sitephoto2Take the time to think on others today .  Set your focus on the positive and drop the negative aspects of everyday trials and tribulations . God wants us to be a positive force in this dying land and to uplift our fellowman .

The bible tells us that men should always pray and not faint ,  meaning  we should always have an open line of communication to the Father . This will insure that you are connected to him and open to hear what he has for your life.

Be kind and do good always , learn to listen more and react less . Get in Gods word and get grounded so that in the times of trouble you can remember his promises and stand strong . Be blessed today and be a blessing to someone else .

Love & Blessings


The enemy is coming so get ready . When you strive to do God’s will and to live for him your adversaries are waiting on stand by . Remember the enemy seeks to steal kill and destroy so we must remember we aren’t fighting flesh and blood but principalities powers and the ruler of darkness . He doesn’t care about you he only wants to destroy you so put on the whole armor of God so that you can stand . This battle is not yours it’s the Lords , so when it seems like you can’t make it just STAND !!!

Love & Blessings

What Is This ?

What is this that makes me feel joy in the midst of sorrow  ?

What is this that makes me do right when I want to do wrong  ?

What is this that makes me love my enemies as if they where friends ?

What is this that removes the doubt when it seems all hope is lost  ?

I could question the concerns of my mind and my actions all day but the truth is the Lord dwells within and is taking care of all my wants needs and insecurities . He provides us with the Holy Spirit which lives within us and moves in that still voice to alert us when we tend to fall out of sync .   When we submit to the Father we become as one and nothing can separate us from his love . His joy reigns within us as a burning fire , so stop smothering the light and just let it shine through you .

Never question Gods love for your life . He came to this earth and walked among us to bring hope back to this dying world . He suffered bled and died for the sins of the world  , what a Mighty God we serve !!!

Love and Blessings


When you’re down and out and depression is your common place you must think about all you been through and how the Lord has always kept you . The days are long and the nights are hard but God is and will always be there for you . Watching over you and assuring nothing but his grace and mercy as a hedge of strength. God’s grace is sufficient for you and for me and he is never short of his promises, cast all you have on him and let him heal your broken pieces …..

Love and Blessings


Shine your light of love all around me . Protect me from my enemy as well as myself . Remove the doubt and fear that lay awake in my inner man and replace it with faith and humility. Speak to me as only you can and create in me something so wonderful that exudes an unexpected blessing to anyone that comes in contact with me . I love you Jesus and it is my souls desire to please you and do your will . Show me the way take my hand and lead me on this path and light the way . Whatever you want me to be and do I surrender to it . Help me to give you my all and all .

Love and Blessings

Never stop….

photo7Never stop believing in yourself because you are important and your dreams matter

Never stop thinking with the mindset that all things are possible and nothing you imagine is out of reach

Never forget to put God first and to acknowledge him in all that you do

Never forget your beginnings , the smallest of steps become giant leaps

Never think  that God is ignoring you because things seem to be out of sorts , he is a great God he never fails

Never ever  let go of  your purpose it has been destined , greater is he that’s in you than he that is in the world

Never stop praying  never stop believing never stop dreaming ….NEVER STOP


Love & Blessings

Morning motivation

Fuel your spirit man with good things that nourish and edify your soul

Surround yourself with like-minded people so that you are stronger and more positive

Provide an open line of availability so that the Father can touch you in the innermost parts of your heart

Create a love affair with God and swoon over him all day long just smiling as you think on the goodness of the Lord

Put a song in your heart and a praise in your purpose

Remember your are what you intake , be careful and watch what you allow  to enter  your presence

Happy are the people who purposely choose to be humble and free


Love & Blessings