me

Lord I need you every day but today I need you more

I need more wisdom more understanding more peace more of your grace and mercy

It’s me oh Lord and I am standing in the need of prayer

Love and Blessings


If I can just touch the hem of his garment then I will be made whole….

Learn to set your sights on things above rather than these earthly possessions. It is far more greater to have been restored by the Lords touch than to bask in temporary happiness.

Like the woman with the issue of blood I too long for deliverance from things that keep me unfocused and unsure. I desire to see Gods plan for my life played out to the very end yet the enemy surely comes to me like a mighty rushing flood. But thou oh Lord are a shield for me a hiding place of refuge and thou will strengthen me and keep me as you are the solid rock on which I stand.

Create that clean clear heart in me and renew my spirit daily so that I may be a blessing and a sweet savor unto you. This I ask in Jesus name ……Amen!!!

Love and Blessings


It’s morning Lord and I want to say thank you. Thank you for protecting me and my family as we slept soundly through the night. You kept us from hurt harm and danger.

As a new day begins I ask that you continue to guide lead and instruct me. Allow me to be a blessing to someone in need and let my words provide comfort. Give me the strength I need to make it and the wisdom to stay in your will.

Let no harm discord or evil come upon those I love and may we all remember to give you thanks for your grace and mercy shall cover us . I ask for peace of mind a watchful eye and a praying spirit.

Burn thy word into the tables of my heart and mind and may they always be a comfort.

Today is a new day , may I be a sweet savor unto you this day as I strive to do your will most gracious Heavenly Father…..

Love and Blessings

Call him…

I love you oh Lord my strength

You are my pillar my fortress

I take refuge in you for you are my shield and my Hightower

I will call on the name of the Lord for his is worthy to be praised

I will call on you my redemption my healer my counselor

I will call on you at all times for you are worthy you are the Most High

I will call on the name of the Lord

Love and Blessings

Here comes the glory…

Here comes the glory of the Lord

It is making its way into your life

Test and trials bring much discomfort but it is for his glory

Submission faith and prayer are key

Humility patience and attentiveness must exist

His glory shines upon you his love covers you , give thanks

Here comes the glory of the Lord are you ready

Here comes the glory of the Lord can you see it

Here comes the glory of the Lord , here comes the glory it’s shining upon you

Love and Blessings


Renew the right spirit within me Lord so that I may be accepting in your sight and pleasing as a sweet savor unto your divine presence. Prepare the way before me this day as I strive to do what is required of me, to serve you with purpose as you pave the way . Keep the doors of my lips my mind body and soul , and open my eyes to see that which is good and acceptable to you. Guide my feet that they go in the direction that brings me closer to you and not stray away from it.

Renew the right spirit within me and I shall be made whole! Glory to God for it is already done….

Love and Blessings

A little spark …

A little spark can ignite the fire within..

Allow the Holy Spirit to come in and set your inner man on Fire! It doesn’t take a whole lot to move God , if a mustard seed size of it moves mountains then there is no limit to what a spark of faith can manifest. Trust him and watch him do it again and again!!!

Let that light shine , he is ready and waiting…..

Love and Blessings