I don’t always do what I should nor do I say what should be stated and I don’t always live according to God’s will but I do know that with each failure comes more faith. Faith to abound faith to conquer and faith to move mountains. God is faithful now and always and I pray that I follow his leading each and every moment….

Love and Blessings

Father forgive me…

Father forgive me for doubt that lays waiting in my heart and chooses to show up at the slightest moment to deter me. Forgive me for giving up and throwing in the towel because I just don’t want to face reality. Forgive me for allowing self to determine whether I push myself or just walk away.

In the times of trouble we have a place of refuge and his name is Jesus. So many times you have brought us out of circumstances and despair yet we always go back to a place of uncertainty.

I myself can motivate others to place their trust in the Lord and let him fix it but I have a hard time getting to that place of assurance. Seems a bit hypocritical doesn’t it ? But even in my lowest of times I always seem to find my way right back to him.

We must stay grounded in the word and apply these lessons to our life for his word is everlasting and never changes.

So Lord forgive me for not trusting the process and grant me the strength of grace and mercy so that I may be exactly what you designed me to be!

Love and Blessings

Pray always…

We should always pray no matter the time no matter the circumstances. God wants us to incorporate a praying spirit and to commune with him at all times. Life gets difficult but God is faithful and it is when you develop a close relationship with him that you are able to heal and move forward!

Love and Blessings


At the mention of your name everything changes. Just by simply saying Jesus things begin to work out for my good. You are Lord of all and I look to you at all times. My keeper my mind regulator my help my strength! I love to call on you Jesus for you are my life my love my best friend my King. You are Lord and I will always call on you…

Jesus …what a powerful name. Just calling on you causes demons to tremble , mountains to move and sickness has to go. All of this just by the mention of your name!!!

Love and Blessings

I surrender….

All to Jesus I surrender all to him I freely give . I will forever love and trust him and with my heart I will surely live.

Thank you God for providing me with a surrendering spirit so that I can adhere to your call and do the work you require of me.

Help me to remain humble as I walk this path and keep my heart mind and spirit in total harmony with your word your will and your way.

Release me from my self and let my light shine bright as I lift you up and give you continuous praise.

These things I ask in the Powerful Name of Jesus Christ , amen!!!

Will you trust him?

I will trust in the Lord for he is a comfort to my soul and strength to my spirit. I will trust the Lord for he is able to do everything that is necessary to survive. I will trust the Lord because I can not handle this on my own.

I will trust you Lord even though I have no idea how things will end. No matter the task or circumstances I will trust you Lord!

Love and Blessings

I must…

I must continue this race with strength and diligence

I must press toward the goals set before me for the test will become a testimony

I must accept the things I can not control and just learn to embrace it as God works

I must look toward the heavens from where my faith lies and grace and mercy protect me

I must not allow the enemy to attack my character and cause my faith to waiver

I must stand strong and keep the faith for I am a child of the king

I must allow the pain grief heartbreak and discomfort for in these times my strength will become a healing agent

I must not give up because I have come too far to turn back now

I must go on

I must stand up

I must endure

I must ….

Love and Blessings