Work on me…

I have been through a lot in these last few months from sickness in my body to loosing loved ones.

I can be transparent about my feelings because for a moment I thought my time was drawing near. I thank God that he saw fit to allow his mercy and grace to keep, heal and work on me.

Lord I humble myself to you as you begin a new work in me. Help me not to resist but respect the process along with the promise. I shall forever be grateful for you know what’s best for me and I can do all things with you!

Love and Blessings

It’s me again…

It’s me again Lord , I have a problem I can’t solve. I have an issue I can’t handle . I have a need I can’t fill.

All that I am going through seems a bit confusing and complicated but yet I will myself to say “ it is well”. I don’t want to ever appear to have lost my faith in you because my human nature sometimes gets the best of me and I admit I break down just ready to throw in the towel.

It is then that your word comes to mind saying “ I will never leave you nor forsake you” , I will strengthen and keep you in your weakness , I will go with you in valley of the shadows of death , I am the same yesterday today and forevermore!

These are the signs that bring hope back to my situation and life back to a dead place within me. So it’s me again Lord , I need help that only comes from you . I am standing in the need of prayer!!!

Love and Blessings


I have been overwhelmed by life lately. Been through some tough times physically yet here I stand. Felt like giving up and throwing in the towel but I knew enough to shake it off and pray!

Sadness overwhelmed me , fear had me a hostage in my own mind and I believed that it was over for me.

We know that the enemy comes in like a thief in the night , lurking around looking for someone to torture. He will take your fears and make you miserable. But we must remember that no matter how far we fall God is always there with his hand stretching out to pull us out. Remember he is our anchor keeping you through every storm. Keep your focus on the Lord even when you don’t see a way out. He will never leave us forsaken or out begging for bread!

Love and Blessings

The 3rd day….

Make me better not bitter . Stop me from building anger and hostility towards others when I feel they have done me wrong. Embrace my heart and mind and remove that toxic waste from me.

In order to make a difference you must first free yourself of the very things you despise. The change you need begins with you don’t rely on others to do it for you!

Lord order my steps this day and then search me to see if there be any wickedness in me . Clean me and wash me so that I am perfect before thee.

Don’t loose yourself wrestling in the messiness of life!

Love and Blessings


Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and light to my path ; may I always follow in the steps that you have ordered.

I have had my share of pain grief and sorrow but there has also been peace love and healing. I will not look back on the past but focus on the light shining before me. I am slowly learning to release the things that weigh me down for I must go through in order to reach victory!

Today is a brand new day and it has been touched by Gods grace and mercy I will rejoice I will be glad . I am thankful for I am blessed and loved!

Love and Blessings

Rise up and live…

So many problems so many situations but God can and will see you through them all.

You feel like giving up and throwing in the towel but God has never left you yet.

His promises are true and his way is made plain , just pick up your cross and follow him. He will direct your path as he orders your steps. All of us have been burdened with despair, sickness and disease. Feeling defeated and defenseless is never the case it’s just a test . Even in the valley of the shadow of death he is still right there.

Let’s not focus so much on the situation but instead concentrate on Jesus for he has already worked it out , you just have to endure till it’s finished. His grace and mercy will always be there to cover and keep you .

Rise up and live ….

Love and Blessings

Self sabotage…

Depression, oppression, separation and anxiety will put you in a downward spiral. Guilt and self defeat will not comfort your brokenness. If you have truly accepted the Lord then take these issues to him in prayer. Stop fighting yourself , destroying yourself and denying yourself. Words have power so stop speaking death to the situation and begin to speak life .

There’s nothing to hard for God and you need to repeat this constantly. Seek him and gain peace in the midst of all the chaos and he will deliver you!

Someone told me it’s not the enemy it’s you! Repeat after me no more sabotage shooting for victory!!!

Love and Blessings

It’s always something…

Be it ailments, test, trials or temptations..

Things seen and unseen , problems found or thought to be fixed , there is always something …

Promises made though most broken , fears and worries outweigh hope and peace , it’s always something …

In this life nothing is really for certain, so we must be aware that the things we are faced with are placed there to strengthen our weakness. It doesn’t make sense at times especially for those of us that trust God but faith without works is dead!

I know it’s difficult and there seems to be no ending but the Lord is there , and he is our help and he will deliver us. Remember it’s always going to be something but with Jesus you can make it!!!

Love and Blessings


I am a jealous God and you will have no other gods before me !

People place a lot of good faith and confidence in everything and everyone except God! They give praises to celebrities and people of authority but won’t acknowledge the Lord.

We will give hours binge watching Netflix Hulu and so forth but fall asleep after reading 3 verses in the Bible. Some will confide their feelings to others only to have all of it cast into the airwaves of their circle where everyone knows.

But isn’t it funny when you get in trouble the first thing folks say is ‘ Lord help me’ , why should he? You give him no time and no acknowledgement until you are in trouble; thank God he doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve.

God has said over and over he doesn’t want anything before him so let’s stop today. Thank him and meditate upon him as you cry out to him in confidence so that he can bless you openly!

Love and Blessings

Thank you …

Thank you Lord for waking me up this morning, to a new day filled with your unlimited grace and mercy.

Thank you for a peaceful rest , for my life and family! Thank you for my loved ones both present and past. Thank you for looking beyond my faults and meeting my needs. For hedging me in and protecting me as I go about day by day.

Thank you for it all Lord , good bad right wrong or indifferent. There is so much I have to be thankful for that it would take a while to share. But you know my heart and you know that I am truly blessed because of you! Thank you Lord for this day and for all you’ve done just for me.

Love and Blessings