In times of trouble you hide me

In times of need you strengthen me

When my peace is shaken I can find refuge in you

When my enemies come against me you provide a hedge of protection around me

When all Hope seems lost you place your joy in me and it is unspeakable but full of glory

I may not be where I should be but you have never left me alone . There has never been a time when I called and you didn’t answer. These days my faith has been put to the test but you have prepared a table before me where your rod and staff comfort me. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will then dwell in the house of the Most High forever…….Amen

Love and Blessings 💕

Your steps…

The steps of a good man woman boy or girl are ordered by the Lord

The path that’s chosen will have difficulty but stay there

Keep your sights on things above and delight yourself in the Lord

Sometimes the way gets hard but he will keep you safe just let him lead you

A daily self check is necessary because you must remain humble before the Lord

Direct my path and fix my focus as I exercise my faith and take that leap that draws me closer to your strength and your will

Your steps are ordered by the Lord , allow him to move on your behalf

Give him praise give him honor give him you and let him lead you all the way

Your steps are ordered

Love and Blessings

Moving forward…

Don’t let the past keep you from moving forward. Your past doesn’t seal your fate it merely helps sculpt you into your purpose. Stop letting the enemy use the past failures and pain to define your life as it is today! Instead of reflecting on what you can’t change look forward to what you want.

Use the past as a steppingstone to a greater life. Take comfort in knowing that you survived the storm and that nothing last forever. He will keep you in perfect peace when your mind stays on him so keep moving forward…

Love and Blessings 💕

To be lead…

To be lead by the Lord you must let go of everything that will keep you from focusing on the Lord. We must lay aside every weight that so easily distracts us .

Turn you attention to him as you stay before him humble and willing to accept his will for your life.

Sure we will face troubling times and people will turn away but let these things occur for he is simply making room for your growth as he blesses you.

Submit your will to him asking for strength as you go forward. Always remember to seek his face and read his word. His grace and mercy will sustain you and keep you safe.

Let God lead you all the way , you have nothing to loose but everything to gain!

Love and Blessings 💕

I called you …

I called you for this

I have prepared you for such a time as this

I called you to this path because you will follow my will for your life

I have set things in place , moved things out of your way and I will see you through

There’s no reason to fear what I have done, remember I know the plans I have for you

No matter the task no matter the faces , stand strong be still and hold on to me . I am a strong tower where the righteous run in and are safe

Like I told David a man after my own heart … fret not because of evil doers and circumstances for I am God and there’s nothing to fear

I hold this world in my hand and if I said it then it shall be done

I called you to this , you can handle it you will make it and you shall be blessed

Love and Blessings 💕

Bring it to me …

Come to me all of you that have been burdened broken and stressed and I will deliver you and give you rest for your souls.

Tell me where it hurts as you pour it out at my feet and I will fix it .

Bring me all your ways disappointments fears and dismay and I will set you free.

Come unto me take that leap of faith and release it at my throne and I will heal your broken pieces.

I am the God that heals you that fights for you that covers you and satisfies you with new life.

Bring it to me whatever IT is and I will fix it for I am the God that heals you so take comfort in knowing that I will never leave you alone.

Bring it all to me ….

Love and Blessings 💕

For the people…

For the people I give of myself , for my lending is of the Lord

For the people I humble myself to receive your word and to speak it not for recognition but for his will to be done

For the people I pray I cry and I love, as you have said let love abide

There is no reason to be selfish in this walk of Christ for God has called us to do a work far bigger than we know. It is the inward work that is shown outward that allows people to see your light shine through. We must not argue among ourselves about this way but instead let God’s word be true and everything else will surely fail.

I set myself before you Lord to receive what you have for the people and as I go through this day help me to heal from the pain of rejection and release the fear and self doubt for in times of trouble you are always there!

For the people I give of me for when he called I answered , not my will but thine be done!

Love and Blessings 💕