Random thought…..

It’s late and I am up thinking about how people that claim to be Christ like function on a daily basis . Some are gospel artist some are well known ministers some are just everyday folk like you and me . They have done things that are not becoming or acceptable to Gods way BUT does this make them a hypocrite  ? Well I pondered this for a while and I don’t believe this to be entirely accurate .  In my opinion people make bad choices all the time ,  some seem to hang on for the long haul and others decide immediately that this is not pleasing in the sight of the Lord.  The truth is that we all fall short of Gods grace at some point in our life  and we all have a time when we remain in a unhealthy situation and walk out of his will. The bible tells us that we all have  sinned and fallen short so with that in mind why are we so quick to judge ? Why can’t we be like Jesus and look beyond their faults and see that their in need ? We as a nation are so judgmental towards any and everyone that isn’t up to our standards but what exactly are you doing in your life ? God says judge not lest you be judged .. 

Perhaps if we would stop looking at the faults of others and concentrate on getting our own lives together this world would be a better place to live in . You can’t peek into a persons life and start giving pointers if you’ve never spent one second in their shoes . As an Inspirational speaker I find myself being cautious of how I view people , and I realized that like myself people have short comings and have no desire to be constantly reminded of it each moment of each day . I think if we treated people as if we where literally looking at ourselves we would be more sensitive towards their feelings . There is a way to address a person if you notice something in them that needs to be changed .  Pray for them and ask God to guide their heart and mind as he leads them back on the right path . We are all like tadpoles in a great big pond just waiting for our turn to get out and grow ,  so treat folks like you want to be treated . If they do things you don’t approve of just remove yourself from the situation and do it in love not with condemnation . Lord make us more like you and less like ourselves so that we can be a positive motivation to all we connect with ……

Love and Blessings 

Author: tpreachersdaughter

I am truly a preacher's daughter. I love the Lord and my souls desire is to seek his face and serve him. Humbly I want to be a blessing to everyone I encounter . May the Lord give you a supernatural breakthrough as I pen down words of love and encouragement for us all. Be blessed now and always!!!

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