Faith Moves God

Walk into your calling. Forgetting everything you think you know.  God desires your attention and wants to have that intimate relationship with you. He has designed your path but it is up to you to accept his plans and begin to grow with every step you take.

Never be afraid to be great! After all, that’s your grand design.

The bible tells us that faith moves God. It is a motivational gateway to success, happiness, joy, peace, wealth, health and a peace of mind. It also says that “Faith without works, is dead”. You cannot become complacent. Without a desire to move forward you will fail.  Without faith everything you set out to do – will die.  You must step out on faith and let the Lord lead you. I promise he will make it worth your while. All you need is a little faith.

Love & Blessings


The most valuable life lesson comes when you submit yourself to God. The journey may not always be smoothe but his grace is and will be sufficient for you because he will always be a present help in times of trouble. 

The test and trials we face are just daily reminders that you can and will make it through! There is nothing too hard for God , he is the God of Possibilites ! We can do all things through him for his strength makes us strong and in weakness is our strength renewed.

Faith is the key that unlocks the doors of your blessings so keep moving forward for you are closer than you think…….

Love and Blessings 

I come to you …

I come to you weary and broken. Feelings of anger overshadow the thoughts of my day. Surrounded by chaos and uncertainty I feel helpless and all alone. I look into the mirror and see a scared little girl longing for the comfort of her father but he is no where to be found. Frustration and disappointment accompany me as I walk that long path with no end in sight.

But you Lord are a lifter of my head and a comfort to my soul. I tell you I know you will bring me out yet my faith is not in view. I begin to hear words of encouragement that tell me that I can do all things through you because you are my strength my foundation and you will always make a way of escape. I hear the words of David saying fret not because God’s word is a lamp to our feet and in the valley and shadows of death he hides me. Cleanse me and create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. Your word reminds me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made therefore I shall be victorious if I can just hold on till morning for then the joy will come and my burdens will be lifted.

I come to you for reassurance guidance and peace. I come to you for shelter strength and mercy. I come to you for without you I will surely fail but with you I have already overcome. To you I come , I come to you.

Love and Blessings

Worry not…

The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear?

You tend to concern yourself with situations that have no value. Constantly wondering why you can’t get it right and why does this keep happening to you?

Set your sights on him rather than worldly gain and recognition for in doing so you allow him to be the head of your life .

The opinions of others have absolutely nothing to do with the grand design on your life for Christ has promised to never leave or to forsake you; in times of trouble he will hide you shielding you from the fiery darts of the enemy.

It is because of faith that we are saved by his grace and not of anything we have done lest we become boastful .

There’s such sweet relief in knowing that he is a wonderful counselor way maker and a constant source of everlasting life.

He is Lord of lords and the King of kings , what a Mighty God! What an honor and privilege it is to worship at his feet.

Let go of everything hold fast and secure to his unchanging hand. There is so much more for you if you would only rely receive and rest in Jesus.

Stop looking to others for validation instead trust God and let go of any and every thing that keeps you bound. You need not worry he’s got you !

Love and Blessings


What a friend we have in Jesus for he bore the sins of the world and took the pain of death so that we might live.

Selfless love is always given to us because his love covers a multitude of faults because he is love.

We can come to him without fear and lay it all at his feet for his word is a lamp to our feet.

There’s nothing too hard for him no problem too big or small that he’d refuse you. Such a privilege to be chosen into this Heavenly fold.

When you surrender to Christ you have nothing to fear , no harm will come to you for he protects and covers you from the hand of the enemy.

Give thanks to the Lord for all he has done , humble yourself before him and serve him as best you can. Prayer is your weapon and faith is your strength. Exercise them both and allow them to heal you.

May God continue to bless and keep you as you go about this day. May you maintain a faithful relationship with our Master so that the Heavens open up a floodgate of continuous blessings in your life.

Love and Blessings

Your mindset…

I have heard people say an idle mind is the devils workshop and as I have matured in this last year or so I can see exactly what they meant.

The enemy is fully aware of what we say and do and like a computer every thing that he feeds on he retains for further usage. His intentions have been clear from the beginning; he comes to steal kill and destroy! He isn’t your friend he doesn’t care about your soul he just wants to take you down to nothing hoping you never give Jesus your life so that you too can be cast into the very pits of hell .

I remember my dad saying the devil doesn’t walk around hell with a pitchfork and tail he roams freely upon the world keeping chaos relevant . He is a master manipulator and deception is his mistress.

Stop allowing him to enter your thoughts and steal your peace. He only acts on how we react to what is going on. He uses anyone and anything to stir up a whirlwind of despair and grief and most times we are automatically sucked in.

God is not the author of confusion nor does he delight in your pain. Remember he bled hung and died for the sins of the world but he didn’t let that stop him from rising again on the third day and taking back the keys of death hell and the grave. Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ nothing!

Time is moving forward at a rapid rate and we don’t have long before he returns . Wars and rumors of war children and parents against each other and trouble waits in every direction. These things most come to be but you need not be discouraged for God is our strength and refuge. No harm will come to those who are keep by the Mighty hand of Jesus.

Faith provides focus , prayer foresees your purpose and perseverance ensures your strength that carries you right into victory!

Stop allowing the devil to affect your life and start telling your God about your troubles for he alone will heal your heart and set you free. Remember it’s all in your mindset!

Love and Blessings

Your peace…

When my mind is at peace I can see clearly your plans for me. The dreams I keep inside my mind begin to reveal greater revelation. I release all my troubles to you and set my sights on the greater purpose.

The test is meant to propel me into my destiny and free me from the hands of the enemy.

By faith I am saved through grace and mercy which will endure to the end not because of anything I have done but by Gods design.

My life is now an open vessel that is receptive to the leading of the Lord.

Joy unspeakable so full of glory . Peace that goes beyond my understanding but soothes all doubt and fear.

It is your peace that has kept me and your peace that will lead me.

Thank you for your peace ….

Love and Blessings

You remind me….

Some days I am angry and the pain I feel is unbearable but you remind me its ok to be angry but no need to seek revenge for it belongs to you and you will repay

Life is full of disappointment but your word says to cast all care upon you to seek your face early and to pray without fail

When I feel lost and unsure without purpose or direction you remind me that your word is a lamp to my feet and a light that directs my path because the steps of a righteous person are led by you

Thoughts of payback is sometimes relevant and my heart is hardened but then I come before you like King David and ask that you create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit in me

There are moments when I feel like everyone is doing so much better than me yet some choose not to serve you and stress is never their factor but you say fret not because of those that willingly sin and refuse to do what I command for their days are numbered

Forgive me Lord for falling off my path from time to time and thank you for your continued grace and mercy. I love you with all I have and when I don’t even wanna love myself and my ways are displeasing your love for me remains

You know my name and you knew who I was even before the world began … what a Mighty God you are

What you have placed before me is going to be fulfilled and the enemy has no place in my Blessings

Thank you Jesus for being my rock and foundation a place of peace where I can run to you and be secure for you remind me of your word and promises daily

Love and Blessings