Be Encouraged

spa-zen-stonesMatthew 6 : 34 says ” take therefore no thought for tomorrow for tomorrow shall take thought for the things of itself , sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof ”

We are always so concerned with tomorrows troubles that we forget about today , always thinking about how to fix the problems or to find a solution that we loose sight of what.s really taking place.  Sometimes we forget that all we have to do is call on the name of the Lord and he will come to our rescue. It doesn’t matter how big or small the task may be , it is never too hard for him to solve and just like a good father he will not fail you . Gods promises are true and his word is a guarantee of safety.  People are funny about the concerns for others , most have no interest in helping nor do they wish to see you succeed . It is sad that many Christians display this type of behavior on a daily basis only thinking of themselves , but the bible says” to think on others rather than thyself”. Why is it so hard for us to follow the instructions set before us , yet we are quick to judge others and convict them before the evidence has even been presented .

Psalms 51:10 says ” create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me “.  Take time out to commune with the creator and release all the heaviness that keeps you confound to bondage. His way is easy and smooth , he has no clause , no small print , or hidden agenda . No need to worry about him telling your business to the neighbors because he is strong tower , one that can not be shaken or convinced to deceive and  turn against you . Gods grace and mercy is a delight for your well being , he will never change .  Let go of every burden and cling to him as you hang on to his every word , he will allow peace and love to move into your spirit and give you joy unspeakable and full of glory!!!

Love and Blessings

Author: tpreachersdaughter

I am truly a preacher's daughter. I love the Lord and my souls desire is to seek his face and serve him. Humbly I want to be a blessing to everyone I encounter . May the Lord give you a supernatural breakthrough as I pen down words of love and encouragement for us all. Be blessed now and always!!!

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