Faith Moves God

Walk into your calling. Forgetting everything you think you know.  God desires your attention and wants to have that intimate relationship with you. He has designed your path but it is up to you to accept his plans and begin to grow with every step you take.

Never be afraid to be great! After all, that’s your grand design.

The bible tells us that faith moves God. It is a motivational gateway to success, happiness, joy, peace, wealth, health and a peace of mind. It also says that “Faith without works, is dead”. You cannot become complacent. Without a desire to move forward you will fail.  Without faith everything you set out to do – will die.  You must step out on faith and let the Lord lead you. I promise he will make it worth your while. All you need is a little faith.

Love & Blessings


May your day be filled with joy and laughter

May your pain turn into prosperity

May you embrace the things you can’t change but take hold of the peace you feel

May you walk like the royalty you are and hold you head high because the God we serve is faithful and true

Let nothing and no one disturb your faith

Love and Blessings


You are exactly who God made you to be . There is no one exactly like you even if you are an identical twin there is something about you that your mirrored reflection doesn’t posses.

Gods blueprint to our lives are designed to make us stand out from the crowd , it captures and presents you as an individual and not just another carbon copy.

Stop comparing yourself to others and wishing to obtain their lives , all that glitters isn’t gold silver or diamonds.

Ask the Lord to show you who he designed you to be and stand tall in it !!!

You are exactly who you are intended to be , there is only one of you because he broke the mold . Love yourself and walk in your grand design…..

Love and Blessings


Lord thank you for a new day with new mercies and blessings. Thank you for my life , health and strength and your grace. Watch over me and my loved ones as we go about this day and let me be a light to those in need. Let my words edify and my actions exclaim your joy and love. Help me not to fear what I can’t change and give me courage to walk upright before you. Show me how to resist the enemy and to be slow to anger and wrath. Teach me how to maintain a praying spirit and please Lord renew me daily that I may not provide any displeasure to thee. Help me in my shortcomings because my spirit is always willing but my flesh sometimes is a battle. Help me to see those that try to cause harm to me and let me discern the foolery of things to come.

My will is to you Lord and my prayer is that I always do the things that please you and are your will. Help me in my failures and give me the need to get back up and keep standing.  I love you Lord , thank you !!!

Love and Blessings

Bless the Lord

Bless the Lord all you people for he has given us life health and strength. Bless the Lord because he is good and his mercy last forever. Bless him because he protects us from ourselves and the enemy when we place our trust in him. Bless him because he is Holy he is the only one true wise living God. Bless him in the good times and in the bad because he is a present help in the times of trouble as well as in need. Bless his Holy name because he sent his only Son here to die for the sins of this world and to bless us with life everlasting. Bless him and he will bless you .

Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless his Holy name.

Love and Blessings

Speak life…

My survival depends on me , my will to survive my will to overcome my will to live!!!

There is nothing that can separate me from the Lord no matter how the enemy comes at me because in my weakness he supplies my strength.

I can and will do all things through Christ because he strengthens me he loves me and he keeps me wrapped in the safety of his all powerful hands.

No matter how many times I fail no matter how long it takes I will not stay stuck in the pits of despair because his light is greater than my darkness.

No weapons formed shall harm me , not now not ever.

When the enemy comes at me like a flood I have a safe place in Gods dwelling , he lives in me I shall live and not die.

Test and trials will come but your mindset determines your outcome , don’t allow the cares of this world to make you a slave to depression and hopelessness. Remember to apply the words of God to your life and victory shall be yours.

Love and Blessings



What’s in a name ?

Many people are given names that represent strength or sense of purpose because their parents thought it would define them and make them great but there is a name that is above all names that when you call upon it things begin to change . It is in this name that healing begins addictions are removed the weak become strong mountains are moved and the enemy has to go ! It is in that name that miracles happen and blessings are brought into your life.

The name I speak of is more powerful than anything in this world and because of this name we are here today because he sacrificed himself so that we can have life everlasting.

If you are still unsure of who I am speaking of let me tell you. The name I am referring to is Jesus Christ the son of the living God . He is not a myth or an imaginary friend he is the Almighty the Great I Am !!! Without him nothing can prosper nor will it last. In his name there is joy and peace in his name there is life and safety.

Call on this name each and every day and let him come into your life and allow him to live within you and watch him change you from the inside out as you begin to live your best life. I love to call on your name Jesus you are my EVERYTHING!!!

Love and Blessings

Don’t quit…

Never give up on your purpose

Never let anyone talk you out of your dreams

Never accept failure , if you fall get up dust yourself off and try it again

Never compromise what you believe just for the sake of someone else’s  inability to try something new

Never walk away from you dreams they belong to you so make them your reality

No matter what life brings no matter the shortcoming or failure , never give up never give in and whatever you do ‘DONT QUIT’!!!

Love and Blessings