Let’s Stay Connected

skyphoto2Each and every day we wake up and the first thing we do is grab our cell phone and head straight to the social media pages looking to see what took place why we where asleep . Who’s doing what to who , what’s their social status , how many likes did we get and so on . But how many of us take that type of dedication to acknowledge God ? Do we even say good morning or thank you Lord for keeping us through the night free from hurt harm and danger ? I am sure the answer from most people is no , the truth of the matter is we have attached ourselves to so many material things that we have forgot about the one that has allowed us all that we have to begin with .

We are a media filled world yet when it comes to the things concerning your spiritual life we become white noise . Hooked to reality television shows trying to emulate what we see , posting things of a private nature for all the world to see just to have a sense of  purpose and validity , but why ? The truth is a lot of  folks are just looking for someone to talk about because their lives are empty so your set backs , failures and accomplishments keep them alive. Isn’t it funny that when someone post something like ” if you love the Lord type amen ” that people will keep scrolling  but if the post reads something vulgar or tacky and messy that the like button turns red and the comment section blows up . What’s worst these are the spirit filled , holy ghost , shout you out your shoes , filled with Gods’ love people ( smh) , we got to do better !!!!

You can’t keep going down the same path and expect to be blessed. God will not tolerate being last on the list , he is a jealous God and he will have your immediate attention. If you want things to change in your life then you must be willing to walk away from the familiar and become uncomfortable . God’s way is simple , if your not connected to him you can’t get anything from him . You must put in some work in order to see the rewards of your labor. When you open your eyes till they close at the end of the day , remember to give God your undivided attention , always giving thanks in all you say and do , and never be ashamed to tell of his goodness and mercy . The bible tells us that if we are ashamed of the Father , he’ll be ashamed of you .

Start the day of right by taking time to give God his props for your life , make that connection and add him to your fav’s list .  He won’t disappoint you , his quality of work speaks for itself . Let’s get connected !!!!

Love and Blessings

Author: tpreachersdaughter

I am truly a preacher's daughter. I love the Lord and my souls desire is to seek his face and serve him. Humbly I want to be a blessing to everyone I encounter . May the Lord give you a supernatural breakthrough as I pen down words of love and encouragement for us all. Be blessed now and always!!!

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