Help me….

It’s me Lord and I am standing in the need of prayer. Life has become harder and the tears are a little heavier and more frequent. As the days come and go I do my best to stay upbeat but the truth is when it’s quiet my mind begins to turn into a typhoon and I find myself lost in the midst of it all. The word says that if we wait on you we will be renewed and soar as the eagle that if we put our hope and trust in you that we will be made whole.

I do not know why you have allowed all this to be and how long it will continue but I do know that I have nothing nor can I do anything without you so help me Jesus for I’m standing in the need of prayer……

On my own…

On my own I am nothing just a wondering soul seeking comfort. On my own I am defeated most times before the fight has even begun. On my own I look for resolution but only have chaos and grief.

But you my Lord are a comfort to my soul and strength to my spirit. You are a mighty fortress where the righteous run in and are safe. A restoration to the downtrodden and peace to calm any storm.

Help me to keep my mind entangled in your ways and your word. For you give me peace and hope for tomorrow.

On my own I will fail but with you I am victorious!!! Help me never to want to be with out you because I am nothing on my own….

Love and Blessings

You are….

You are my light that surrounds and comforts me in darkness

You are the warmth that soothes my inner man

You are the hope that keeps me on a path of clarity

You are my friend in whom I trust with my life never worried that you will betray me

You give me a peace that confuses the chaos that attacks me

You restore my brokenness and nothing will separate me from you

You have drawn me in with love and kindness I worship you

What a Mighty God we serve, nothing compares to him

Love and Blessings

Take it away…

Take away all that’s not pleasing to you Lord

Take away the pain and the hurt

Take away the tears that fall so heavy

Take away the anger that tends to surface

Take away the negative thoughts surrounding my life and causing me to despise and question my existence

Take away the past memories that flood my mind like rushing waters full of depression and stress

Take away the things I do that are not working for my good and allow me to accept and receive direction

Take away my darkness the unexplainable emotional chaos

Take it all away Lord

Create in me a clean heart and I will serve only you

Love and Blessings


Every person has a calling on their lives yet often times we run opposite of Gods grand design. We must not allow our hearts to be overcome with the concerns of everyday life but instead walk according to your purpose. Like Jesus we must obey the leading of the Lord and not question why he does what he does. He has destined you for something greater than what you can think of but you must be willing to submit to the will of God. He will never force himself upon you  , our Lord is a perfect gentleman. He desires to show you all his glory and to prepare you for what lies ahead because death isn’t the end but the beginning of eternal life.

Don’t fight against the things you do not understand but instead embrace what you can’t change and seek Gods face in prayer as you apply an a intentive ear and allow him to unleash the greatest blessings on you. Stop being afraid to go and do what he has set before you instead let him lead you I guarantee you will never fail. Like David in Psalms 25 verses 4&5 : show me your ways O Lord and teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth and teach me for you are the God of my salvation and on you will I wait all day…..

Love and Blessings



Although my way seems uncertain and my life appears to be falling apart I will lift up my eyes to you Lord for you have kept me from the hand of the enemy and the disfunction that follows.

I will continue to pray for direction and discernment as I listen attentively for your guidance. Help me to look beyond the chaos and strive for the end results which shall be a comfort to me.

I am never alone for you are the keeper of my soul and your spirit leads me on to a path of righteousness.

Help me to not give in neither give up. I will worship you with all I have and no matter what happens I will keep my faith in you Jesus .

May I never forget , may I always be open to receive your correction as your grace and mercy cover me!

I will bless the Lord at all times and his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

Love and Blessings

Praying for you…

I pray that today God shows you answers to your prayers. May the pain be contained and transformed to its purpose. May the many nights of trials and tears bloom into one of your greatest testimonials. May he speak to your spirit and provide the peace that passes all understanding as you embrace the strength that lies within. May healing become abundantly and blessings flood your life. May you continue to worship him even when things aren’t clear and there seems to be no way out. I pray that who ever reads this that God touches your life in a mighty way as his grace and mercy surround your heart and heal you from the inside as it shows on the outside. Be encouraged God has not forgotten you!

Love and Blessings