My outlook….

I woke up today with a determination to praise God regardless of what’s going on around me.

No more holding on to what I can’t change and fix but instead love each day with fulfilling purpose.

It is because of his grace and mercy that I have made it this far and it will continue to carry me to the end.

This is the day given to us by the Master , let’s be grateful and praise him despite the circumstances. Be glad, rejoice and be happy!!!

Love and Blessings

Help me..

Help me God to a better me , one that is pleasing in your sight. To be an encouragement to those that come in contact with me . Use me as a breath of fresh wind to give a word of comfort to heal the broken heart. May you flow through me and your word flow out to bless and not come back void. Help me to set aside pride , fear doubt and anything that does not cause benefits to my soul. You are are my help may I never loose sight of this ever in Jesus name Amen!!!

Love and Blessings

Meditation 11/16/21…

Trust God in all that you say and do . No matter the task ahead let him lead the way. Block out the narrative that you don’t meet his expectations because we all have a purpose in this life. It’s the faith you hold on too that gives you substance and strength.

This is the day that the Lord has made , it’s new and full of possibilities so get up get moving and be glad !!!

Love and Blessings

Press on…

No matter how hard my life appears I will press on. And even though I don’t understand why certain things have come upon me and life is not always what it should be I will continue to press on.

Gods way isn’t like ours and he has designed our paths as he sees fit , so even in my weakness I must press on . After you have done all that you can do continue to stand but most importantly keep on pressing on!!!

Love and Blessings


Nothing shall separate me from your love God..

Not sickness or disappointment . ..

Not heartache and pain , frustration and fear. The perils and trials of life are designed to keep me in a bubble but God is on my side. I shall be victorious for nothing shall separate me from you !!!

Love and Blessings


Good morning Lord

Help me this day to be better than I was yesterday. Protect my mind body and spirit so that I can be who you designed me to be. Search me and see if there is any wicked thing in me , remove restore and redirect my path.

I know that I don’t always get it right but I place all I have in you . This is a new day filled with beautiful blessed beginnings so help me to see what you see in me and help me to go on!

Love and Blessings


You are faced with difficult feelings and challenges but what is your game plan?

Are you going to worry about it, cry about it, stress on it ? Are you going to get angry and curse God for allowing these things to destroy you?

I assure you the best tactical defense you have is to turn it all over to God. He is the source of strength that lunges you towards victory! With him you win !!! Stop throwing in the towel and get back in the game , God will go to overtime to take care of his own.

Keep the faith and trust the plan because you win !!!

Love and Blessings

I will wait…

I will wait until you bless me. I will do my best not to be angry and not to sin.

Life isn’t always fair and we don’t always get what we pray for but I know enough about you Lord to stand still and see the truth unfold.

They say patience is a virtue but we don’t all possess this quality that is why it’s important to exercise your faith. Even though I can’t see it now I know that I will be victorious in the end.

No matter the outcome or frustration I will wait on you Lord!

Love and Blessings