Key ingredient…

Prayer is the key ingredient to a healthy source of life. There are multiple examples in the Bible that point to this as a key component….

Man should always pray

Pray without ceasing

By prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make your request be known

Keep a close connection to the Lord by applying an open line of communication which is also known as prayer. Do it as often as you can . Take time to speak with the Lord and then take care to listen for his wisdom and instruction.

Prayer is key and the Lord loves a praying spirit. Do it all the time and he will show you great things as he opens doors and pours out and abundance of grace and mercy filling you with joys unspeakable filled with love and glory.

Let prayer be the key to your life!

Love and Blessings

Take it to him…

Take all you have to the alter and leave it there. God is a very present help in times of trouble and he will never forsake you. He goes before you in the presence of your enemies and removes the source of your pain. There is nothing too hard too filthy so unbearable that he would dare leave you alone . Our God is faithful and he won’t fail us. Be of good courage and faith as you take him at his word. I will never leave you nor forsake you even to the ends of this world!

Love and Blessings

Now is the time…

Now is the time and today is the day. Stop looking to folks to fix you and solve your problems look to the sky and seek the face of your Heavenly Father.

He has the source to supply your needs the water for your drought and the strength to all your weaknesses. Now is the time today is the day , don’t waste precious time.

Love and Blessings

Stay strong…

Stay strong in the Lord and in the power of his might! Allow him to take complete control over your life and plant you on a firm foundation. Cast everything you have at his feet as you embrace total submission to his will and his ways. His grace and mercy will soothe your soul and bring comfort to your pain. His love is everlasting and his grace covers a multitude of needs. Stay strong in the Lord because it will get difficult at times but Faith will lead you to victory!

Love and Blessings


So many things have taken place this month and it’s just the 10th day. Lord today I pray and ask humbly for you to move and bring a refreshing peace to the people. Words cannot express what I want to say because my thoughts are endless and my heart is full. Bring peace and comfort to all that are hurting in areas of their lives that most will never see nor understand. You are the Lord my God and a very present help in the times of need. Right now Lord we all need you !!!

Stand strong…

You will never loose with God. No matter the circumstances no matter the complexities God is faithful and he will deliver you out of it all. Take joy in knowing that there is absolutely nothing too hard for him and you are never alone. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy who ever he can because he doesn’t discriminate against anyone. Your status isn’t important to him he doesn’t care about your pedigree he doesn’t like anybody! Just know that if the devil starts messing with you then God surely has a blessing for you ! Stand strong and be encouraged nothing last forever, it too shall pass …

Love and Blessings


You can only get from God what you pour into him. It’s important that you give him time that you get into the word and that you develop a relationship with him. Establish a routine and stick with it. Isn’t it funny that we can watch tv or surf the net for hours but find it hard to just say hey Jesus! God is faithful to us and we as true believers should in return be grateful and just as faithful to him. Make a conscious decision to get back on track and let the Lord in so that he can direct you keep you and pour into you amazing blessings that no one can take away…..

Love and Blessings