Faith Moves God

Walk into your calling. Forgetting everything you think you know.  God desires your attention and wants to have that intimate relationship with you. He has designed your path but it is up to you to accept his plans and begin to grow with every step you take.

Never be afraid to be great! After all, that’s your grand design.

The bible tells us that faith moves God. It is a motivational gateway to success, happiness, joy, peace, wealth, health and a peace of mind. It also says that “Faith without works, is dead”. You cannot become complacent. Without a desire to move forward you will fail.  Without faith everything you set out to do – will die.  You must step out on faith and let the Lord lead you. I promise he will make it worth your while. All you need is a little faith.

Love & Blessings

Your foundation…

We need to have a firm foundation. A house built upon the sand will never be sustained but one that is placed on a sure and solid rock will never loose its stability.

Jesus is our rock and our salvation and those that rely on him and seek after him will be just like the tree rooted and grounded by the river . When the storms come though the tree is tossed back and forth it stands. Yes some leaves will fall but it will not move.

Don’t allow your circumstances to cloud your judgment. Select Christ and worship him as you take him at his word. I promise that he will always deliver and your foundation will remain in tact for no weapon formed shall prevail!!!

Check your foundation….

Love and Blessings

Quiet moments….

Life is full of uncertainty

You will certainly have your share of disappointment abuse pain and trouble

Sometimes life doesn’t work as we have envisioned

We plan things one way but most times things really never go as desired

We live a life of insecurity but I know someone who you can always have assurance and dependence in. His name is Jesus the best of the best and he will never go away! Lean not to the things you don’t understand but instead go to the one in whom you can depend….

Love and Blessings

I will wait…

I will wait on you Lord to set us free of insecurities and uncertainty.

I will wait for you as you heal the sick and lost , as you build up the broken and revive the dying soul.

I will wait to hear you speak to my spirit before making another irrational decision.

I will wait with patience and humility for your instruction because you have ordered my steps and guide my mind.

It is impossible to do anything without the Lord so why continue to bump your head. Put him first and wait for him to lead and guide your way. We as a people are always in a hurry to get the job done but if we would just wait on the Lord he will renew and build you up. In doing so you can face whatever is set before you as you finish the race. Nothing in life is certain for man that is born will surely have trouble and will definitely come to death but while you are here among the living why not place your trust in the Creator and wait on him.

I tell you the truth God is always on time that’s why I will wait …

Love and Blessings

Never forget…

You are a child of God therefore you are blessed

You gave yourself to his will and the end of this journey is everlasting life

With love and kindness did he touch your spirit and draw you close to him

He sent his beloved son to walk among the people, telling of the goodness of God as he did miracle after miracle even he himself was raised from the dead

He has kept you despite your shortcomings and he has answered every call

He woke you up he gave you life health and strength despite the chaos in your life

He gave himself because he loves you … never forget

Stop living in the fears and disappointment of life and reach out to him and begin to think on your life and see how far he has brought you kept you and covered you and never ever forget

Love and Blessings

Praying for us….

Heavenly Father I come to you today humble as I know how asking you to bless and watch over us. To lead and guide us this day to keep our minds focused on you instead of the events that are causing us so much grief. Heal our brokenness and heal our bodies as you cast out all sickness disease and fatigue. Revive release and restore us back to the joy we once knew. Help us to look to you at all times and forgive us of our sins. Grant us peace of mind in the midst of all this chaos and keep us safe .

We don’t know what you’re doing Lord but we know that you will never leave or forsake us even through death . We your children love you and know that all things will work out for our good because you first loved us. Therefore no weapon formed against us shall prosper for you are the light to our pathway and the strength in our weakness. I thank you in advance for what you are doing what you have done and what will be done in the Powerful name of Jesus… Amen!

Love and Blessings

Your words ….

Your words have the power to uplift and to destroy. Your words can bring hope or they can condemn. They can empower or tear apart. The Bible tells us that the power of life and death lies in the tongue. We must be careful how we speak to and towards people. Sometimes we react and just blurt out harmful things and then say “oh I didn’t mean it like that “ but out of your heart your mouth speaks.

There is enough trouble in the world let’s not be added to the problems but instead be a comfort a sure place of encouragement sprinkled in peace. The book of James let’s us know that the tongue is an unruly thing and those that can keep it under control is perfect.

Use your words to help to inspire and to uplift because today people are looking for something better than what they see. Let’s change our hearts beginning today and let’s speak life into those around us as well as ourselves. Like my Daddy use to say “ if you got nothing good to say then don’t say anything “……

Love and Blessings

Let’s not ….

Let us not forget to fall upon our knees and give God praise

Let us not forget to thank him when we open our eyes for this is a new day filled with blessings

Let’s not forget to invite him to dwell within us as he leads and directs our way

Let’s not forget how he has carried us out of numerous situations and turmoil

Let’s not be so quick to judge and condemn others for we all have fallen short of his grace

Let’s not be so hasty to turn our backs on those in need but instead seek God for direction in how to assist

Let’s not forget to hide Gods word in our hearts and mind so that in the time of need he shall remind us of his promises

Lastly let’s not forget that he came down in the form of man walked among us healing the sick raised the dead and set the captive free only to lay his life down in order to save a world that still to this day turns our backs on him . He does not treat us as our sins deserve but his patience will only last so long. It’s an awful thing to fall into the hands of the Lord when he allows his wrath to come.

So take a moment today and bless the Lord show some gratitude towards him . Spend some quiet time with the Master and wait on him. He is never too busy for us so let’s not forget about him.

Love and Blessings

The race….

The race is not given to the fastest or the strong person but to the one that can endure till the end. It is in your weakened condition that God steps in and revives your strength. You gain momentum when you adhere to the will of the Lord instead of turning a blind eye. He is the same God that spoke to Moses Issac and Jacob the same God that healed the sick and raised the dead ; that opened blinded eyes and healed the diseased and abandoned. His word is as current as today’s news so continue to push through. Prayer still works and blessings are still plentiful. A winner never quits and a quitter will never win so don’t stop believing don’t stop trusting and definitely never ever give up! Slow and steady gets you closer to the finish line so run this race with diligence and when you fall get back up dust yourself off and keep it moving. You got this just continue the race. God bless and keep you today , now and always!

Love and Blessings

Keep the faith…

Purpose in your heart to be happy and grateful today….

Although these have been truly trying times we have not been forsaken

The world is full of troubles doubts and fear but the Lord is still in our midst

I know it looks bad right now but don’t give up on God . He seems to have turned away from us but he is right here so call on him

Cast your cares upon the Lord and leave them there. My God shall prevail and he will also provide and protect you just trust him

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. Now is not the time to loose faith , just because you can’t see him working you just keep your head up and keep praying for faith without belief is useless. This too shall pass so be encouraged and live for today , tomorrow will take care of itself and yesterday is already done.

Love and Blessings

A lost for words….

Dear Lord grant us peace of mind today as you wrap your loving arms around us. Free our hearts and minds from the chaotic world we now live in and give us hope. Faith is an important part in life yet many have lost their way but I know you to be a lifter and protecter a constant source of strength.

I know deep down that these tragedies are in place to turn the wayward and lost back to our first love but it seems many have missed the mark. My prayer today is that you heal the sick , bring life back to those that are close to death and unify all races for we are all your children. We have forgotten to thank you for the little things instead we moan and complain for the day of me me me !

We are lost we are down trodden but it’s not too late . Help us Lord don’t turn your back on us for you knew what we would do before the world began . Please lead us back and heal this land! I’m at a lost for words but Lord please hear the cry of your people and restore us revive us and forgive us.

Love and Blessings