I thank you Lord for allowing me to see this new day. For watching over my family and loved ones all night long and keeping them safe from the terrors that come in the night.

I ask nothing for myself but only that you use me as you see fit today. Bless those that place their trust in you and right what was wronged, heal what was broken and provide deliverance to what was lost and set the captive heart free.

Forgive me this day for anything I have done , said or thought of that is not pleasant to you. Right the wrongs of the people Jesus and move in the midst of the sanctuary through out the lands today.

I surrender all I have to you now , withholding nothing and await to receive. Thank you Lord , thank you !!!

Love and Blessings

Author: tpreachersdaughter

I am truly a preacher's daughter. I love the Lord and my souls desire is to seek his face and serve him. Humbly I want to be a blessing to everyone I encounter . May the Lord give you a supernatural breakthrough as I pen down words of love and encouragement for us all. Be blessed now and always!!!

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