Faith Moves God

Walk into your calling. Forgetting everything you think you know.  God desires your attention and wants to have that intimate relationship with you. He has designed your path but it is up to you to accept his plans and begin to grow with every step you take.

Never be afraid to be great! After all, that’s your grand design.

The bible tells us that faith moves God. It is a motivational gateway to success, happiness, joy, peace, wealth, health and a peace of mind. It also says that “Faith without works, is dead”. You cannot become complacent. Without a desire to move forward you will fail.  Without faith everything you set out to do – will die.  You must step out on faith and let the Lord lead you. I promise he will make it worth your while. All you need is a little faith.

Love & Blessings


What we will not do today is linger in our despair and shame not even in disappointments .  We will put on the whole amour of God and embrace the day for tomorrow is not here and yesterday is but a memory. Challenge yourself to look beyond what you see and begin to trust the Lord for the fulfillment of life. These trials of life are nothing more than a test meant to build your faith and draw you closer to God. Without God you can do nothing and you will surely fail. I know that things look grim and hopeless but put on your garment of praise and begin to thank God for the promise as well as the problem. Today is the day to gain a new look on life so leave the past hurts of pain and sorrow behind and push through to better days. God loves you and he cares , he sees what you’re up against and he knows just how much of it you can handle .

Hold your head up and put a song of joy in your heart , your Redeemer lives and he will see you through.

Love and Blessings

Psalms 37:4

Delight thyself also in the Lord and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart…

Complications and hindrance are two things you can be sure of ; for nothing good comes easy. This is really true for those that have given their lives to Christ. We suffer and go through more hell than we feel humanely possible but we must suffer certain things in order to succeed. It seems almost ridiculous to believe that God wants us to go through in order to be victorious. But remember you are in a Spiritual Warfare and in this war we don’t fight against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and rulers of darkness in this world along with spiritual wickedness in high places ( Ephesians 6:12).   The enemies purpose is very clear, he seeks to steal kill and destroy whom he MAY devour but don’t let him.

Christ came into this world to save lost souls and as a reward we are given Everlasting life , however he told us that we must suffer for his name sake. It’s ok to fall but get back up and remember to delight in the presence of the Lord . He will never forsake you so be that soldier with a purpose and repeat your mantra that ” NO WEAPON THAT’S FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER”!!!

He is here to bless you and to provide so remove that heaviness of burden from your heart and begin to delight in him and he will bless you and provide the desires of your heart .

Love and Blessings



In my spirit of heaviness I have to shake it off and offer  my garment of praise. Even though I may not like how my life unfolds from time to time I know that the Lord I serve is faithful and true. He will most definitely take care of me according to the riches of his glory so that I will give him all the praise and honor. Forgive me God for falling into a depressed state of mind because I allowed “self” to overcome my emotions and cloud my judgement. I may fall short and not have all the things I think that I need and desire but I am confident that the Lord will supply all my needs.

We serve a faithful God all we need to do is trust him and take him at his word!!!

Love and Blessings


With all the challenges in life to hear of mass shootings almost daily has become extremely hard to accept. For certain we know that we are living in the end of times and the prophecy of the Lord is being fulfilled each and every day.

Lord please overshadow this world as we your children are in desperate need of your strength grace and mercy. Help us stand up for what is right and exercise our Faith to pray for this world . As children of the Most High let us come together and take a bold stand against the enemy and break the stronghold.

Please provide comfort to all affected in the unforeseen tragedy in California and any and  everyone else suffering lost. I can’t even put into words my feelings of the heaviness I feel at this moment. Help us Lord to trust your process even though we don’t understand why.  Help this world Lord we are quickly fading away.

Love and Blessings

It’s time …

It’s time to let go of the past

It’s time to forgive those that have caused you pain and discomfort

It’s time to allow the Lord to move while you get out of his way

It’s time to replace doubt with determination

It’s time to leave fear behind and exercise your Faith

It’s time to let go and let God

It’s time now , not later

It’s time …. are you ready????

Love and Blessings


Lord I come before you humble and with an open heart. I ask for you to touch the lives of each and every person I know or have come in contact with. Whatever they lack in their lives Lord if it’s not asking too much please cover and protect them. Those that know you as their personal Lord and Savior I ask for strength in all areas of their lives and healing to their mind body and spirit man. For those that have not come into the fold Lord send them someone with a word of hope and encouragement to plant that seed that will have them seeking your face.

The cares of life are tedious and sometimes painful and people are desperate for a solution . Yet often times we fail to look to you for the answers and we also get annoyed when things don’t seem to move fast enough. But Lord help us to know that your ways are not our own and that they which upon you will receive the victory. Your timing is always right and you will never leave nor forsake us despite what we feel to be true.

Help me to be a blessing to those I meet and help me to remain humble and focused to do the things that please you. I don’t seek the attention or praise , I just want to make a difference for your Glory and yours alone.

Love and Blessings


God is the source and the strength of my life he rules all the pain the envy and strife his promise is to keep me never leaving and I can confess that he has never fallen short of his word.

What a mighty God we serve!!!

Love and Blessings