My everything…

Lord you are my everything! The air that I breathe the activity of my limbs , my voice of sound reason. You strengthen me when I struggle and make a way when I can’t see my way out. There is no one in my life that has impacted me with tears of joy , truths and undeserving blessings.

You are the light to my path , my anchor the ancient of days. The cool breeze and cloud of covering , the softness of wind that gently touches me when I walk out the door. Everything I need , want or desire is in you!

You gave your life so that we may live , no man has ever been that gracious and he calls us friend. My everything; you are everything and everything is you!

Love and Blessings

Author: tpreachersdaughter

I am truly a preacher's daughter. I love the Lord and my souls desire is to seek his face and serve him. Humbly I want to be a blessing to everyone I encounter . May the Lord give you a supernatural breakthrough as I pen down words of love and encouragement for us all. Be blessed now and always!!!

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