sitephoto5Let the light of the Lord shine down upon you

Set yourself free as you release all that troubles you

Surround yourself with kindred spirits , those that are walking the path of righteousness

Come and lay it all on the alter , for it is there that the spirit of the Lord makes intercession

Cast all you have on the Lord for he cares for you

Love and Blessings

Hidden Gems

skyphoto2Have you ever noticed when you’re going through something  you read a passage or see a meme or someone says something that gets you right to your core and makes it’s all better ? You pass by a window and a random person smiles or gives you that infamous head nod . Well I call those “Gods little nuggets” , and they hold a great wealth for me.

For me these” nuggets” are Gods way of saying ” Nikki don’t worry about it , I already worked it out “….. The father is always watching over us and giving us the protection we need but he also has an open line of communication that he pours on us each and every moment . So the next time you are faced with the trials of life or simply asked God to provide a way make sure to pay attention to the signs those “little nuggets” and watch him work on your behalf .

Love and Blessings

Who’s Looking ?

spa-zen-stonesThey say your eyes are the window to your soul . If this is true then what are your eyes saying to those that see you ? Help me Lord please to rectify the wrong in me and save me from myself . Wash me from the inside out as you create in me a clean heart as you renew a right spirit in me .

When you look at me I want you to see God blazing in my pupils and his Holy Spirit shining through me . People watch you everyday because your life is a living testimony to those that see you . Search me oh Lord and see if there be any wicked ways in me as you evict the devil out the Holy Ghost takes control .

The journey will have it’s twist and turns but Jesus is my pilot and he will navigate me on home to victory . I love you Lord , I need you Lord the deliverer of my soul .


Love and Blessings

Soul Searching

It’s been a non-stop rush of tragedy and problems for me since the year began. I have cried and prayed and cried and prayed and smiled through it all. For the first time in a long tome I didn’t ask God why ? (at least I don’t remember) I refuse to do it now I will just take whatever happens and keep on living. I feel that slow smothering mist of doubt seeping into my space yet again and I have to fight to live in peace . This morning I came to the conclusion that I need to search myself starting deep down in the core of my being to seek out the root to all the chaos that surrounds me. I could easily blame the enemy for this but the truth is I have allowed this to be. The bible tells us that if we resist the devil he has to flee , yet often times we accept the pain grief self pity and so on without hesitation.

We must learn to give our all over to the Lord and ask not only for help but forgiveness. Forgiveness for getting to this point where we kicked God out of the equation and tired to make it happen on our own. It is impossible to please him when you don’t respect him enough to let him fix the broken pieces. Lord help my unbelief and direct me in your perfect way. Show me the errors of my ways and enlightened my heart and mind , I trust your process just give me the strength to endure to the end.

Love and Blessings

My souls desire …

My souls desire is to be used as I humble myself and submit to your will and way

As you lead me throughout these valleys and dark places that try and ruin me from within ,  help my faith ….

Staying in your will is all I want , remaining humble is the way I seek to live

My souls desire is to serve you Lord as I do your blessed will and work until I’m called home

This is my souls desire …..


Love and Blessings


Have Mercy…..

Have mercy Lord on my city and extend your grace to the state of Florida. We are still dealing with the pain of the senseless deaths that occurred taking the lives of 17 souls at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and now today we mourn for those affected by the falling of that bridge in South Miami that has taken four lives and injured many more.  Please help them to rescue those that are still unaccounted for beneath the rubble. Lord surround those that are still fighting for their lives  and help their families and friends .

So much chaos and pain , far too much hurt and grief . I know that we are all on borrowed time and none of us are here to stay , yet it doesn’t ease the pain I feel. My heart is so heavy Lord help me to understand . I offer up prayer for all those affected in these tragedies and ask that you have mercy . Have mercy Lord please have mercy . Not our will but thine be done .

Love and Blessings


My life is out of sorts and the people I love are hurting . Death , sadness and disappointments have become a common ground . I have been told that if it doesn’t kill you it will certainly make you stronger . Hmm , not to sure about that because sometimes I feel like I’ve already died a thousand deaths . Life is funny that way , you go through so many trails and errors bumps and forks in the road but at the end you always come out of it alive . I have had near  death experiences 5 times in my 48 years hear on this planet and each time has altered me into who I am at this moment .  I used to feel like Job because I too lost so many many things in my life . From homes to cars , money and even babies . Wow looking at this on the screen makes me sad  for the little girl that wanted tea parties and happiness .

Well faith is the key that unlocks every door and because of the love God has for me I am able to stand the test of time . I know that I am much stronger than I realize and  no matter the obstacle I will be victorious . I am known for being the person that puts the smile back on your face the one that cries with you and for you . I’ve been told numerous times that my words of wisdom have helped so many on levels I never thought possible . Thoughts of suicide have always been hidden in the shadows anxiously waiting it’s turn , sorry that fear will not come to the surface .

So many things are causing me to self evaluate on an deeper level and perhaps this is simply another way God is preparing me for the new journey ahead . Either way I will trust you Lord for all that has happened and all that will be , I will trust you !!!


Love and Blessings